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Mercy Thompson

Mercedes Athena Thompson Hautpman


Mercy Little WolfBC-82 | Alpha's eye candySB-107 | TroubleRM-125 | Prairie SongbirdBB-159 | Spirit speakerHo-

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Name: Mercedes Athena ThompsonMC-50 Hauptman

AKA: Mercy | Little WolfBC-82 | Alpha's eye candySB-107 | TroubleRM-125 | Prairie SongbirdBB-159 | Spirit speakerHo-

Appearances & Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Graphic Novel: Homecoming Graphic Novel: Hopcross Jilly

Short Story: Redemption Short Story: Hollow

Gender: Female

Classification: Walker | Coyote [Pack Affiliation] See Columbia Basin Pack | Shares dominance with Alpha due to Mate Bond See Werewolf Ethology [Anchor to Primal] See Coyote

Classification Description: Stands just over two feet at the shoulderIK-72 32 poundsBB-15 is territorialSB-79 [Abilities] See Walker Files See Spectrology - Ghosts 101 her nose isn’t at its best when surrounded by axle grease and burnt oilMC- inconsistent resistance to magicSB-76 a turn of speed that is a bit on the far side of humanly possibleSB-76

Age: 32 yo during the events of Moon Called

DOB: November 20IK-233


Father: See Joe Old Coyote

Mother: See Margi

Siblings: [Half-Sister] See Nan [Half-Sister] See Ruthie [Half-Brother] See Gary Laughingdog

Children: [Step-Daughter] See Jesse Hauptman

Other Relatives: [Step Father] See Curt [Foster Father] See Bryan (X) [Foster Mother] See Evelyn (X) [Brother-in-Law] See Todd

Significant Other: [Husband & Mate] See Adam Hauptman

Mate Bond: sometimes gives more insight to one or the other of themRM-49 was learning to borrow and use command from Adam in her voice, one of the perks of being the Alpha werewolf's mateRM-09 one of her favorite things about being mated and married is that she got to touch Adam whenever she wanted toRM-158

Pets: [Manx Cat] MedeaMC-10 came to Mercy as a strayMC-11 She’d come to me as a stray, and I’d thought for a while that some abusive person had chopped her tail off, but my vet said she was a Manx and born that wayMC-11 has rabbitlike furMC-09 has big green-gold eyesBC-196 most cats don't like werewolves-or walkers; Medea likes everyoneMC-10 has done a bit of damage to the back of Mercy's couchBB-23 she prefers to spend the night in Samuel's roomBB-174 is taillessSB-12 is a calicoSB-205 f she knows you don’t like her, she’ll try to follow you everywhereNB

Residence: Finley, Washington | See Tri-Cities, Washington | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

insurance replaced her trailer with a tiny manufactured homeRM-43

Neighbours, Friends & Acquaintances: See Dennis & Anna Cather

Occupation: [Present] | Owner/Operator Car mechanic See Mercy's Garage | Blueprints and Property Descriptions [Previous] | Worked a couple of years at the Aspen Creek MotelMC-83 [Previous] | Worked in a Tri-Cities Burger KingChat 2009-11-03

Employees: See Tad | employed prior to the start of MCMC-04 See Mac | employed from the Friday before Thanksgiving to the Monday night before See Gabriel | part-time tool rustler/receptionistBB-48 Gabriel's sisters - do cleaning on the weekends

Vehicle: Vanagon Syncro; an old diesel RabbitMC-09; '89-90 Vanagon Syncro and '82 diesel RabbitAPA 2010-01-16

Project Vehicles: [Finished]Karmann Ghia [In-progress]'71 Beetle [In-progress]'65 VW Bus

Project Specialty Co-Workers:

Guns: opened the gun safe. I grabbed the SIG 9mm and shoved a silver-loaded magazine in itMC- I took down the .444 Marlin and loaded it for werewolf. It was a short rifle, and small unless you took a good look at the size of the barrel. The lipstick-sized silver bulletsMC-

Physical Description: Doesn't look Pureblood Native American; features too Anglo; skin looks tanned even in November; straight hair is as dark as her eyesMC-41 Not beautiful; has her mother's features, which look a little wrong in the brown and darker brown color scheme of her fatherIK-130 5'6“ tallChat 2008-11-03 dark brown or black eyes black hair Is right-handedMC-278 I get mistaken for Hispanic a lotNB- [Tattoos] | Coyote pawprint just below her navalMC-199, has a couple on her arms[inferred celtic armbands]MC-199 [Scars] buckshot scars on her backsideBB-02

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages: One of the drawbacks in running a one-woman garage was that I had to stop and start every time the phone rang or a customer stopped by. It made me grumpy—which isn’t a good way to deal with customersMC- Bad news calls were my least favorite jobMC- I wasn’t sixteen anymore, to run away from difficult things, no matter how attractive that option wasMC- switched her major from engineering to historyMC-199 History DegreeMC-162 took chemistry in her freshman yearMC-115 German was her required two years of a foreign language courseMC-161 studied European historyBC-128 took an art course in collegeRM-129 used her history degree about twice a year whether she needed to or notRM-238

Spirituality & Personality: not being a werewolf, I control my instincts—I’m not controlled by themMC- It is my own private policy not to break the lawMC- I don’t like forcing people into a corner where they have to lie to youMC- goes to Church every SundayMC-14 Being in a unique position to understand what the world would be like without God and his churches to keep the worst of the evil at bay, I am a faithful attendeeMC-14 I’ve heard of people who’ve seen angels or felt their presence. I don’t know if it is God or one of his angels I sense, but there is a welcoming presence in most churches. As the pastor continued with his fear-driven speech, I could feel that spirit’s growing sadnessMC- I don’t like liars, especially when they are lying about meMC- Defiance was a habit I’d developed to preserve myself while growing up with a pack of dominant and largely male werewolves.MC- Never argue with Mercy about something she cares about,” ; “Even if she stops arguing with you, she’ll just do whatever she wants anywayMC- “God,” he said, and I flinched. I’m not a vampire, who can’t bear to hear His name, but I don’t like it used in vainMC- I’m not a minion,” I objected hotly. “Minions have to be followersMC- doesn't like crosses; wears a stylized lamb as a symbol of her faith-The Lamb of God-MC-158

Talent & Skills: doesn't know how to set bonesMC- doesn't like piano music; took four years of piano lessons in Aspen CreekMC-169 can change shape wearing a collarBB-07 singing voice has pitch and volume, but no real talentBB-158 finding out who Zee had been was a bit of a hobby of hersIK-08 cooking is something she does when she's upset or nervous–and because it helps her thinkSB-59 raised among werewolves, who are living lie detectors, she's learned long ago to lie with the truth nearly as well as the faeSB-62 in her garage, she's in control; fixing cars is orderly; do the right thing and it works; do the wrong thing and it doesn'tSB-73 growing up with werewolves has taught her several ways of controlling situations without being too aggressive; asking a question a little off topic is one way of doing it - and if the question is hidden as another question, her chances of getting information is even betterSB-192 because of the wolves overhearing her phone conversations she's become quite fond of text messaging since she moved into Pack HQRM-16 was a Girl Scout leader whenever her mother couldn't do itRM-63 doesn't do true dreamingRM-160 a killer CAGCTBPBT player; the pack made Mercy and Adam play on opposite sides to keep it fairFB-208 could cook anything that went into the oven as long as it had sugar and chocolate in it; beyond that, a pretty indifferent cookNB

Health & Fitness: I’m in good shape, and I have a purple belt from the dojo just over the railroad track from my garage, but I’m no match for a werewolfMC- I don’t go out to the Reach often. There are closer places to run, or, if I feel like driving, the Blue Mountains aren’t too far away. But sometimes my soul craves the arid, desolate space of the preserve—especially after I get through talking with my motherMC- I wasn’t moving quietly on purpose, but having been raised by a pack of werewolves makes you learn to be quieter than mostMC- five years of study in the martial artsMC-178;purple belt from the dojo just over the railroad track from her garageMC-09 her style of karate Shi Kei Kai Kan; designed for soliders who would be encountering multiple opponentsMC-221 has had panic attacks since the events of Blood BoundIK-60 quit drinking alcohol after a trip to Portland where she admitted being raised by weres and could see ghostsBC-19 usually feels energized and cheerful after a fightSB-37 fairy queen called her almost mortalSB-305 has a newly minted brown belt in karateRM-16 only a fair swimmer, strength without techniqueRM-201


Pranks: on a dare, she once stole then wrecked the Marrok's PorscheBC-106 hauled out the Rabbit parts car into the field that obscures Adam's bedroom window view when he warned her not to walk from the dojo to her shop alone at nightBC-59

Quirks: wasn’t certain what a snark wasMC- can scream really loudMC- sleeps with the radio on; because otherwise, with my hearing, all I did was catnap all night; keeps the music on low to block the normal sounds of nightMC-57 I whispered the swear words I usually only bring out for rusty bolts and aftermarket parts that don’t fit as advertised to give me courage as I ranMC- I don’t like it when I outweigh my menMC- her collar is bright purple with pink flowers embroidered on itBB-07 nervousness makes her claustrophobicBB-192 cell phone ringtone is “The Baby Elephant Walk”IK-05 has a bad habit of putting her cell phone in her back pocket(destroyed two phones so far by doing that)IK-53 had always lusted after a Porsche 911 wide-body and preferred black or redIK-184 didn't like anyone else driving her VanagonBC-161 chocolate usually helps her regain her balance when life kicks her in the teethSB-19 curiosity is very nearly her besetting sinSB-298 was raised among lots of dominant type males and had chosen not to let them control her (no matter how benign that control might have been)SB-36 doesn't like to kill quail, thinks they are silly and don't stand a sporting chance against her coyoteSB-39 has never in her life given anyone the silent treatment; anyone who offends her deserves to hear exactly how they trespassed–or needs to be lulled into a false sense of security before the sneak attack when they aren't paying attentionSB-41 her sense of duty and honor is flexibleSB-58 is scared of vampiresSB-124 has very little tolerance for drama that ends in people getting hurtRM-06 hates orange juiceRM-20 keeps a couple of rolls of duct tape in all her carsRM-209 nothing Mercy enjoyed so much as complaining to people about the idiosyncrasies of werewolvesFB-207


With Adam: I am not one of your pack members, Adam. I know this is difficult for you to fathom, so I’ll speak slowly: I don’t belong to you. I am under no obligation to tell you anythingMC- liked to tease Adam about his fainting couch—How many women do you expect to faint in your living room, Adam?MC- only seen Adam’s wolf form four or five timesMC- He also said that you had more guts than sense sometimesMC- Ah, I thought and tried not to look as devastated as I felt. So Adam had been ordered to look after me? I had rather thought that the odd relationship we had was based on something else. Knowing that Bran had told him to watch me changed the shading of every conversation we’d ever had, lessened it.MC- You know, one of Adam’s jobs was to make sure you didn’t run around telling the world about werewolvesMC- her collar lists Adam's phone number and address as her homeIK-69 she and Adam had a game, a just-for-fun thing; his wolf playing with her; play for flirting but also to distract themSB-14 always thought she looked weak to werewolves was surprised to find out that Adam found her tough and capableSB-21 she accepted Adam as a werewolf more easily than he did himselfSB-40 Mercy and Adam's wedding was originally scheduled for AugustRM-19 had known Adam and his ex-wife Christy for more than ten yearsRM-50 Adam gave Mercy one of his dog tags on a thick gold chain for her to keep her wedding rings on when she was at workRM-52 the feeling of belonging to something greater than herself was the gift that Adam gave to herRM-70 when Adam is a wolf she sometimes grips him on the ruff around his neck; it was a habit she'd developed because she found it reassuringRM-261 likes to cuddle with Adam when they're aloneFB-209

With Jesse & With Christy: The first time I met her, shortly after the Alpha had moved his family next to my home, she’d asked me if I were a werewolf like her father. I told her what I was, and she nagged me until I showed her what it looked like when I took my other form. I think she was nine and already a practiced steamrollerMC- I liked JesseMC-

With The Columbia Basin Pack: Warren was my favorite of Adam’s pack, and the only wolf whose company I sought outMC- I don’t have many friends,” I said. “Not ‘come over and eat popcorn and watch a stupid movie’ friends. Kyle and Warren are sort of itMC- considers pack environment as 'claustrophobic and violent'BC-59 pulling Mercy into the pack had caused a lot of resentmentSB-25 Warren is her best friendRM-10 Mercy, Adam, Warren, and Kyle have Bad Movie Night, their therapy night, but sometimes they invited people they thought needed itRM-10 because of the wolves overhearing her phone conversations she's become quite fond of text messaging since she moved into Pack HQRM-16

With Zee & Tad: Actually Zee was very unhappy when his nine year old son hired MercyChat 2008-11-03 He fired her three times the first monthChat 2008-11-03 And repented when he found her working at the local Burger KingChat 2008-11-03 Tad was nine and she needed a fanbelt for her JettaChat 2008-11-03 She doesn't do paperwork. Neither does Zee. That was Tad's job and he had angry customers. He needed helpChat 2008-11-03 His father was in a funk – his wife(Tad's mother) had just diedChat 2008-11-03 finding out who Zee had been was a bit of a hobby of hersIK-08

With Her Foster Parents: Love thy enemies, it says in the scriptures. My foster mother always added, “At the very least, you will be polite to them.”MC- I stared at him in my best imitation of my foster father and raised an eyebrowMC- her foster father insisted she learn how to shoot and make bulletsMC-58 The lipstick-sized silver bullets were guaranteed, as my foster father used to say, to make even a werewolf sit up and take notice. Then he’d put a finger alongside his nose, smile, and say, “Or lie down and take notice, if you know what I mean.” The Marlin had been his gunMC- My foster parents were both of them almost seventeen years dead. She died trying to become a werewolf because, she’d told me, every year she got older and he didn’t. There are a lot fewer women who are moon called, because they just don’t survive the Change as well. My foster father died from grief a month later. I’d been fourteenMC- Bryan had been a dearMC- after her foster parents died Mercy lived on her own from the ages of fourteen to sixteen in Aspen Creek, MontanaMC-96 considers Bryan, her foster father, to be her real father; then BranRM-166

With The Cornicks: Bran I hadn’t contacted Bran since he’d sent me away from the pack, and he’d returned the favorMC- It seemed that even though he’d once asked me to leave, I wasn’t to be viewed as fair gameMC- I know the way your mind works,” Bran said, with a little smile that managed to be not quite smugMC- Bran agreed to her living on her own because he felt she had proven her mettle to him and had earned the right to make her own choicesMC-96 Bran had sent Mercy away from Aspen Creek after he caught her and Samuel kissingMC-96 obedience to Bran was too ingrained—especially when his orders made sense. I didn’t have to be nice about it, thoughMC- loves Bran; he, as much as her foster parents, raised herSB-108

Leah She wouldn’t kill me no matter what Carl had implied—not with Bran sure to find out—but she would hurt me if she could because she didn’t like meMC-

Samuel followed Sam’s trail instead. I couldn’t help it. I’d been in love with him since I was fourteen. Not that I am in love with him now, I assured myselfMC- I was only a teenager when I last saw him, I thought. I hadn’t spoken to him since then, and he hadn’t tried to contact me either. Still, it had been his number I had called for help. I hadn’t even thought about calling anyone elseMC- It felt just like old times: Samuel protecting me from the rest of the packMC- Samuel had never yelled at me before. He was the least volatile male werewolf I’d ever metMC- I wasn’t objective enough to decide how attractive he was: he was just Sam who had been my friend, my defender, and my sweetheartMC- My apology is years overdue. I should have talked to you before I left. I should have told you I’d decided to go to PortlandMC- Samuel was the most honorable person I’d ever knownMC- Samuel had proposed to her when she was sixteen; they were going to run away together, move to a city and live outside pack structureMC-97 I loved Samuel, had loved him since my foster father had died and Samuel had taken over his role as my protectorMC- Lightheartedness is not a gift often given to werewolves, but Samuel had it in abundance. Under his wing, I learned joy—a very seductive emotionMC- I still wouldn’t have married someone who didn’t love me; but I think I would have thought more kindly of him. I would have left him a letter or called him after I reached my mother’s house. Perhaps I’d even have gathered the courage to talk to him if I hadn’t been so hurt and angryMC- He didn’t love me,” I said. “Not as a man loves a woman.” “No,” agreed Bran. “But he had chosen you as his mateMC- I didn’t remember arguing with Samuel much before, but I wasn’t a love-struck sixteen year-old anymore eitherMC- Sam taught her how to pick locks when she was fourteenIK-69

Charles & Anna Mercy's Vision Quest: the summer Charles taught her to fix cars he accompanied her on her vision questRM-61 one day he just took her out into the forest; they fasted for three days, he told her not to shift into a coyote and sent her off into the mountains before she'd told Adam, the only other person she'd told what she saw was Charles Mercy thought she did it wrong but Charles told her there was no right or wrong way to have a vision; it just was

When I left here, I’d had ten thousand dollars in a bank account, the result of part of my minimum wage earnings invested by CharlesMC- I had always thought he rather despised me, though he treated me with the same remote courtesy he used with everyone elseMC- Charles taught her how to track animals and build fires with nothing but sticks and twigsIK-142 was taught to drive by CharlesBC-106 had never heard of Omega wolves before meeting AnnaSB-55 Anna is the only one she's ever met and as she understands them, they are like Valium for werewolves Anna doesn't affect her the way she does the wolvesSB-55 Charles was one of the very few people who really intimidated MercyRM-59

With Stefan: For a vampire, Stefan was all rightMC-

With The Vampires: vampires are only the tip of the iceberg. They are very good at hiding their natures from the human population, but I’m not human. I know them when I meet them, and they know me, tooMC- it’s unwise to surprise vampiresMC- couldn’t afford to pay them the percentage that Zee was; And yes, just like the mob, the vampires only protect you from themselves. “They agreed I could repair their cars instead—and they pay me for parts MC-

With Coyote:

With The Walkers:

With The Werewolves: I knew better than to give orders to a werewolf—it’s that whole dominance reflex thingMC- The trick with werewolves is never to confront them straight onMC- I’d been raised around wild animals; I knew how to tame them. A hearty welcome would send him off faster than harsh words if I judged him aright, but food was always a good lureMC- It had to be a new blanket; mine would all smell like coyote—and a werewolf who hardly knew me wouldn’t be comfortable surrounded by my scentMC- I’ve outrun my share of werewolves, and I knew I was faster than they wereMC- A mated female took her pack position from her mate, but unmated females were always lower than males unless the male was unusually submissive. This little fact had caused me no end of grief, growing up, as I did, in the middle of a werewolf packMC- the rule of keeping pack trouble in the pack was hard to breakMC- But in Aspen Creek, I’d always been not quite good enough—some things, it seemed, hadn’t changedMC- Living among normal humans, I’d forgotten how difficult it was to hide anything from werewolvesMC- I’d forgotten how odd it was to know someone from both sides of the Change, forgotten just how much the wolf alters the human personality. Especially when the human wasn’t in controlMC-

With Her Family: My mother called on the cell as I was getting into the car and tried to guilt me into driving up to Portland for Thanksgiving or ChristmasMC- I’d had enough of family gatherings in the two years I’d lived with her to last a lifetimeMC- Curt; he opened his house to me without question and treated me as if I were his ownMC- I like my mother and stepfather. I even like all of my half siblings, who had greeted my sudden appearance in their lives with enthusiasmMC- I visit twice a year so they don’t invade my home, and I make certain that it isn’t a holiday. Most of my visits are very short. I love them, but I love them better at a distanceMC- but my mother once told me that you had to trust that the first thing out of a person’s mouth was truth. After they have a chance to think about it, they’ll change what they say to be more socially acceptable, something they think you’ll be happier with, something that will get the results they wantMC-

With The Fae:

With The Witches: Insulting witches is right up there on the stupid listMC-

With The Police: Tony; After a while, he accepted I could see through disguises that fooled his boss and, he claimed, his own mother, but by then we were friendsMC-

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