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Mercy Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Broken: Right Upper Arm Werewolf (C) Mercenary
Absorbed Death Magic Spell Robert Arkadyevna
Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Buckshot Scars: Backside Mistaken for a coyote
Vampire Bite: Neck Left Side Cory Littleton
Goose egg: Back of Head
Black Eye: Left
Swollen Bruising:Left Cheekbone to Jaw
Swollen Bruising:Chest&Shoulders
Dislocated: Left Shoulder
Sprained: Left Ankle
Vampire Bite: Right Index Finger & Wrist Stefan Uccello
Vampire Bite: Left Wrist Andre
Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Yank: On her tail Zee Adelbertsmiter
Bruise: Thigh Karate Practice
Cuts: Small cuts scalp & body Ben Shaw Shattered Glass
Three Cuts: Left Foot “ Glass Shard
Broken: Right arm & wrist Tim Milanovich
Cracked or Broken: Rib
Crushed: Right wrist
Cut: Chin Two stitches Aiden Fideal
Large Bruise: Shoulder
Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Bruise: Right forearm Stefan Uccello
Bruise: Belly Lee Holland
Vampire Bites: Left & Right Side Neck James Blackwood
Vampire Bite: Left Side Neck Stefan Uccello
Supernatural Taser Corban Wharton
Vampire Bite: Left Side James Blackwood
Knocked Out Donnell Greenleaf & Walking Stick
Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Sore: All over; back of head; ankles Jolly Green Giant(B)
Werewolf Bite: Right Forearm Samuel Cornick
Thrall Daphne Rondo
Knife Cut: Right Forearm Witch Cat
Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked
Injury Type/Scar Notes
River Marked Cut: Calf River Devil
Bruise: Shoulder Fell from boat
Sore and Bleeding: Feet Walking barefoot
River Marked Acid Burns: Waist 2X Around River Devil removed by Coyote
Bruises, Black Eye, Split Lip and Bloody Nose River Otter Walmart
Tear: Foot River Devil
Sliced Cut: Under one arm Thunderbird
Burning Sensation: Skin felt on fire Death of Coyote
Cuts: Hands: One big enough for stitches From Obsidian Knives
Pulled muscle: Hip same side as calf cut Over extended River Devil battle
Swollen and Bruised: Black Eye Other Eye River Devil
Broken: Tibia and Kneecap
Broken: Right Hand
Blood Loss Cuts and Slices: Body
Burns: Left and Right Hands Walking Stick
Passed Out: Pain River Marked Leg
142 Stitches and 4 Staples: Body River Devil battle
Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Bruises: Left cheekbone, eye: Jaw to hair line Car accident: Steering wheel
Bruises: Body
Bloody nose
Bruise: Left shoulder Car accident: Seat belt
Twinge: Neck and left hip Car accident
Swollen and Bruised: Bad knee
Upset stomach Adam Hauptman: Absorbed Gerry Wallace SDK Cocktail
Seized muscles: Threw up
Black lips
Bruised: Back, Knee & Left Cheekbone Spice
Bullet Graze:
Thrall Spice: Peace and Quiet
Cut: Left forearm Articles of Magic: Hunger Sword 2of5
Zap: Electrical magic
Hard knock: Head Spice: Zombie
Blisters and Burns: Hands Articles of Magic: Hunger Sword 2of5
Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Barked Knuckles Mechanic work
Burn and Permanent Scar: Right Cheek Juan Flores Finger
Bruised: Right knee Hit during Juan Flores fight
Burn: Right Arm and Hand, Collarbone Juan Flores
Bruises: Ankle and Elbow Coyote
Bite and Scar: Right Forearm Joel Arocha
Broken: Neck Juan Flores
Burn and Blisters: Left leg & foot
Immobilized: Left elbow
Mercyverse Short Fiction: Hollow
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Brutal Force: Left side Ribs Candlestick & Shoe Gina Stephanie Albright
Strain: Left knee Fell on healing knee
Cut: Forehead Gina Stephanie Albright
Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Skinned: Knees Old Jarnivd
Bruises: Shin
Scrape and Bruises: Hip
Scrape: Chin Fell carrying Adam Hauptman
Sore muscles: Shoulders, arms and fingers Climbing the Lampson crane
Blisters: Both palms
Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Bruised: Left shoulder Car accident: seat belt
Sore: Head, nose Car accident: air bag
Headache, general weariness Healing aftermath
Broken: Rib Car accident
Bleeding: Almost bled out; near fatal Car accident: healed by Stacia
Ache: Wrist Articles of Magic: Witch Bracelet
Blackout: Hit left jaw Guccio de Medici
Bruised: Left side of face
Sore: Feet Running from Lenka
Bruised and stiff Vampire fight at Jitka House
Half strangled Vampire Catch poleas coyote
Bloody nose Mary
Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Scrape and Bruise: Shoulder Goblin Scarred
Scrape and Bruise: Shin Kicked by Zombie Mini-Goat
Bite: Arm Zombie Mini-Goat
Charley Horse: Full body cramp Sherwood Post
Cuts and Bruises: Body Bomb
Headachy and Sore-muscled
Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Bite: Back of neck Jackrabbit: Rumplestiltskin
Broken and Bloody: Nose Car steering wheel
Black Eyes
Dazed: Rang her bell Dumpster impact: Car
Sore: Ribs Dumpster impact: Car
Friction Burn: Left Neck
Bruise: Left cheek
Scraped Raw: Right side of body
Shot and Broken: Right Arm Fiona
Mercy Thompson Series #13: Soul Taken
Injury Type/Scar Notes
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