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Blood Bound

  • The Courtier205

Physical Description

Moon Called

  • His shoulders were too narrow, and his flat stomach just looked cadaverous rather than sexy197

Blood Bound

  • Dark haired, young seeming man66
  • His natural skin color- though pale as all the vampires were for lack of sun- was just dark enough that white looked good on him152
  • There was no width in his shoulders, no substance to his muscles155
  • Under the right circumstances he was very good looking230
  • Shorter than Littleton237


Andre Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Sliced Collarbone246 Mercy Thompson
Staked285 Mercy Thompson
Burnt to Ash286 Mercy Thompson

Appearances & Mentions


Vampires & Sheep - Vampire


Blood Bound

  • More human seeming than most66
  • Doesn't have enough control to turn his people into vampires257
  • Around when the walkers nearly drove all the vampires out of the Western territories263
  • Same age as Stefan283



Family & Significant Other


Blood Bound

Younger Man | Name Unknown282

Older Woman | Name Unknown282

  • Andre's menageries don't last very long209
  • Never created a vampire other than Daniel because he kills them before their time210
  • Many thought Andre didn’t have enough control to turn his people into vampires257
  • A lot of people had died inside his house, a lot of people277
  • Wulfe always told Andre that the way he kept his sheep would be the death of him someday287


Character Traits & Facts

Blood Bound

  • Owns a black BMW Z8227

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Spirituality & Personality

Blood Bound

  • Likes to play vampire dominance games153
  • Could be elegant and powerful227
  • Andre didn’t care about how nice his place looked by daylight281

Talents & Skills

Blood Bound

  • One of Marsilia’s most capable warriors155
  • Andre was quicker than Mercy156
  • Knows how to create a sorcerer, Littleton told him how258
  • Either Andre was careless, or he wasn’t as good as Estelle or Wulfe because Mercy found his scent all over the property277
  • Andre intended to create another monster like Littleton28

Health & Fitness

Blood Bound

  • Strong enough to live outside of the seethe212
  • One of the six most powerful vampires of the seethe; turned a sorcerer into a vampire so he could be the most powerful228


Blood Bound

  • His BMW suited him; paid over a hundred grand for it; he's moderately fond of it230
  • Liked to sit at a picnic table and look out over the preserve278


With Mercy

Blood Bound

  • Unlike the other vampires, looked at her directly and smiled in a friendly fashion. Mercy didn’t know him well enough to know if he was friend or foe66
  • Andre was to keep Mercy alive while she found Littleton—or follow her around so Marsilia knew what she was doing198
  • Andre was an enigma to Mercy; loyal to Marsilia and jealous of Stefan227
  • Mercy believed Andre's honor was questionable231
  • Tried to stop Mercy from killing Littleton247
  • Mercy was hunting his lair after Marsilia let him off justice in his trial265

With Stefan

Moon Called

  • Slapped Stefan in the face from Marsilia; for not letting her know Mercy was a walker199

Blood Bound

  • Believes Stefan has been hanging around werewolves too long; Vampires are not so fragile. If he had wanted to bring Daniel over, he had plenty of time to do it79
  • Apologized to Stefan many times for stealing Daniel79
  • Stefan's friend and rival151
  • Stefan and Andre had been friends for a long time, but Andre made a mistake and Stefan was angry with him153
  • Would have given Daniel back to Stefan but was waiting for Stefan to ask153
  • Stefan had revoked Andre's entry into his house after he took Daniel162
  • Stefan and Andre have their differences but believes it is like family squabbling167
  • One of those stupid one-upmanship games. He was terribly jealous of Stefan because Marsilia favored him—and at the same time he loved Stefan like a brother203
  • When Marsilia stopped paying attention to things Stefan and Andre ran the seethe for her212
  • Andre would have killed Stefan. Not because of Marsilia’s affection—but because Stefan was always, so clearly, the better man228
  • Andre was jealous of Stefan263

With Marsilia

Blood Bound

  • Envies her gift of being able to travel quickly155
  • Marsilia was Andre's maker169
  • Of the five most powerful vampires, only Stefan and Andre are truly hers212
  • With the ties that already bind them, and her blood fresh within Andre, he can call upon her gifts and her power at his need230
  • Marsilia and Andre had been bound for a long time287

Bone Crossed

  • Had been Marsilia's left hand20
  • Was trusted with the knowledge of the place where Marsilia sleeps202

With Littleton

Blood Bound

  • He had lost control of the sorcerer the night Stefan and Mercy met Littleton228
  • Couldn’t afford for Littleton to continue to run free, making more and more trouble for him228
  • A master vampire can listen in on his children. Littleton was master now, and Andre the child238
  • Andre seemed stunned by Littleton’s death250
  • Andre is the one who made Littleton250
  • Was able to turn the sorcerer Littleton when he couldn't turn any of his own minions258
  • Fed off Littleton several years before turning him258
  • Littleton thought that being a vampire would make him more powerful—Andre told him so. Neither he nor the demon was pleased to find out that being a vampire meant that they had to follow Andre’s orders258
  • Confessed to turning Littleton, confessed to everything: the creation of Littleton, the incident with Daniel, setting Stefan up to meet Littleton at that hotel263

With the Vampires

Blood Bound

  • Gave Daniel one of his sheep to feed on before he went to visit Littleton74
  • Believes Daniel isn't much help to Stefan in locating Littleton; not much better than a human79
  • Kept for two weeks in the cells beneath the seethe until his trial257
  • Sacrificed Daniel as a test for Littleton278

Bone Crossed

  • Andre was with Bernard and Estelle betrayal but he was afraid of Stefan and wouldn't let them do anything189
  • A rebellion was born from the heart of Andre214

With the Wolves

  • Forced to fight Ben for Littleton's entertainment239
  • With the vampire’s judgement given, if the wolves did anything to Andre it would be seen as an attack on the seethe and precipitate a war that would cost many more lives on all sides265
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