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a bit of wolf magic that encourages humans to see a dog instead of a wolf, but it is only a little bit of magic, and if someone is looking they'll see a wolf and not a dogSB-81 the pack magic works in broad daylight but the darkness helpsRM-76 one werewolf was a tough creature–but the real power of the werewolves lay in their packsRM-82


when the moon comes, you can't stop the changeMC-26 out of control through no fault of their ownCW-95 when moonstruck the werewolf would kill anyone near himMC-188 the downside of being dominant if you did go Moonstruck, you took everyone who was less dominant with youMC-76

Moon's Call

when a wolf's voice [maybe Alpha only] holds the power of the moonMC-271 Adam threw back his head and howled, a wolf's song rising from his human throatMC-269 died away to silence but not an empty silence; more like the deadly quiet that precedes the start of the huntMC-269 he howled again and was answered by every werewolf within hearing distance when he called a third time the moon's call sang through the trees to catch the rest of the wolves and forced them into their wolf form he stood in the moonlight which somehow seemed brighter than it had before he opened his eyes and looked at the moon's face. This time he used words didn't speak loudly but his voice, like his song spread through the area like a roll of thunder, powerful and unavoidable. And the wolves cameMC-269

Moon's NightBB-44

October Changes

[Moderator's note:]may be limited to the Marrok pack only the last full moon of October all those who choose to try to become werewolves were allowed to come forwardMC-74 in a formal ceremony they are savaged by Bran or by some other wolf that loves them, in the hopes they would rise ChangedMC-74 most of them didn't make itMC-74

Hunting Song

instinct takes over when a wolf is on the huntMC-79

Hunting Rage

An adrenaline rushMC-28

Spell of SilenceMC-204

Shadows Spell used by packs to conceal fights or kills or anything else they didn't want the rest of the world to know aboutHG-101


Banishment Ceremony

cutting loose the pack bonds with a full blood-and-flesh banishment ceremonyCW-240

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