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Identified Walkers & Archetypes

This is a snapshot list of all Identified Walkers & Archetypes in the Mercyverse. Links from this list lead to individual character pages.


A brief dictionary of words related to the walker classification.


Embodies the fundamental characteristics of a thing; the epitome of its form


An incarnation in human form
Avatars of the archetypal warrior spirits that pattern the walkers
A reflection of archetypes; descendants of the archetypal being whose shape they take; there is only one spirit that expresses itself as either human or animal.

Death Walker

One who has power over the dead.


A witch who uses a skin to turn into a coyote or some other animal and goes around causing disease and death.


May have been another name for it—an Indian name lost when the Europeans devoured the New World. It means, basically, the ability to shift into their archetype whenever they want to: like a coyote or hawk.
Is descended from one of these mating of mortal and immortal. But it has been a long time since they walked so freely among us, and for many years now the only way one is born is for both parents to be descended from such a coupling.
A descendant of the archetypes who represented the animals to the native peoples of the American continents.

A Brief History

Walker Concepts & Abilities

Walkers & The Undead

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