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Tony Montenegro


Moon Called

  • “I'm married to my job” Tony133

Physical Description

Moon Called

  • His black hair was slicked back and tied into a short ponytail and he was clean-shaven. His right ear was pierced four times and held three small hoops and a diamond stud. In a hooded sweatshirt unzipped to display a thin tee that showed the results of all the hours he spent in a gym, he looked like a recruitment poster for one of the local Hispanic gangs5
  • His mother was Italian and his father Venezuelan, and the genetic mix had given him features and skin tone that allowed him to pass as anything from Mexican to African-American. He could still pass for eighteen when he needed to, though he must be several years older than Mercy—thirty-three or so6


Appearances & Mentions





Family & Significant Other


Kennewick Police Department

Character Traits & Facts

Moon Called

  • Drove a black and shiny eighties convertible Mustang301

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Moon Called

  • Nine years ago, ran a little pawnshop around the corner from Mercy's garage5


Moon Called

  • Fluent in Spanish6

Spirituality & Personality

Talents & Skills

Moon Called

  • Could use a half-dozen different accents to flavor his English6
  • He could stride with the hip-swaggering walk common to handsome young Hispanic males, or shuffle around with the nervous energy of a drug addict6

Health & Fitness

Blood Bound

  • Played basketball in high school125


Blood Bound

  • Thinks better when he's moving121


With Mercy

Moon Called

  • Dropped by Mercy's shop every once in a while5
  • Was bothered Mercy recognized him5

With His Mother

Moon Called

  • Claimed to live in terror of his mother, but smelled of happiness not fear when he talked of her6

With Sylvia

Moon Called

  • For the past three years he'd had his eye on one of the police dispatchers, a widow with a slew of kids. He'd never done anything about it because he loved his job-and his job was not conducive to dating, marriage, and kids7

Name: Tony MontenegroBB-252

AKA: PolitzeiMC-126 | “I’m married to my job” TonyMC-126 | MontySB-85

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Gender: Male

Classification: Mundane

Classification Description: Human with no supernatural power

Age: @33 years oldMC-06

Father: Venezuelan fatherMC-05 | Name Unknown

Mother: Italian motherMC-05 | Name Unknown

Significant Other: [Interest | Unpursued] See Sylvia Sandoval

Residence: See Tri-Cities, Washington

Neighbours, Friends & Acquaintances: [Friend] Name UnknownBB-; A friend of mine saw Mercy and Adam at a restaurant; He said it looked like you two were pretty hot and heavyBB- [Friend] Mike; BB- [Friend] Name Unknown; member of Seattle PDBB-

Occupation: Undercover cop Kennewick PDMC-05 Covers: low-key, cheerful, middle-aged pawnshop ownerMC-05 hollow-eyed homeless kidMC-05 punk high school kidMC-293 ubermacho guiseMC-

Employers: City of Kennewick, Washington | Police Department

Vehicle: Black and shiney eighties convertible MustangMC-282 Unmarked car, which was discreetly police modified with extra mirrors, a few extra antennae, and a bar of lights along the back window, hidden from the casual eye by extra-dark glassBC-42 truckSB-

Physical Description: black, slicked back hair and tied in a short ponytail…clean shavenMC-05 has more than one tattooMC-06 ear pierced 4 times; held three small hoops and a diamond studMC-05 his genetic mix had given his features and skin tone that allowed him to pass as anything from Mexican to African-AmericanMC-06 can pass for an eighteen year oldMC-06 He grinned at me, and it made him look both older and more innocentMC- changes his appearance with altered body language and facial expressionsMC-283 opaque black sunglasses disguising his eyes made him look menacing and sexyMC- looked a bit frayed around the edgesBB- handsome and clean-cutBC-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages: speaks fluent SpanishMC-06 can use a half a dozen different accents to flavor his EnglishMC-06 claims to live in terror of his mother; smelled of happiness not fear when he talked of her, so I knew she couldn’t be the harridan he describedMC-06 he loved his job—and his job, he’d said wistfully, was not conducive to dating, marriage, and kidsMC- never seen anything like the violence that was happening during the demon being in the Tri-Cities; We’re working double shifts trying to handle the load. Last night I took in a guy I’ve known for years. He has three kids and a wife who adores him. Yesterday he came home from work and tried to beat her to death. This just isn’t normal, not even in the middle of a heat waveBB- wondered if there was a pattern to violence and with co-workers pulled all the reports to pin locations; they couldn't find a patternBB- has never worked a serial killer case in the Tri-Cities but knows what to watch for; Most of them start with easy victims for practiceBB- Tony walked into the emergency room as if he’d been there a time or two beforeBB- He was too good a cop not to notice the undercurrents between peopleIK- Today he looked like a Hispanic cop … like the poster child for Hispanic cops, handsome and clean-cut. When he was playing drug dealer, he did it better than the real thingBC- wasn't stupid; He knew a lot about how the fae and the werewolves worked, and I knew he suspected that there were a lot more nasties still keeping quiet about themselvesBC- the old Mob might do—classy, but designed to frighten the hell out of whoever received itBC- dealt with the fallout of the bounty hunters attacking the garage and the fake warrant they had for AdamSB- was onsite when Kyle had been held hostageFB- bit back whatever homily had come to himFB- knows that; “Teeth and the denser bones,” said Tony with extreme neutrality, “tend to show up after a fire.”FB- went against other cops; Clay Willis; to get Mercy to help them with what they thought were werewolf killingsNB- To Tony’s credit, a black dog that looked as though he’d been half formed out of burning charcoal didn’t seem to faze him longFT-

Spirituality & Personality: is a subtle personIK-49 not above emotional blackmail to get what he wantsBB- didn't like getting only partial information; or being left out of the loopBB- sounding cheerful and friendly rather than coolly professional, so he must have been homeIK- doesn't play tricks on someone he likesIK- he's as careful as Mercy isIK- gets irritated when things happen that are “too dangerous for you mere human cops”BC- one of the good guysFB- is incensed when justice is thwarted; We have them on criminal trespass. Tony is incensed, he told me, but they can’t get them for terrorist activityFB- can be trusted to keep a secretNB-

Talents & Skills: good at lurkingMC- nothing magic or supernatural about him; was a chameleonBC-42 great at manipulating his body language; what really made him good was his body language. He could stride with the hip-swaggering walk common to handsome young Hispanic males, or shuffle around with the nervous energy of a drug addictMC- was being followed by Honey but didn't spot herBB- a talent for changing his appearanceBB- Today Tony was all cop. The controlled expression on his face meant he was here on businessIK- don’t know how sensitive Tony is to magic, but he was quick and his fingers lingered on the Celtic designs on the silverIK- Tony could blend in even better than Mercy didBC- Cops were almost as good as werewolves at sensing liesBC-

Health & Fitness: used to play basketball in high schoolBB-

Quirks: likes stupid jokesMC- it amused him when he could fool people with his disguisesMC- thinks better when he's movingBB- has three phone numbers to get a hold of himBB- likes really hot salsaBC- carries a sleek black pocketknife; The knife looked good, but the blade was dull; needed a whetstoneFT-


With Mercy: When I started working at the garage about nine years ago, Tony had been running a little pawnshop around the corner. Since it had the nearest soft drink machine, I saw him fairly often. After a while the pawnshop passed on to different hands. I didn’t think much of it until I smelled him standing on a street corner with a sign that said WILL WORK FOR FOOD.MC- He’d started dropping by the shop every once in a while, after that. At first he’d come in a new guise each time; So it was possible he just came by when he was assigned to the area, but I soon decided the real reason was he was bothered I’d recognized him. I could hardly tell him I’d just smelled him, could I?MC- he accepted I could see through disguises that fooled his boss and, he claimed, his own mother, but by then we were friendsMC- Mercy hasn't been on a date since they met nine years agoMC- he found Mercy information on Mac; she lied with the truth about not seeing himMC- took Mercy out for lunch for a business propositionBB- You’re the only one who always knows who I am, no matter what disguise I wearBB- We’d become acquainted after I’d recognized him and almost blown his coverBB- thought Mercy might have been fae; But you know something about the fae. And you know something about the werewolves?BB- offered Mercy a consulting job with the police departmentBB- she agreed because happened to Tony or one of the good guys and I could have prevented it, I’d never sleep a night through againBB- was leery of showing Mercy the violent crimes map in the police departmentBB- was concerned that Mercy's trailer was attacked because he'd asked her to help themBB- “I promise I won’t lie to you about the preternatural community,” I told him. “I may leave things out, because I have to, but I won’t lie to you.”BB- Mercy owes him a few favorsBB- thought the profane grafitti on her garage looked ChristmasyBC- feels guilty that he saw the video of her killing Tim and the aftermathBC- concerned the crossed bones on her garage were a death threatBC- asked after Mercy and how she was doing after being raped; smelled of worry, with a little of the metallic scent of protective angerBC- his and Mercy's mind work a bit in syncBC- Mercy chased after the zombie fae; shifted into a coyote in front of Tony and ArmstrongFB- gotten an eyeful of coyote MercyNB- Gabriel told him a bit of what Mercy is and that she isn't completely humanNB- asked Mercy if she would cover for someone in the pack murdering humansNB- known Tony a long time. Long enough, I decided, to tell him the real truth instead of sugarcoating itNB- asked Mercy if she was a werewolf; I mean a werewolf who turns into a coyote. A werecoyote. She responded with there coyote and he gave her a lookNB- wants to know if he can trust MercyNB- asked Mercy for help with the Flores' murdersNB- We’re taking her word that the murderer wasn't a werewolf—but we’ll let forensics double-checkNB- came to speak to Mercy after Gary Laughingdog broke out of prisonNB-

With Sylvia and her Family: For the past three years he’d had his eye on one of the police dispatchers, a widow with a slew of kids. He’d never done anything about it because he loved his job—and his job, he’d said wistfully, was not conducive to dating, marriage, and kidsMC- calls Sylvia a friendMC- Gabriel didn't like his undercover persona; “What are you doing here?” he said, standing up and coming around the corner. “Let her go. Now.”; “I’ve been working undercover at Kennewick High right under his nose,” Tony told me. “He never even noticedMC- “I’ve been giving him a really hard time at school,” Tony said, once we were alone. “But he can take care of himself.”MC- offered the suggestion of Gabriel's family to help clean up the garage; they need the moneyBC- interested in Sylvia and approached her once; she told him she didn't date people she worked with–and that had been that, as far as she was concernedSB-103 Sylvia considers him a friend and called him when the bounty hunters attacked the garageSB- Tony is a police officer. He’s known these kids since they were in diapers. He’s not going to be happy with you.” Tony was also hopelessly in love with Sylvia—though I didn’t think she knew thatSB- thought she looked upset after she left the garage with her childrenSB- Sylvia’s not unreasonable. He paused and gave me a little smile. Not reallySB- Tony looked at Sylvia and nodded. “I introduced Gabriel to Mercy in the first place.” “Don’t think I haven’t forgotten that,” said Sylvia, and he winced a little, looked at me, and winced againFB- He looked at Sylvia, and his face softened. “Why don’t you give your keys to one of your neighbors so they can lock up after they’re done cleaning the mess? I’ll take you to Kyle’s house, so you can look in on the kidsFB- It was no secret that Tony loved Sylvia—or that she had put him off firmly. But, Jesse had told Adam, that had been a couple of years ago, when Sylvia’s husband had been dead only a year. Tony had respected her wishes and backed off then, which was the right thing to do. But, maintained Jesse, someone should kick Tony and make him try againFB- she didn’t need a handsome prince to ride up and rescue her. But that didn’t mean such a man might not want to protect her from everything he couldFB- had an epiphany regarding SylviaFB- left his cell phone with SylviaFB-

With The Werewolves: knows that Adam is a werewolf and that he's Mercy's neighborBB- Mercy's advice when dealing with werewolves; Talk to Adam Hauptman before you try to question someone you think might be a werewolf. In another city, find out who’s in charge and talk to themBB- thought that Tony might benefit from seeing that the werewolves had taken his concerns seriously. It would also let the wolves know they had allies among the police here. People who could be trusted. That was important if they were ever to integrate into the citizenryBB- Like the people in the waiting room, Tony and his companion ignored Bran and watched AdamBB- Tony’s face froze and he stopped where he was. I guess he hadn’t recognized Adam from his newspaper pictures until I’d used his nameBB- Dr. Cornick,” Tony greeted him like an old friend—I supposed that cops might see a lot of emergency room doctors. Then something about the wariness of everyone in the room clued him in; Tell me that you’re not a danger to your patientsBB- was willing to cover for Samuel; gave him his card if anyone had questions regarding his involvementBB- Adam offered him his contact information; I ought to speak with you first on matters concerning werewolvesBB- Tony knew Dr. Samuel Cornick, knew he was my roommate—and wouldn’t have any trouble connecting him with a wolf named SamSB- treated Ben with a blank face after learning he looked at dead-body websites at work when boredSB- thought that someone was after Adam and made him a targetSB- He was being very cautious, but then he’d seen the werewolves before;No one wants a werewolf kill on their watch,” Tony explained quietly to me when he saw my expression. “And Adam has been very helpful from time to time. And no shots were fired, no one died at our hands, none of ours was hurt—and we got to play heroes. This operation went down slick and smart. It is a very good day when we can say that FB- Adam; Next time we have a domestic disturbance, I am taking you with meFB- so much that Tony and Sylvia’s participation was important to Adam, who knew neither one very wellFB- asked you to stay because I do not want to keep the police in the dark about what happened. You are safer if you know everything. However, we cannot afford to let this go to trial in human courts. We . . . I will not allow itFB- Tony narrowed his eyes. “I am a servant of the law, Adam.”FB- I can accept a separate justice,” Tony said, finally. “I’ve known you. I and my department have called you for help, and you have never failed us. I’ve seen you meet violence with soft words. And I’ve never seen you lie. I’m in agreement with Agent Armstrong. I have a few ideas, and I think if Armstrong is willing to help, we can sell this to the departmentFB- One more thing. Adam, you are going to have to come up with a story to tell the press that will fly with my superiorsFB- was involved in the press conference with AdamFB- doesn't know the details about pack magicNB- called and asked Mercy, Adam and the pack for help with the troll on the cable bridgeFT-

With The Fae: I called the Politzei,” Zee said. He knew what Tony’s name was; he even liked him, though he did his best to hide it. He just disapproved of letting the human authorities get too closeMC- calls Zee; That sour old guy who used to be your boss, the one who still comes in once in a while—he’s fae, right?BB- it might be dangerous for Tony if he started poking around. The fae don’t like the police prying into their businessBB- Mercy's advice to Tony regarding the fae; never put yourself in a position where harm to you would make the fae community here safer; You just need to be careful not to make yourself a threat to themBB- Dr. Stacy Altman, a folklore specialist from the University of Oregon, flew in this morning. She is paid a lot, which means my bosses think we ought to listen to her adviceIK- not assigned to Zee's case regarding the murder of O'DonnellIK- Tony had been one of the arresting officersIK- Dr. Altman/Nemane asked Tony to introduce her to MercyIK- Tony doesn't like herIK- Tad; Hey, Tony. Long time no see.”“Good to see you, chico,” Tony told himFB- comprehension dawn on Tony’s face. “You’re Zee’s son,” he said. “I keep forgetting that makes you half-faeFB- Tony rubbed his mouth to hide a smile. Tony had seen Tad in full-blown Look-At-Me mode before. It wasn’t that Tad was lying to the police officer, but, like a good stage magician, he’d keep the police looking where he wanted them to lookFB- concerned that Tad knew the names of fae assassinsFB- I know what it is in the stories—‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and all of that. But how do you stop it? Our guns didn’t seem to do much more than tick it off while we were trying to get the civilians to safety; learned what a troll wasFT-

With The Vampires: saw Stefan in the emergency room with the others but was never introducedBB- We don’t want the nice human cops to see the vampires; but if the vampires made themselves obvious, it would be Tony who was in dangerBC- The bones meant that I had broken faith with the vampires and was no longer under their protection—and anyone offering me aid of any kind was likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the vampires as well. The broad interpretation of that was horrifying. It meant that people like Tony were at risk, tooBC- Marsilia knows about him and thinks he is deliciousBC-

With The Witches: learned about witchcraft during the Flores' investigationNB-

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