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Physical Description

Cry Wolf

  • Her hands were callused and strong, with nails trimmed blunt. The short sleeves of her dress showed muscles gained both from her work and from running as a wolf in the wilds of the nearby hills. Her nose, which she despaired of, was long and strong, with a delightful little bump on the end121
  • Almost as dark as Asil166


Appearances & Mentions



Cry Wolf

  • Omega111
  • Like a German shepherd. Tan with dark points and the saddle, with a bit of white around her front feet170
  • Tan and dark brown with a saddle-shaped dark patch of fur on her back. Her left front paw had been white171
  • Warrior she might have been, but Asil had taught her all that she knew, and in this form he outweighted her by fifty pounds of muscle260



Family & Significant Other

Mate - Asil Moreno


Character Traits & Facts

Cry Wolf

  • Had been a warrior in her own right254

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Cry Wolf

  • Herbalist. Sold her herbs to witches until the vendettas between the witch families made it too dangerous174
  • She knew most of the witches in their part of Spain; she had done considerable trade with Mariposa's family213

Spirituality & Personality

Cry Wolf

  • Would never turn up her nose at business121
  • Had inner serenity166
  • Would never kill anyone without cause171
  • Wanted to see only the good in people256

Talents & Skills

Cry Wolf

  • Herbalist and healer212

Health & Fitness

Cry Wolf

  • Tortured to death by a witch who used her pain and death to gain power128
  • When Asil found her body he washed it clean then burned it with salt and holy water even though none of the witches involved with her death were of those families that played with the dead; he wanted there no way they could raise her from the dead171
  • Two centuries dead175


Cry Wolf

  • Had always hated to be interrupted in the middle of mixing her medicines121
  • Barely hunted on full-moon nights173

Roses in Winter

  • She thought roses smelled like happiness280


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