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Peter Jorgenson|Deceased


Physical Description

Blood Bound

  • Wiry and homely83


Peter Jorgenson Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Small Cut in Wrist22 Self-inflicted to feed Stefan
Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Shot in forehead44 Alexander Bennet

Appearances & Mentions



Iron Kissed

  • Submissive wolf123
  • Changed during the Revolutionary War era or a little before221

Bone Crossed

  • Old enough to have been in the cavalry21

Silver Borne

  • Been around since the eighteen hundreds24



Family & Significant Other


Character Traits & Facts

Blood Bound

  • Did more work in an hour than most people did in their entire lives83

Iron Kissed

  • His pleasant Midwest accent disappeared and he sounded vaguely German207

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Iron Kissed

  • Was a calvary officer before he was Changed221

Spirituality & Personality

Frost Burned

  • He was a great big sweetie who loved his mate and played video games with a devastating intensity and a love of planning that led his team to victory more than once, despite his disinterest in winning or losing48

Talents & Skills

Iron Kissed

  • Knew how to use a sword207

Health & Fitness


Frost Burned

  • He wore the jeans, steel-toed boots, and flannel shirt that was more his usual garb277

Silence Fallen

  • Had a thing for powerful women278


Peter and Honey

Iron Kissed

  • Peter is a lot older than Honey122

Frost Burned

  • Called Honey “min prinsesse”277
  • Wanted to sleep beside her one more time before moving on339

Night Broken

  • Peter's ghost was following Honey around86

Fire Touched

  • Peter's ghost was fading100

Silence Fallen

  • Peter had gotten her a gold chain with a small wolf charm266

With the Wolves

Silver Borne

  • Lone submissive wolf in the pack227

River Marked

  • Drove with Adam to his wedding30

Frost Burned

  • The heart of the pack44
  • He kept everyone centered because he didn’t have to be on top. He could say things that no one else could. And it was his right to be protected by the rest of the pack51
  • Told Adam where Mercy was and what the vampires had her doing339

Silence Fallen

  • Lenka and Peter were lovers before Honey met him. His first, as human or werewolf. They weren't in love, either of them, but he liked her, even after she picked her Alpha instead of Peter112
  • Adam had gone with Peter to pick out Honey's necklace for her birthday266

With The Fae

Frost Burned

  • Ariana liked Peter. Samuel asked him to help her with her fear of werewolves51

With the Vampires

Frost Burned

  • Stefan thought Peter was a good man64

Silence Fallen

  • Bonarata killed Peter's first pack112

With the Humans

Night Broken

  • Even Peter fell for Christy's act, and he usually had better sense96
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