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Physical Description

Blood Bound

  • A blond man with a short, reddish beard135
  • A head taller than Adam136

Silver Borne

  • A tall man with blond hair and a short red beard. His skin was the kind that is usual for redheads, pale and freckled229
  • Four inches over six feet238
  • There was no fat on the man, and he looked like a cross between a Calvin Klein ad and an Army recruitment poster244


Paul Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Nerve Strike to Back of Head241 Mary Jo Kirby
Broken Arm and Ribs247 Adam Hauptman
Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Hit with Granite Boulder263 Fae
Blown up with Bomb166

Appearances & Mentions





Family & Significant Other

Bone Crossed

  • Married to unknown human90

Storm Cursed

  • Got a divorce a couple of months ago164


Character Traits & Facts

Silver Borne

  • Tough, and not stupid, but not a planner223

Fire Touched

  • Wasn't the smartest person in most rooms92

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Storm Cursed

  • Spent ten years in the SWAT unit of a city back east166
  • A good and faithful employee178

Spirituality & Personality

Silver Borne

  • A bitter and difficult person who didn't like many people218

Storm Cursed

  • Could be a lot of fun179
  • A good person to have at your back180
  • Wasn't sentimental180

Talents & Skills

Silver Borne

  • A good fighter223
  • Surprisingly fast for such a big man238

Health & Fitness

Silver Borne

  • Fights with his heart and not with his head237
  • Slower to the left than the right237


Fire Touched

  • Calls himself the king of CAGCTDPBT and the ruler of ISTDPBF121

Smoke Bitten

  • Punctuality was never really his thing81


With Mercy

Fire Touched

  • Not one of Mercy's staunchest supporters91

Storm Cursed

  • One of the wolves who would rather Mercy was not his Alpha's mate. When Adam had told the pack he would no longer tolerate anyone dissing Mercy, Paul had been very quiet around her164

With the Wolves

Blood Bound

  • Paul wanted Warren out of the pack or, even better, dead137
  • Dominant enough to challenge Warren137
  • Warren wiped the floor with Paul who now cringed whenever Warren walked by261

Bone Crossed

  • Leader of the “I hate Warren because he's gay” faction of Adam's pack69

Silver Borne

  • Still angry about losing a fight to Warren, and he'd put the blame on Adam for that218
  • Liked Mary Jo and Henry219
  • Paul helped Henry and Mary Jo influence Mercy at the bowling alley222
  • Wants to get rid of Adam223
  • If Adam refused his challenge, Paul would be Alpha224
  • Darryl kept saying it couldn't be Paul behind the unrest in the pack because no one would listen to Paul227
  • Had never met the Marrok231
  • Ranked above Henry and George232

Night Broken

  • Paul had tried to kill Warren once because Warren was the wolf just above him in rank and because Warren was gay. Now he was going out to a battle that Adam didn’t think they would come back from, and he was telling Warren that he had his back310

Storm Cursed

  • Loved Mary Jo166
  • Asked Mercy to make sure that everyone knew that when push came to shove, he was a hero172
  • Mercy wouldn't have survived if he hadn't protected her175
  • Didn't have anyone but pack. They had his back when things went rough-and he had theirs179

With the Fae

Fire Touched

  • Had Tad's back. Tad could keep Aiden and the pack safe, and the pack would keep Tad safe126
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