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Kara Beckworth


Physical Description

Blood Bound

  • Thirteen113


Kara Beckworth Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Cuts on Wrists114 Suicide Attempt
Mercyverse Short Fiction: Roses in Winter
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Shallow Cut Along Ribs297 Eric

Appearances & Mentions



Blood Bound

  • Three years ago, survived an attack by a rogue werewolf at ten years old110
  • Her father built a cage in the basement and every full moon he chains her and locks her in111
  • Two months ago, she broke the chain to her collar. Her father got a thicker chain but she gouged a hole in the cement111

Bone Crossed

  • Did fine last moon. Give her a few months, and she'll be fully in control107

Roses in Winter

  • The idea that she even could control the wolf was very, very new to her, and real control was months if not years away278
  • Hadn't taken her wolf's shape when it hadn't been forced upon her by the moon's call284
  • She's too dominant to go without challenge, and she's too young to prevail287
  • Smallish half-grown werewolf289
  • Can take charge almost as soon as she's out of sight of the house. She can't change back on her own, but she thought she figured out how to do it. How it should feel to start the change on her own291
  • Built walls between herself and the wolf that they wouldn't have had when she was first Changed291
  • Changed herself314



Family & Significant Other

Father - John Beckworth


Character Traits & Facts

Roses in Winter

  • Not a chatterer281
  • Raised in the middle of the city292

Education, Work Experience & Languages


Burn Bright

  • Keeps getting letters from her teachers: 'Kara is hardworking and intelligent. I am concerned that she has no friends among her peers. She doesn't participate in group work or in any outside sports activities'- and variations of that173

Spirituality & Personality

Blood Bound

  • Any child who survives a werewolf attack before adolescence has willpower to spare112

Roses in Winter

  • Wasn't used to someone defending her279
  • Had a backbone. She was born to be a protector, just needed to grow up298

Talents & Skills

Health & Fitness

Blood Bound

  • Tried to commit suicide114

Roses in Winter

  • Had an awkward gracefulness311


Roses in Winter

  • Likes greenhouses276
  • Doesn't want to be a werewolf294


Kara and Asil

Burn Bright

  • Kara was a particular favorite of Asil's171

Roses in Winter

  • Kara's safety had become important to Asil282
  • Asil's wolf was unhappy with Kara and will enforce his dominance any way that he needs to294
  • Belonged to Asil296

Kara and the Wolves

Blood Bound

  • Helped by Josef Riddlesback113
  • Bran talked to Kara. Her father didn't know what he said, but he hadn't seen her this happy in years181

Burn Bright

  • As the youngest werewolf in the pack, Kara had dealt with her share of overprotectiveness136
  • Kara liked Leah, but she wasn't unaware of Leah's games137

Roses in Winter

  • Was the Marrok's current puzzle275
  • The werewolf that changed her told Kara's parents that they should let him kill her. When they'd refused, he'd told them to keep her away from other werewolves275
  • Bran hadn't allowed her to challenge him294
  • The pack bonds flashed with eager anger of the collected pack when they saw that Kara was injured. She belonged to them, too304
  • If Asil had not stopped the attackers before they hurt Kara worse, Bran would have killed these men and their Alpha as well307

Kara and her Parents

Burn Bright

  • Leah makes her write a letter every week to her parents, most of which are four sentences long because Bran imposed that rule after her first letter was 'Dear Dad, I'm alive. Kara'173

Roses in Winter

  • Her father had been sent back into the real world because his fear of her wolf was interfering with her ability to control herself. Neither she nor her father had been happy278
  • Her parents are separated because her mother is scared of Kara, and her father is mad at her about it280
  • Kara's dad is bringing her mom to visit in Aspen Creek314
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