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General Werewolf Facts & Behavior

Chat Transcripts

  • the average pack is 20-30 wolves; they fluctuate depending on how jobs and moving goes Chat 2007-05-20
  • wolf magic doesn't come from the moon, it's internal; part of what makes a werewolf a werewolf Chat 2007-11-03
  • originally the Weres were all Europeans, they came over with the rest of the immigrants Chat 2008-04-05

Mercy Thompson Series

Moon Called

Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called

  • controlled by their instincts03
  • it's not like there are a lot of stray werewolves running around
  • don't give orders to a werewolf; its the whole dominance reflex thing04
  • werewolves' instincts are inconvenient–that's why they don't tend to live long04
  • it's an anomaly to have a pack in the Tri-Cities area10
  • werewolf's urge to dominate those they see as lesser beings10
  • packs usually settle in bigger areas where they can hide better, or, rarely, in smaller places where they can take over10
  • they have a tendency to do well in the military and secret government agencies10
  • the trick with werewolves is to never confront them straight on10
  • werewolves don't take to strangers well11
  • There’s all sorts of protocols they insist upon when a new wolf comes into someone else’s territory, and something tells me that Mac hasn’t petitioned the pack11
  • the rules that allowed werewolves to live undetected among humankind for centuries tended to have fatal consequences for those who broke them11
  • werewolves aren't the most friendly animals anyway; but if they've just shifted it's a good policy to leave them alone for a while13
  • can be dangerous if you get in their way; but they'll leave you alone if you are careful14
  • prevalent of the cautionary tales werewolves tell each other is what happens the first time a werewolf changes if he doesn't know what he is20
  • werewolves live in packs; each pack has an Alpha—a wolf strong enough to keep the others under control30
  • werewolves don't take kindly to other predators32
  • many as 2 thousand in the US, 5 or 6 hundred in Canada, and about 4 hundred in Mexico34
  • werewolves are hot-tempered and aggressive, but they aren't evil39
  • packs sometimes take their public name from their leader; more often they find some geographical feature in their territory42
  • werewolves respect bravado; if you are too careful not to anger them, they'll see it as a weakness—and weak things are prey50
  • werewolves are taught to be quiet when they fight—it's a matter of survival60
  • werewolves chase things that run from them78
  • hard to hide anything from werewolves91
  • lightheartedness is not a gift often given to werewolves97
  • werewolves didn't usually talk about the past, not the way humans do97
  • they're not that different from their wild cousins; aren't much different form other wild predators105
  • werewolves aren't harmless or cute109
  • have not yet joined the twentieth century let alone the twenty-first, as far as women are concerned117
  • unmated male werewolves always get territorial in the presence of a female121
  • most werewolves are control freaks122
  • werewolves don't have jails; the people who break their laws are either punished physically or killed135
  • they take their secrecy very seriously; it's how they remained undetected for so long135
  • some werewolves can tell if a person is lying142
  • werewolves are always ready to be angry about something144
  • are always vicious, always ready for the kill; volatile nature of the werewolves
  • never argue with werewolves before you need to150
  • in the country, on a hunt, the wolves howl and cry, but in the city all hunting is done soundlessly; growls, whines, and barks are all bluffing tools—it is the quiet wolf that will kill you194
  • they aren't pets, and some of them resent being treated like one197
  • most werewolves avoid children197
  • despite all the physical benefits they gain, the average lifespan of a werewolf from his first Change until his death is ten years201
  • most werewolves died in dominance fights with other werewolves201
  • werewolves need packs; it takes something stronger to keep them away; a few hate what they are too much to live in a pack; most of them though are outcasts; wolves the pack wouldn't accept

Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • possessive and dictatorial02
  • arguing with werewolves requires a certain subtly
  • werewolves aren't evil, but they aren't exactly the peaceful, law-abiding heroes that they're trying to represent themselves as04
  • all wolves must wear a collar when they run in the city that identifies them as someone's pet05
  • play power games; a werewolf would never have allowed a strange wolf to walk behind them13
  • sometimes throw temper tantrums15
  • tend to rid themselves of someone who might draw unwanted attention to them
  • ruthless in enforcing their rules about not drawing unwanted attention to themselves37
  • don't do well on their own, they need someone, pack or family, or they begin to get odd; odd werewolves tend to end up dead—and they sometimes take a lot of people down with them when they go46
  • it's hard on the older werewolves to adjust to modern ways of thinking47
  • are made, not born47
  • being different among wolves is usually deadly51
  • there aren't very many homosexual werewolves who survive for long51
  • are control freaks; keeps them in charge of their wolf
  • werewolves might lock eyes for dominance purposes, but they couldn't take over your mind if you held their gaze73
  • most werewolves could tell when someone lied, but it was based on the smell of perspiration and heartbeat78
  • are very territorial96
  • everything meant too much to werewolves, and too little99
  • werewolf instincts are very strong99
  • when you've lived with werewolves, you learn tricks to hide what you're feeling from them—anger, for instance, covers up panic pretty well103
  • a wounded werewolf is dangerous, the wolf nature superceding the human control—and a werewolf is a very nasty creature
  • wolves communicate well without words115
  • independence is an unusual trait for a werewolf116
  • wolves are very centered in the here and now117
  • are pretty simple creatures—they make good soldiers
  • can be volatile143
  • werewolf etiquette is stuck in another century146
  • werewolves, outside of a well-run pack, will kill the wounded or weak153
  • demons aren't good for a werewolf's control199
  • a hungry werewolf is a cranky werewolf243

Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • there weren't nearly as many werewolves as there were fae49
  • werewolves put great value on eye contact83
  • power struggles and things unspoken are a part of pack life86
  • never have a discussion with a werewolf when he's standing and you're sitting; it puts you at a disadvantage and makes them think they can give you orders94
  • werewolves have a tendency to fill up the spaces in a room105
  • anything feels longer when you have a werewolf behind you109
  • there was more to the magic of the werewolves than their change120
  • the change is so spectacular—and the rest of the magic is the pack's business and affects no one else120
  • always aware on some level of all other pack members120
  • the pack is always aware on some level of the other pack members; they know when one of their own was in distress; they know when one has died120
  • a survival technique around werewolves is to fake being submissive214
  • with werewolves your are always dealing with two sets of instincts; the first belonged to the beast, but the second belonged to the man216
  • might not die of old age, but violence was part and parcel of their way of life221
  • a werewolf whose mate is unfaithful is seen as weak258
  • werewolves are used to violence and its results261
  • being a werewolf gives you time to get over your childhood; or it gives you time to destroy yourself with it282

Bone Crossed

Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed

  • most werewolves don't like humans33
  • a werewolf who was ticked off badly enough would just attack46
  • secretive bunch, those werewolves66
  • never sneak up on a werewolf110
  • being a werewolf wasn't like being a human with a hot temper—it was a balance; a human soul against a predator's instinctive drives. Push it too hard, and it was the animal in control—and the wolf didn't care who it hurt188
  • a werewolf lived only because he controlled his wolf; all the time230
  • you can't pretend not to be scared by werewolves; they know; but you can meet their eyes, if you're tough enough; and if they let you188
  • it's instinctive for werewolves to join with a pack without losing themselves249
  • werewolves learn to go with the times so they don't fall into the temptation of living in the past260

Silver Borne

Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne

  • wolf play is a simple game with no losers that they do with the ones they love; it didn't often happen in the pack as a whole, but among smaller groups14
  • most werewolves have all the change they can deal with the first time they become wolf; other kinds of change are tough to force on them25
  • fear brings violence out in the wolves62
  • werewolves, like their natural brethren, are territorial, and they don't share their hunting ground easily with other predators25
  • some werewolves had trouble driving because they could be a little distractible48
  • can take out Kodiak bears53
  • a very good reason that the Marrok kills any werewolves who allow the wolf to lead and the man to follow54
  • showing weakness to another is a sign of trust56
  • where does a werewolf sleep? Anywhere he wants to59
  • wolf superseding the man usually happens in the middle of a fight, the only thing to do is lie low until the man takes back control65
  • wolf instincts them them that direct eye contact is a challenge88
  • the wolf longs to hunt, to feel blood in its teeth110
  • werewolves all have different relations with their wolves139
  • think of werewolves as conjoined twins; some are quite separate, barely sharing anything at all with their wolves; just two entities under the same skin—they all start out this way139
  • when their human side is able to take control, wolf and man work out a balance; just as their human soul loses part of what it was to be human, the wolf loses part of what it means to be wolf139
  • werewolves tend to lose their human halves when badly injured, but they can be recalled to themselves by a mate or by a more dominant wolf168
  • wolves are blunt creatures, mostly impatient with the soft-pedaling that the rest of the world considers politeness183
  • most werewolves, even the ones who liked being werewolves, actively resented, if not hated, normal people for being what they could no longer be262
  • werewolves are scary and dangerous but they only eat people they don't like263
  • not a werewolf taboo; eating your prey is better than leaving the bodies lying around267

River Marked

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • were seen as very good security people04
  • made everything more complicated than necessary13
  • can hear private phone conversations16
  • are possessive24
  • most strong feelings are vulnerable to detection when you live with werewolves28
  • are controlling bastards80
  • wolves communicate much more clearly than humans do in an emergency91
  • one werewolf was a tough creature—but the real power of the werewolves lay in their packs82
  • carrying a person wasn't much of an effort for a werewolf105
  • werewolves aren't the only shapeshifters in Europe107
  • they don't kill people for food; nonetheless, there are bodies wherever there are packs119
  • can't lie to werewolves141
  • werewolves are monsters141
  • no one reads body language like a werewolf142
  • werewolves don't usually feel magic other than their own225
  • nor is water the werewolf's element for all that it is an element of change249
  • most werewolves mate with humans256
  • even happy werewolves are scary in broad daylight if your eyes let you really see what they are270

Frost Burned

Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned

  • werewolves were fond of top-secret-emergency-code-word things13
  • people who attack a full pack of werewolves are either very stupid or very strong62
  • werewolves are big and scary; sometimes they can downplay it, a little body language, a little pack magic, and they can pass for a huge dog if no one is looking for werewolves94
  • werewolves are different when they are in their wolf shape, less human and less caught up in human manners132
  • wolves are gregarious, far more so than humans or coyotes132
  • the world needed to remember that it was a bad idea to attack a werewolf pack159
  • poker isn't a really good werewolf game; or rather, it's too good a werewolf game; it would end with bodies207
  • the average werewolf lives ten years after he is change238
  • werewolves can get volatile in extreme emotion243
  • it wasn't uncommon for wolves who have lost their mates to have to be killed shortly thereafter244
  • werewolf justice is swifter and more just, if more brutal, than the human court system248
  • humans are not equipped to deal with a werewolf fairly248
  • any werewolf can kill you if you are stupid and quit respecting him; the trick is not to be stupid285
  • posturing like a werewolf287
  • necromancy would have no effect on a werewolf306
  • dead or alive, a werewolf didn't care if you were naked339

Night Broken

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • a werewolf pack that eats together stays together01
  • werewolves can tell when people are lying04
  • an uncomfortable werewolf might take a bite that everyone would regret66
  • werewolves don't know everything70
  • older werewolves were largely male and largely intolerant of homosexuality70
  • gay werewolves didn't last very long unless they were extraordinarily tough or lucky70
  • werewolves had learned to be ruthless to survive73
  • werewolf packs hunt at lease once a month on the full moon; mostly they hunt deer, elk, or even moose; werewolves avoid domestic animals like cattle as a matter of course121
  • werewolves break things like doorknobs209
  • werewolves are all about rules; their rules are designed to keep people safe242
  • a werewolf will die defending his mate283

Fire Touched

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • werewolves can hear music played over headphones05
  • you don't lie to a werewolf; they can tell05
  • money was a good thing to have in a werewolf pack; werewolves had to work to control their wolves and too much stress made it worse; lack of money was stressful06
  • even being a werewolf has an upside19
  • etiquette among werewolves was that you tried to ignore private conversations86
  • controlling their wolves is much, much easier when they are a pack, following a leader98
  • hardwired to do dumb stuff232
  • werewolves can be very destructive225

Silence Fallen

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • werewolves had their origins in Europe14
  • werewolves have a long memory; they are regrettably straightforward24
  • they won't hold to bargains they view as forced24
  • werewolves are sentimental26
  • most werewolves can't actually feel the magic that makes their lives so much easier89
  • never run from werewolves; it only makes them hungry90
  • werewolves need contact more than humans do112
  • staring down a werewolf was dumb134
  • dual-natured210
  • spare werewolf-pack clothes are typical the world over: running pants and a tank top150

Storm Cursed

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • werewolves don't lie because most werewolves can tell if someone is lying16
  • werewolves were all about order and authority38
  • a nice path opened in the gathering crowd—werewolves are useful like that62
  • cats don't like werewolves; exception Medea
  • food did not go to waste around werewolves86
  • most werewolves aren't sensitive to magic101
  • like to engage in “a good tussle” with each other to blow off steam128
  • werewolves get lonely; they need a pack to belong too; some of them don't like it much, but that doesn't change the nature of the beast144
  • before the Marrok werewolves were considered the vermin of the supernatural world; dangerous individually but ultimately not much of a threat151
  • scared werewolves are much more prone to violence255
  • a lot of werewolves work as guards of one sort or another, but not all of them know who to be a bodyguard256
  • werewolves just don't do merry, not their wolf part270
  • werewolves get over things like modesty very quickly301

Smoke Bitten

Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten

  • werewolves are like grenade launchers42
  • werewolves are volatile creatures; it is hard for the human to hold the wolf in check; there was only one thing to be done with an out-of-control werewolf; since being outed to the human world, there were no second chances90
  • wolves are straightforward creatures on the whole, and that most of the mess that the werewolf culture had been brought about by the human halves of the werewolves90
  • the survival rate for gay or lesbian werewolves was far lower than for straight werewolves90
  • caught up in the need for pack and order103
  • werewolves could be funny about wearing someone else's clothing—especially if that someone wasn't pack238

Alpha & Omega Series

Alpha & Omega Novella

Alpha & Omega Series #0.5: Alpha & Omega Novella

  • life as a werewolf, was as expensive financially as it was personally173
  • you didn't want to do anything that might attract one of the dominant wolves' attention175
  • a cornered wolf is a dangerous wolf65
  • an out-of-control werewolf would be growling and pacing222

Cry Wolf

Alpha & Omega Series #1: Cry Wolf

  • it's not safe to have hungry, desperate werewolves on the streets11
  • werewolves and violence, werewolves and death: they went together like bananas and peanut butter69
  • human mates grew old while the werewolves stayed young69
  • being a werewolf had taught—among other things—to ignore the past, live in the present, and not think too much about the future33
  • best not to startle a wounded werewolf; even one in human form34
  • tend to be secretive
  • even a werewolf deserves a chance
  • a werewolf who survived learned to integrate human and wolf and leave the human in the driver's seat for the most part; except for when the moon called, when they were very angry…or when they were hurt
  • as werewolves age they gain abilities209
  • humans don't often escape from werewolf attacks

Hunting Ground

Alpha & Omega Series #2: Hunting Ground

  • werewolves talk as if they and the wolves they shared their skins with were one; some werewolves had nothing more wolfish about them, even in wolf form, than a nasty temper and a need to kill things that ran from them45
  • to function, most werewolves have to make their wolf obedient if not completely subservient; after a while, the wolf spirit is reduced to a part of the man's spirit; an unthinking, violent part full of instincts and desires but no true thoughts61
  • packs only moved into open territory or territory they had killed to take91
  • in a fight; werewolf tactics concentrate their attack on the strongest of their foe128
  • a deadbolted, steel door probably wouldn't keep out a determined werewolf152

Fair Game

Alpha & Omega Series #3: Fair Game

  • werewolves aren't civilized or tame; forcing it on them won't work26
  • would be interesting to see what a werewolf could do at a crime scene33
  • werewolves were supposed to be poor, down trodden victims of a disease, people who used the abilities their misfortune granted them to help others34
  • supposed to be few female werewolves; protective of them35
  • wouldn't be smart to upset a werewolf37
  • a werewolf could scent the fae, most of the time65
  • for a normal man, or even a pair of normal men, to take on a werewolf—that's pretty ambitious68
  • becoming a werewolf doesn't make you a serial killer—and it doesn't make you a superhero either; whoever you were, that's who you are69
  • werewolves police their own; mostly just ordinary people who turn into a wolf during the full moon and go and hunt rabbits69
  • being changed turned everyone into killers; the ones who couldn't control it sometimes took a lot of people with them before they died70
  • wolves were used to immediately sizing up others when they first met them81
  • the wolf part of a werewolf was…a ravaging beast, born to hunt and kill, protect the pack at all costs, and not much else98
  • a werewolf isn't a wolf; who will care and protect its young117
  • a recently changed werewolf is cranky because of the pain156
  • being a werewolf was another kind of protection, but no one was invulnerable176
  • Gray Lord could affect the change of a werewolf278

Dead Heat

Alpha & Omega Series #4: Dead Heat

  • werewolf DNA is just like human DNA; you can't tell the difference unless the sample is taken when in werewolf form; then it's different06
  • no way to use a blood test to see if someone is a werewolf or not06
  • sheetrock and two-by-fours didn't stop a werewolf47
  • werewolves have two natures; the human part and the wolf part60
  • the wolf isn't like a real wolf—it's a lot more angry than that60
  • most werewolves don't actually think of themselves as two people60
  • being a werewolf is not a panacea to death80
  • well-fed werewolves are easier to deal with than hungry ones140
  • it wasn't a smart idea to meet a werewolf's eyes unless you were prepared for a dominance battle171
  • if war broke out, everyone would lose; the werewolves were respected; not many fae would want to declare war if it meant fighting werewolves180
  • not healthy for a werewolf to stay in wolf form for very long204
  • werewolves don't let humans interfere with their pack204
  • werewolves could be beautiful, but they were predators227
  • there are somethings that are amazing about being a werewolf259

Burn Bright

Alpha & Omega Series #5: Burn Bright

  • most werewolves were honest by habit—what good is a lie if people could tell you are lying07
  • there wasn't a werewolf fast enough to dodge a bullet55
  • sometimes living with werewolves sucked—when it made little social lies impossible110
  • werewolf; unlikely to die in most motor-vehicle accidents160
  • fear was dangerous around werewolves180
  • werewolves have pretty good instincts187
  • wine is, for a werewolf, only grape juice216
  • a werewolf doesn't need to worry about poison216
  • werewolves were not native to North America276

Wild Sign

Alpha & Omega Series #6: Wild Sign

  • werewolves don't get much of a buzz from alcohol04
  • even werewolf strength didn't help you when your abusers were werewolves05
  • there are hundreds of female werewolves—the Marrok only brings in one or two women a year who need assistance08
  • there have been a great many werewolves over the years who have served in the armed forces29
  • Bran controlling the werewolves was more like shoving tigers around with cattle prods33
  • werewolves tended to be territorial39
  • a normal Taser didn't do much besides make a werewolf angry61
  • a grizzly could kill a werewolf or two, but generally left them alone78
  • werewolves weren't picky about raw meat, even if human teeth had trouble ripping through a steak79
  • you couldn't help overhearing everything, a condition of being a werewolf139
  • smart people worry when they are confronted with werewolves171
  • wondered what unconscious social behaviors might betray the fact that the person was a werewolf198
  • even a werewolf has limits234

Mercyverse Short Fiction

Mercyverse Short Fiction: Silver

  • a werewolf could suffer a great deal before he died12

The Star of David

  • travel was complicate for a werewolf245
  • most of the werewolves, if they survived, eventually became wealthy249

Roses in Winter

  • even the most experienced werewolf had trouble with a terrified human about278
  • it wasn't in a werewolf's nature to tamely bow to authority just because it was presented to them295

In Red, with Pearls

  • old werewolves aren't that common; most who survive the Change die in fights with other werewolves don't understand body language; they also don't think341
  • sometimes being a werewolf gives you interesting insights into people345


  • humans were no match for a werewolf370


  • important werewolves drip authority and (usually) dignity414
  • don't lie to werewolves, it's too much trouble431

The Conclave

Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called

  • twice a year the Alphas meet with Bran at Bran's corporate headquarters in Colorado; they sometimes brought their seconds or thirds - but never the women203
  • one Conclave in December218

Alpha & Omega Series #0.5: Alpha & Omega Novella

  • one of the things done at the meetings is to update the pack memberships40
  • Alphas are supposed to keep the Marrok informed when people die, or when new wolves are Changed40

The Reveal

Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called

  • werewolves take their secrecy very seriously; that's how they've remained undetected for so long141
  • penalty for disobeying a direct order is brutal142
  • Bran Cornick put Adam Hauptman put into place to make sure that Mercy didn't tell the world about werewolves146
  • werewolves aren't going to be able to hide much longer147
  • forensic medicine has come a long way; ten years ago it was just the military and FBI labs they had to worry about, having a few wolves in the right places was sufficient147
  • there aren't enough wolves to infiltrate every small-town police laboratory147
  • since the fae came out, scientists are paying closer attention to abnormalities they used to attribute to lab equipment failure or specimen contamination147
  • if the Marrok doesn't pick his time soon for the reveal, it'll pick him147
  • once Bran understood what the werewolves faced, he came to the conclusion about the reveal147
  • believes it's something that must be done soon; not this week or next, but not a year from now either217
  • Bran's contacts in the FBI laboratories say the werewolf existence is an all-but-open secret right now217
  • since coming out is inevitable—it is imperative to control how it is done217
  • a wolf unhappy with the Reveal218
  • no one is happy about the Reveal; the Marrok has had several wolves report that one of the government agencies is threatening them with exposure if they won't cooperate233
  • they've become an open secret—and that's not safe; some are surprised the Marrok was able to kept them hidden for this long233
  • Bran was going to tell the Alphas at the December Conclave that he was going to take them public225
  • there are a lot of wolves who don't want to come out in public view—and they are willing to pay for it273

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • coming out to the public was a bold step for the werewolves; one that could easily backfire03
  • less than six months since the werewolves had come out into the public view30
  • they hadn't told the human population everything, only those werewolves who chose to do so came out in the open—most of those were in the military, people already separated from the general population30
  • everyone was holding their breath waiting to see what would come of it; so far there had been none of the rioting that that marked the fae's exposure a few decades earlier30
  • careful planning on the Marrok part30
  • had come out a little at a time to avoid alarming the public55
  • werewolf trials ten to convene on the spot; they are over in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes57
  • can't convince your pack Alpha you are less trouble to him alive than dead? Too bad57
  • pack law, necessarily brutal57
  • werewolves are control freaks; being control freaks keeps them in charge of their wolf58

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • just this year admitted their existence48
  • whole issue had gone as smoothly as anyone could have hoped, but nothing was perfect713
  • the ugly anti-fae thing, was getting stronger through the whole country; the hate groups were eager to widen their target to include werewolves48
  • what the public knew about the werewolves was just the polished tip of a nasty iceberg84
  • when the werewolves announced themselves to the public, they caused a resurgence of fear180

Alpha & Omega Series #1: Cry Wolf

  • Bran Cornick the Marrok is going to bring the werewolves out to the public43
  • he thinks that too many people of the wrong people already know43
  • science and computers have made it harder and harder for the wolves to hide43
  • he hopes that he can control it better if he initiates the flow of information rather than waiting until their enemies or some innocent idiot decides to do it for them43

Alpha & Omega Series #2: Hunting Ground

  • the werewolves may be a secret from the rest of the world—but the wrong people know who they are17
  • the first chance the Marrok saw to present the werewolves in a favorable light, they were coming out to the public83
  • werewolves were being blackmailed by government agencies; family members were threatened or held under implied thread91
  • in the effort to deal with any further blackmail, The Marrok made the decision to reveal the werewolves; bring the secrets out into the open in order to give the unnamed government agencies who threatened exposure no more ammunition91
  • the Marrok offered a five year window to allow any wolf who wished to migrate to the United States that opportunity91
  • the Marrok was also willing to consider the migration of whole packs91
  • certain conditions had to be met; they must submit to the Marrok and agree to the rules that his packs live by in his territory; they must agree to go where they are told92
  • in return, they will receive the benefits that all of the Marrok's wolves do–protection and aid92

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • werewolves had outed themselves a year and a half ago–though they were careful what they told the public22
  • still a lot of werewolves who hid what they were99
  • they didn't tell the public everything; one of the things Bran was not telling the public about werewolves was that they were immortal168

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • hard to lose yourself in this day and age; fingerprints, DNA, facial-recognition software; that had been the main reason that the werewolves had finally come out to the public246

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • ever since the werewolves have admitted to their existence, they'd had to fight for the goodwill of the communities they lived in; goodwill made it safer for everyone34

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • the werewolves first revealed their existence a few years ago06
  • people reacted differently to the reality of werewolves in the world; sensible people stayed a certain length back; others were stupidly friendly or not-so-stupidly afraid06

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • just because some of the werewolves were out didn't mean that all of them were34

Mercyverse Short Fiction: Redemption

  • the wolves who were out were expected to be exemplary and well behaved380
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