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Darryl Zao|Second


Physical Description


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Name: Dr. Darryl Zao

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken Mercy Thompson 8: Fire Touched

Gender: Male

Classification: Werewolf [Pack Affiliation] See Columbia Basin Pack | Second See Werewolf Ethology [Former] See Los Alamos Pack

Classification Description:

brindled coatIK-195 [Changed] N/A

Age: is not likely much older then he looksBC-22 Darryl is not so old. Probably only 40 or 50Chat 2007-06-24

Father: African Tribesman | Name Unknown

Mother: Chinese | Name Unknown

Significant Other: [Mate] See Auriele

Residence: See Tri-Cities, Washington

Occupation: works as an analyst of things too complex for most people's brainsRM-274 a phD engineer workingMC-57 a phD in physicsIK-103

Employer: Pacific Northwest LaboratoriesMC-57

Vehicle: owns a '67 MustangMC-202; also owns a SubaruBC-235

Physical Description: is a big man, well over six feet. His mother had been Chinese, and his father an African tribesman who had been getting an engineering degree at an American university when they met. Darryl's features were an arresting blend of the two culturesMC-56 ebony skinSB-189 molasses-deep voice; bassy-rumbleMC-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages: only speaks Chinese when he's really ticked offBB-187 is a geniusBC-29 he cooked his way through grad schoolSB-209 can do Chinese inscrutable better than anyone who was wholly Chinese instead of just halfSB-189

Spirituality & Personality: has that eminently respectable air that college professor's sometimes haveMC-57 values loyaltyMC-207 still too much a gentleman to kill a woman without suffering for itFB-153

Talents & Skills: an adroit politicianNB-

Health & Fitness:

Quirks: has a pager with the number starting 543-MC- he likes nice clothes, his shirts probably cost more then what Mercy makes in a monthBC-20 his cell phone is one of those miniature computers with every gadget known to manSB-191 likes to critique movies loudly and during the movieRM-273 likes paintballRM-43


With Mercy: looks down on MercyBC-22 has a love hate thing going with Mercy, they confuse the heck out of each otherRM-13

With Adam: if anything happens to Mercy while Adam is away, it is Darryl who will bear the blameRM-15

With Aurielle: he's not that enlightened to do the dishes when Auriele cooks but he does do the vacuumingSB-209

With His Wolf: is not likely much older then he looksBC-22 he can smell a lie as well as most any werewolfRM-16 his wolf is aggressive when he first changesNB-

With The Pack: treats Warren like dirtMC- he cooks on Sunday mornings, usually Pack Central (Adam's house) and when he cooks, everyone stops bySB-209 not usually affectionate with WarrenFB162 Darryl and Warren never play any kind of competitive game against each otherFB-208

With the Cornicks:

With the Vampires: doesn't like vampiresBC-31 out of all of Adam's wolves he hates vampires the mostRM-14

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