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Charles Cornick


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Name: Charles Cornick

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken

Alpha&Omega 1a: Alpha and Omega Alpha&Omega 1b: Cry Wolf Alpha&Omega 2: Hunting Ground Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game Alpha&Omega 4: Dead Heat

Short Story: Roses in Winter Short Story: Underappreciated Gifts

AKA: Old ManCW-23 | CharlieCW-72 | old loboCW-100 | pupCW-125 | He Who Must Run Into Trees | Running EagleHG-11 | ChiefHG-02

Gender: Male

Classification: Werewolf [Pack Affiliation] See Marrok Pack | Second

Classification Description:

large, cinnamon colored (red) with black legs and feetMC-80 [Changed] an oddity among werewolves: a natural-born werewolf rather than made(the only one of his kind, that we know of)MC-80

Age: 196 yo during the events of Moon Called

DOB: Spring 1813 MC-98

POB: Montana | Indian LodgeAO-13

Father: See Bran Cornick

Mother: See Blue Jay Woman

Siblings: [Half-Brother] See Samuel Cornick

Children: No

Other Relatives: [Cousins] Names UnknownCW-148 [Step-mother] See Leah Cornick [Brother-in-Law] Name UnknownCW-294 [Father-in-Law] Name UnknownCW-294 [Uncles] Names UnknownCW-177 [Grandfather] See Grandfather | Name UnknownCW-123 [Grandfather] See Bran | Dafydd(X)

Significant Other: [Mate&Wife]See Anna Cornick

Mate Bond:

Residence: See Aspen Creek, Montana | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

Occupation: Financial Guru; handles the pack financesHG-17 Bran's Hitman, an assassin even feared by other members of his own packCW-108

Vehicle: Has a green truckCW-45 that's older than his mate Anna but looked as if it was brand-new; driven less than fifty thousand miles about two thousand miles a yearCW-44

Physical Description: over 6' tall; black eyes and long, long black hairAO-09 his speaking voice carrys the flat tones of his mother's people with just a hint of a Welsh liltMC-82 took after his Salish mother in looksHG-07 skin darkened just a little behind his earsCW-138

Character Traits & Facts:

From Social Media: Ann Peters Oh, my goodness, I go out of town for my daughter's wedding, and you all start such an awesomely crazy string! Let me see if I can answer some of these questions! (I had to ask Patty on some because you have some stumpers here!) Charles first changed when he was less than a month old, at the first full moon. His changes are much faster than turned wolves, but still as painful. Even though Bran was grieving for Blue Jay Woman, he always, always takes responsibility for what is his, so he was very involved with Charles as a baby, with a lot of help from Samuel and Charles' maternal grandmother. I'm sure he did tussle with Samuel, because that's what little kids and also wolf pups do! I asked Patty about potty training issues, because not only are little boys harder to train, but so are pups! Mike suggested that Charles probably barked at the teepee door to be let out, so Patty smacked him one for that and said he did not! <grin> Although she did mention that in the days of outdoor latrines it wasn't such a big deal! Let me know if I missed any thing else you want answered! facebook 01-05-13

From Moon Called: is a financial geniusMC-76 he can change easier and fasterMC-80 has a gift for magic that is unusual in werewolvesMC-80 doesn't touch anyone casuallyMC-84

From Alpha&Omega: pierced ears with gold studsAO-09 is a pilot but hates flying especially when someone else is pilotingAO-09 jumpy around carsAO-15 hates cell phonesAO-12 hates big citiesAO-10 has met two other Omega wolves in his long lifetimeAO-12 silver leaves his wolf uncontrolledAO-58 Bran has an uncanny knack for knowing when he was hurtAO-53 knows all the Alphas, knows most of the seconds and thirdsAO-40

From Cry Wolf: more sensitive to silver poisonCW-61 silver has a strong more unpredictable effect on him than on some wolvesCW-15 doesn't react at all well to silver and even less well to captivityCW-17[/sup is a good enforcer because the wolves he disciplines are most likely less dominant than he is so they can't outbluff or recruit himCW-86 doesn't like bringing reinforcements to a kill; more wolves tend to muck things upCW-94 has been Bran's assassin for one hundred and fifty yearsCW-134 “follow rules, carry out justice and” tries not “to hate [himself] for being good at [his] job”CW-135 was a killer but didn't enjoy it; managed to be civilized and still meet the demands of who and what he was required to beCW-109 he knew the madness of what they were and managed, not just to overcome it, but to use it, to make something betterCW-108 wasn't any different from any other male werewolf: angry, possessive, and dangerousCW-108 werewolf dominant enough to back down the Alpha of a pack without the resources an Alpha could draw onCW-108 feared even by other members of his own packCW-108 spent most of his life hunting down other werewolves and killing themCW-275 thirty years of martial artsCW-275

is his mother's son; she'd never have allowed herself to be held by anything as mundane as a few bars and a reinforced doorCW-15 BJW wasn't a witch; not so well defined –Bran not even sure she worked magic; the Salish don't see the world that way. Magic and not magic. Natural and unnatural. Whatever she was, though, her son is, tooCW-16 Bran said that Charles might have been a witch if he'd chosen to study; he hadn't urged him to do so, but he also didn't discourage itCW-235 the subtler magics of his mother's people suited Charles, and he'd never regretted the path he'd chosenCW-235 the spirit-wolf was usually his guideCW-181 has had three different witches try and imprisoning spell on him in the past; his personal magic has been strong enough to shed itCW-189 seldom spoke of his magic to anyone, including his father–because Brother Wolf told him that the fewer people knew about it, the better weapon it wasCW-144 taught from his mother's brother how to put a blessing on a houseCW-128 is not a witch to impose his will on the world; all he can do is ask, and if it suits their whims, the spirits allow itCW-144 there aren't as many people who hear spirits as there used to be – which means more work for those of them that doCW-145 would rather face a dozen ghouls than a black witchCW-179 let his eyes go unfocused to see spirits clearerCW-179

doesn't like to take off his clothes–too much Indian in himCW-65 clothing forms around his naked body, flowing over his skin as his skin had flowed over flesh as he changedCW-27 he doesn't know where his clothes come fromCW-29

Brother Wolf relishes both amusement and fightingCW-123 a man who had a werewolf for a father and a wisewoman for a mother knew when he ought to listen to his intuitionCW-124 good at reading people and Brother Wolf is all but empathic sometimesCW-157

seldom bothered showing offCW-209 a careful man; careful about what he said and careful of the people around himCW-135 has what Sam calls his “Good Ol' Injun” expression; according to Samuel it was scary seeing the jovial expression and knowing what lurked behind itCW-177 Bran has been able to stop him in his tracks but has never been able to make him do something he doesn't want to doCW-188 it had never bothered him to need other wolves, but there were some wolves who never adjusted to itCW-203 doesn't like his “stepmother - or airplanes, cars, or cell phones for that matter”CW-70 his favorite color is redCW-226 a man used to being alone, used to depending upon himselfCW-96 doesn't know how old his father isCW-110 Sam is his self admitted “elder brother and tormentor”CW-59 doesn't like others knowing his “weaknesses, even his brother and father”CW-65 never quite mastered the trick of losing himself in Indian time; his grandfather had always grumbled that his father's spirit was too strong within himCW-123 he waited a long time to find a mateCW-39 never been mated before AnnaCW-118 like Balaam's ass–has seen an angel, onceCW-145 seldom used tents if he didn't have to–and never if he was out hunting something that might hunt him backCW-142 Bran keeps him busy enough for three peopleCW-147 his uncles had taught him how to throw and his aim was better with a slingshotCW-177

From Hunting Ground: not many people the privilege of calling him anything but his given nameHG-02 he sometimes talked about his wolf as if it were a separate being who shared his body: Brother WolfHG-45 started an investment portfolio for Anna but hasn't told her about it yetHG-55 he was an old hunter and knew better than to startle his preyHG-55 Brother Wolf had never talked to anyone but Charles before Anna, not even BranHG-55 if Anna died, he would followHG-252 his grandfather had often told him that he tried too hard to move trees when a wiser man would walk around themHG-07 his favorite sweater is brownHG-08 when the spirits got too demanding, he sometimes retreated to his office, where the computers and electronics kept them entirely outHG-12 owns a CessnaHG-17 financially stableHG-17

From Bone Crossed: cranky when woken up in the middle of the nightBC-111

From Silver Borne: didn't usually talk a lot, and when he did, his speech was deliberate, as if he thought through everything twice before saying anything out loudSB-139 he hadn't ever lived in a place outside of the Marrok's controlSB-140 lost a friend under a similar circumstance with Samuel/Sam, his friend lasted less than a week and was not as old as SamuelSB-141

From River Marked: seldom talked about his Native American rootsRM-59 the summer he taught Mercy to fix cars he accompanied her on her vision questRM-61

Fair Game:

Guilty Pleasure: despite his frequent mutterings about how much he hated cars, he was fond of his truckCW-231

Character Traits & Facts:

Education & Languages:


Talent & Skills:

Health & Fitness:

Personality Quirks:



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