Terms of Service

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Whereas we, the owners, authors and directors of Hurog Inc. who provide Hurog.com, which is also available as PatriciaBriggs.com, consider legalese offensive, the remainder of these terms shall be in plain English, and hopefully easily understood.

Capture of Personal Information

We do our very best to respect your privacy. We collect the absolute minimum of data we need to serve the content you've asked for. There are no scripts trying to ferret out your browser history or on-line purchases, no sneaky tracking beacons, nothing. We value our privacy, and hope you value yours. You didn't come here to be spied upon, and we respect that.

Only Good Cookies: If you visit the store or the forums a cookie will be sent to your browser to identify you on subsequent pages. Our cookies are very simple, and are used so the site can, for example, keep track of what you've added to your shopping cart. We don't engage in third-party cookies, multi-site tracking schemes, etc. Those are bad cookies: ack! nasty! phooey! We won't have anything to do with them.

Store Orders: If you order from our web-store, obviously we store your name and address for shipping purposes. We use payment gateways to handle the financial transactions specifically because we are a small site with limited resources, and it's possible some hacker will break into our database. Your payment data is never even transmitted to our site, much less stored here. The worst-case scenario of a data breach is that some hacker would get access to your shipping address, and we will do everything we can to prevent that.

Sharing and Selling Personal Information: Even writing that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. We have no advertising associates, shadowy third-party partners or marketing-weasel affiliates. We will never sell or share your data with anyone (except in the unlikely event of a legally-binding subpoena). That's yet another reason to collect as little information as possible!

It was brought to my attention that the forums are something of an exception to this rule. If you write something and post it on a public forum, guess what? It will be publicly visible, and anyone can read it. They might even comment on it or quote it somewhere. In that sense, since it's on our server we're sharing your information. Furthermore, each post is technically a work to which you hold the copyright. In our topsy-turvey legal world it's possible that someone would write a post, then turn around and sue us for hosting their intellectual property. For our protection the forums have some legal boilerplate in the user agreement that says that if you post something we reserve the right to store and display your posting. Of course, you can remove your posts at any time.


The not-very-secret truth is that this entire site is a giant advertisement for books by Patricia Briggs. We hope you enjoy your time here. We want the site to be informative and entertaining. We also hope to convince you to buy her books.

Since the whole site is a subtle advertisement, it makes no sense to confuse the issue by adding additional random advertising.

We accept no third-party advertising. We don't care if you shop this weeks super-sale at the Mega-Mart, or whether you get a 10% off coupon for your next forward power coupling. You can find all the advertisements you want on other sites.

Use of Ad-Blockers: The use of ad-blockers is strongly encouraged. You won't need them here, of course, since there aren't any ads. Keep them turned on anyway. The internet is awash with questionable ads and advertisers, some of which are slinging malware. Armor up and set shields to maximum. You'll get no complaints from us!

Warranty of Suitability

This site is built and maintained by Hurog Inc. to provide information regarding the writing of Patricia Briggs. There are multiple authors by that name, and we only presume to speak for one of them. We do our best to keep the information here accurate and current.

However, we don't guarantee that this information is free from errors or suitable for any specific task. In fact, we know that there are numerous foreign editions and compilations that are not shown on these pages. The blog posts occasionally drift into speculation, exaggeration and possible prevarication. If you use them as the basis of your College thesis, we assume no responsibility for the outcome.

In short, this site is written by amateurs for the enjoyment of fans of the writing of Patricia Briggs. We're human. We make mistakes. Deal with it!