Author Topic: Will the walking stick affect Mercy in a way she will have twins?  (Read 10681 times)


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In Iron Kissed Zee tells Mercy that old things, like the walking stick, can have minds of their own.
Nemane considers that the fae still owe Mercy and the walking stick is a fae item.
Is it possible that the walking stick would act on Mercy's behalf so that she would have healthy babies and maybe have twins?
Could it even influence whether her children are human, coyote, or wolf?
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Re: Mercy, babies and the walking stick
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You should check out this thread:  there has been MUCH discussion over those very things. ;) 
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Re: Mercy, babies and the walking stick
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<Grin>  I plead the fifth.  Like Nemane, I don't know what the stick will do for sure.  Though I do have some thoughts . . .  :)  However, it is unlikely that Mercy will have children while the series is ongoing.  Simply because parents don't make good series heroes (in my book).  People who have children to take care of shouldn't be out risking their lives.

I'm not ruling it out, but I think it is unlikely.
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