Author Topic: Will Mercy have an altered lifespan? How will Mercy age?  (Read 9495 times)


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Will Mercy have an altered lifespan? How will Mercy age?
« on: February 10, 2008, 09:20:30 am »
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I’m a total newbie to the list so if I missed this somewhere I heartily apologize.  I have read through all of the pertinent forum posts but I definitely could have missed something.

From what I’ve read I’m guessing (at this point anyway) that Mercy is most likely going to continue aging as normal.  What about children? The big to do with Samuel was that she theoretically could have his children.  Well she’s like 31-33 right now and that’s getting a little up there for normal human women to have normal and healthy children.  Is this different for her since she’s not ‘quite’ human?

Thanks! Lena
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Re: Mercy and Aging ***possible spoilers***
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This is going to be a very unhelpful answer <grin>   I haven't decided yet about Mercy's aging or how being a walker will affect it.  I am weighing how either will affect the stories.  Children is another good question.  As a writer I am disinclined to have Mercy get pregnant -- really tough to go out adventuring with children.  When you have young children your place is with them and everything else takes a backseat.  However, one of the main tenets of urban fantasy is the hard-core reality of everything except for the fantastic elements.  All that means is just what my answer about Mercy's aging is -- I haven't made up my mind yet, and I'll have to really think about both of them.