Author Topic: Missing Answers: Why did fae magic help Charles shift faster in book 2?  (Read 1702 times)


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Hey all. I hope things are well. I had a question from the waaaaaaaaay back that I've been pondering more recently.
I remember when Charles and Anna helped (Beuclaire- probably spelled it wrong) get his daughter back. Not sure how it helped but Beuclaire used his magic to help Charles change faster at the part where they went to rescue Anna after she was abducted.

Anna asked how he was able to change faster but the stories since then have not explained. Is there a technical answer for this? I wanted to ask sooner and may have but I forget where... when? Then I forgot my login and email for awhile.
So is there technically an explanation for this? Why did fae magic help Charles change faster than pack magic?
Can fae magic affect pack magic/bonds the way the witches magic can? Thank in advance!  :)