Author Topic: Wulfe: Vampire, Wizard, and Witch, Oh my!  (Read 473 times)


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Wulfe: Vampire, Wizard, and Witch, Oh my!
« on: March 16, 2021, 06:50:00 pm »
So, Wulfe.

So I reread Burn Bright, Smoke Bitten, and Storm Cursed today, in that order.

And I noticed something interesting. Aside from Wulfe being a white witch, and all, in the beginning of Storm Cursed, Sherwood (his wolf) blesses Adam's house:
“As for other mischief—my song has claimed this place for now. No evil may enter without invitation. They cannot come in.” He glanced beyond us, behind Adam and me, toward the basement. “Not for a while.”

And in Smoke Bitten, Mercy details pretty clearly that:
The night the witches had died, Wulfe had been injured. Not physically, but mentally or spiritually or something—and it had been my fault. We brought Wulfe back with us, unconscious and babbling by turns, and Ogden, the pack member who was carrying him, had brought Wulfe into the house.

I found out later that he’d had no idea he was carrying a vampire. He didn’t know Wulfe personally, and something—probably my whammy—had affected his scent. But Ogden shouldn’t have been able to just bring Wulfe into the house. A vampire must be verbally invited into a home by someone who lives in that space. I suspect, given the function of our home for the wolves, that any member of our pack could invite a vampire in—but Ogden swore he hadn’t said a word to anyone.

So Wulfe could come and go in our home anytime he wished. Maybe he’d always been able to.

So whether or not Wulfe has to obey thresholds like other vampies may be open to debate (Does he need to be anymore scarier? Or should one just assume that NONE of the vampire rules work on him at all?)

Anyway. Sherwood had just blessed the house so that no evil may come in. (Not without invitation) (And is that an accident, I wonder, that the same mechanics as for Vampires is inlaid in that blessing?)

But anyway. If that blessing, protection, was active at the time Wulfe was loopy from Mercy's Be at Peace command, what does that mean? That he was not evil only in that moment?  That he was fundamentally changed, somehow?

Sherwood seems to be powerful, so I'm pretty sure that blessing was thorough.

Just, food for thought.
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Re: Wulfe: Vampire, Wizard, and Witch, Oh my!
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2021, 07:24:38 pm »
Wulfe was broken by the Master of Milan, who knows?
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