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Mercyverse Worksheet
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Mercy's stated age is incorrect here:
The Hurog Family »World Building - Canon »Mercyverse: Canon »Walker | ID Cards »Coyote  »Walker | ID Card of Mercedes Thompson
32 years during the events of Moon Called

Correct would be:
31 years during the events of Moon Called.

•   Nov: Death of Evelyn, Mercy's foster mother.
From Moon Called, chap. 6:  She died trying to become a werewolf...My foster father died from grief a month later. (MC-93 )

•   Nov. 20.: Mercy's 14th birthday.
From Iron Kissed, chap. 11: "One, one, two, zero," I told him through the chattering of my teeth. "It's my birthday."

•   Dec, short after Christmas: Death of Bryan, Mercy's foster father, Mercy has been 14.
From Moon Called, chap. 6: My foster father died from grief a month later. I'd been fourteen. (MC-93 )
From Moon Called, chap. 6: I remembered waking up shortly after Christmas to Bran's low-key voice in the kitchen.
When I came out of my room, Bran told me that the police had found Bryan's body in the Kootenai River. (MC-95 )

•   almost 17 years after Bryan's death, Nov: Moon Called.
From Moon Called, chap. 6: My foster parents were both of them almost seventeen years dead....I'd been fourteen. (MC-93 )
Therefore: 17 + 14 = 31

Moon Called takes place in Nov. around Thanksgiving and Mercy's birthday:
From the Friday before Thanksgiving, (see Moon Called, chap. 1 )
and during Thanksgiving, (see Moon Called, chap. 13 )
until the Monday after Thanksgiving (see Moon Called, chap. 16 )
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Re: Mercyverse Worksheet
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Reading Order/Timeline of the Mercyverse books, short stories and graphic novels,
with reasons for the specified years and months:

Extended Mercyverse Timeline with year and references to books/short stories:

Family trees of the Mercyverse:
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