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Re: 2020: Next! Alpha & Omega
« Reply #45 on: March 17, 2021, 03:44:01 am »
Huh. I thought Charles was 10 and Leah was 20. Leah's age was definitely stated, I'll need to double check Charles'
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Re: 2020: Next! Alpha & Omega
« Reply #46 on: March 18, 2021, 04:53:35 pm »
So I reread Burn Bright, Smoke Bitten, and Storm Cursed today.

Has anyone noticed that there keep being exceptions to werewolf transformation times? Even taking into account Alphas and pulling on pack magic, extra-fast transformations seem to be plot dependent rather than strictly defined. And there are more of them, and more often in the past couple of books.

Anyway, from Burn Bright:
"[Leah] was several decades older than Charles"

“I did not know Hester or Jonesy except through the stories of others. I never met either of them, though I knew they were here and approximately where they lived. I cannot recall what I have said about either of them or to whom, only that I would not speak of them in name or in any detail to anyone not in this pack."

Both of which are inconsistent with the info from Wild Sign

The fast shifting, I don’t really see those as exceptions. The books consistently maintain that, typically, shift to wolf takes 10-15 minutes for any wolf other than Charles.  Whenever someone shifts faster, it’s always made clear that they’re pulling on some extra source of power. Pack magic, witch magic, it’s never left unclear, that I can I recall.  Plot dependent maybe, in the sense that the intensity of what they’re facing has been ratcheting up over the last few books, which demands the need for the wolves to shift faster.  The ones coming to mind, I know Adam has used power from the pack bonds to speed his shift several times, but there’s plenty of other times in the last few books where his shift is described as being as slow as normal.  Adam was force shifted in a blink by Elizaveta as the end of Storm Cursed and Sage used a talisman to rapid shift in Burn Bright. Both of those are clearly explained and consistent with what’s happened before. It didn’t feel overly convenient to me.

I could see the previously stated age difference between Leah and Charles being a genuine mistake. But it could also be due to Charles knowing fully nothing about Leah’s past up until Wild Sign.  All werewolves appear to be in their early to mid twenties.  If Charles met her at age 10, at that age all adults are ancient. 20 might as well be 40 to a kid under 12.  As he grew older, he might have heard snippets that led him to understand she wasn’t that much older than him, but it’s not as if he was ever told her exact birth year.  A couple of decades seemed right to him, so he settled on that assumption.

As for Charles saying he never met or spoke to Jonesy, I didn’t read anything in Wild Sign that contradicted that.
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Re: 2020: Next! Alpha & Omega
« Reply #47 on: March 23, 2021, 05:12:02 am »
I agree. While the A&O series is written in third person, it's still in character POV. The omniscient author is not the one explaining things. So a character may fully believe what they tell someone, and still be inaccurate, or even downright wrong.