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I read "Iron Kissed" and at the end, when Adam and Ben were engaging Mercy's shame, it spoke powerfully to me.  Thank you for calling abuse what it is: abuse. 

Mercy and Ben weren't the only folks who had rough times in life.  I had a very rough childhood, and ... you can never share the guilt, the shame, or the horror at yourself.  Who could you possibly tell where it wouldn't compromise and wreck the relationship?  Even as an adult, what good can it possibly do, except in cases where the perp is still alive?

When I read your book, I saw myself in Mercy, and I saw myself in Ben.  And they were not punished for the crime done against them when they were in "Fairyland" or very young. 

Truth has this amazing ability to heal.  It has an amazing power.  As a math-nerd and data-guy (kung-fu-master) I regularly pit very powerful people against data and step out of the way, and when it has beat them up, they always either bow to data, or turn their brain off and run away: they never win.  It is nice to be the beneficiary, where truth can go to war against the inner devastation, and even that it fought is a win. 

Thank you.


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Patty Briggs has an amazing capacity to let people know that it is evil to hurt and good to survive hurt. We've discussed different aspects of this here on the forum at different times.
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Looked unanimous from here.
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