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4 Questions from a New Fan
« on: May 05, 2018, 07:48:42 pm »
Hello Patricia Briggs! I am a new fan of yours. I just got into your book these past two weeks. My mom has been a fan of yours for years. She is the one who got me into your Mercyverse books; I have yet to read the Alpha&Omega series. I have enjoyed how you have Coyote create chaos in the world, and to end evil. I find Coyote to be very funny, especially when he threw Mercy into the river in River Marked. Also, I think you're doing a good job at showing how Mercy's powers are being expanded in Silence Fallen. I have some questions to ask you. I've reduced the list from 14 questions to just 4. I'm hoping you will consider answering them all, but it's good enough for me that you only read them and only answer 1 of your choice. I'm hoping you answer the last question >D O).

(1)Will Underhill ever be able to have children? She is a place, but she does have female avatars.
(1b)And if Underhill were to have children, would they be fae?
(2)Are the fae ever going to get renewed, since Underhill is back? You have mentioned in your books that the fae have lost a lot of their old powers, and as they get older they just fade away (maybe you just mean their powers?). (2b)Could Underhill's reappearance mark a change for the fae and their problems? (2c)Also, could you expand on why Underhill kicked out the fae?
(3)In Fire Touched, Zee (I think?) stated that having too many doorways into Underhill was very dangerous, Mercy could feel it badly at the reservation, but you never showed and explained how it was dangerous. Could you come up with something to show a problem?
(4) Are you ever going to have Coyote and Baba Yaga meet one another (is this the same as asking if Mercy and Anna will share a story together)? Having the two biggest tricksters coming together would be a blast. This potential union could cause some serious, funny havoc. I wonder if creation would collectively groan?! bOuNcY

Thank you for reading my questions and taking the time to answer them at your leisure

Edit: this was shortened in the attempt to keep out fanfic and such things (these questions are desires to know things that have not been explained yet, except for the last one). I have also tried to keep things short and simple.
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