Author Topic: The reason for mercy hate by fem werewolves doesn't make sense  (Read 7863 times)


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This is nit picking and I only realized it when I was trying to write my own book that had werewolves and other supernaturals in it. Let's take brans wife for example. She couldn't have children even if she awoke tommorow to be human. Same with some of the other fem werewolves. Women only have so many eggs and eventually they run out. So someone like lea who is probably past sixty (I think it said somewhere she was ninety but can't remember so going with over sixty) she wouldn't have anymore eggs to fertalize (getting clinical). Honey is probably past that point as well. Now this is one of those things people think of when they have WAY too much time on their hands but I read alot of urban fantasy and found this is something that is never mentioned and just thought I would throw it out there. But on topic I supposed the fem wolves could hate her because she could have babies anyways when they couldn't at her age or so because  they were changed or something. Emotions aren't always about logic. And I don't mean all fem werewolves disl;ike her for this reason. Looking at you mary joe and daryls wife. But it was said that some did for that reason. Anyone else thought of this