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Spectrology | Ghosts 101
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MC - Moon Called
BB - Blood Bound
IK - Iron Kissed
BC - Bone Crossed
SB - Silver Borne
RM - River Marked
FB- Frost Burned
SF - Silence Fallen
NB - Night Broken
FT - Fire Touched
SF - Silence Fallen
SC - Storm Cursed
SmB - Smoke Bitten

AO - Alpha & Omega
CW - Cry Wolf
HG - Hunting Ground
FG- Fair Game
DH - Dead Heat
BuB - Burn Bright
WS - Wild Sign

Si - Silver
Gr - Gray
Fg - Fairy Gifts
Se - Seeing Eye
Sd - Star of David
Rw -Roses in Winter
Ip - In Red With Pearls
Ug - Underappreciated Gifts
Ml - Must Love Cats
Ad - Asil and the Not Date
Re - Redemption
Hj - Hopcross Jilly
Ho- Hollow

the study of ghosts, phantoms, or apparitions.

This section is a more in depth look at the types of ghosts encountered in the Mercyverse and their characteristics. This also includes
a breakdown of the relationship between them and certain characters that are aware of their existence; walkers and vampires.


1. Interactive
  • the first most useful kind of ghost can interact with the living, as much a person as they had been in lifeIK-74
  • can interact with other ghostsBB-
  • Some ghosts have urgent business to conduct—stopping over for a few minutes to leave a final message of love, or anger, with someone importantBB-
  • self-aware ghosts who can act independently are rarer—and they tend to interact right offRM-

2. Repeater
  • other ghosts repeat the habits of a lifetime; sometimes they react, though Mercy usually can't talk to themIK-75
  • a ghost that just repeats certain actions over and overBC-
  • There are ghosts that just repeat important moments of their livesRM-

3. Traumatic
  • the third kind are ones born in moments of trauma. They relive their deaths until they fade away. Some dissipate in a few days and others are still dying  each day even centuries later.IK-75
  • Some of them, especially the ones who died in traumatic ways, are caught in the moment of their death. Those are the most common kindBB-

Subset [a set that is a part of a larger set]: Pattern Ghosts
All three types of ghosts can be pattern ghosts;  a particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens.


From Moon Called:

    From Blood Bound:
    • most ghosts fade after a whileBB-48
    • ghosts avoid evilBB-
    • ghosts are not people; still just a memory of the person they had beenBB-
    • but ghosts quite often manifest only to some senses: disembodied voices, cold spots, or just a whiff of perfumeBB-
    • In the first place, ghosts aren’t all that common. A thousand people could die in a battle and there might be no ghosts at all. And even if there were ghosts, there was no guarantee I’d see them—or figure out they were ghosts if I did. Some of the dead, like Mrs. Hanna, appeared as they had in lifeBB-
    • Most ghosts aren’t capable of communicationBB-
    • Ghosts are around in daytime as often as at night, though there are a lot of things that cannot bear the light of dayBB-
    • people who had become ghosts rather than going on to the other side as most dead people doBB-

    From Iron Kissed:

      From Bone Crossed:
      • ghosts tend to smell like themselvesBC-
      • ghosts aren’t always harmless. I always thought the only way a ghost could kill was if it scared someone to deathBC-
      • Ghosts are odd things. The trick would be getting all the information I could without driving it away by asking something that conflicted with its understanding of the worldBC-
      • Ghosts are remnants of people who have died, what’s left after the soul goes on. They are mostly collections of memories given form. If they can interact, respond to outside stimuli, they tend to be fragments of the people they had been: obsessive fragmentsBC-
      • Immediately after they die, though, sometimes they are different. I’ve seen it a couple of times at funerals, or in the house of someone who’s just passed away. Sometimes the newly dead keep watch over the living, as if to make sure that all is well with them. Those are more than remnants of the people they’d been—I can see the difference. I’ve always thought those are their soulsBC-

      From Silver Borne:

        From River Marked:
        • most ghosts don't need to run away; they just dissipateRM-58
        • a ghost wasn't a person; it was just the leftoversRM-60
        • ghosts tend to hang out in the same places they did while they were livingRM-135
        • sometimes could be incredibly stubbornRM-170
        • sometimes a loud noise or a sudden move, and they disappear like rabbitsRM-170
        • I can see ghosts. But I’ve never actually seen one in a graveyard. Graveyards are for the living. In my experience, ghosts tend to hang out in the same places they did while they were aliveRM-

        From Frost Burned:

          From Night Broken:

            From Hollow:
            • A ghost that has been following a person around for fourteen years . . . that’s not normalHo-
            • Most ghosts are harmless, or nearly soHo-
            • As my brother Gary said, most of the Indian tribes don’t speak the name of the dead for fear that they’ll attract their attention—or make them lingerHo-

            From Fire Touched:

              • doing it wrong was worse than not doing it at allBC-
              • You just tell them to move onHo-
              • Tell them,” he said with exaggerated patience, “the way your Alpha werewolf husband would tell one of his wolves when they get pushyHo-
              • Where do they go?; Somewhere else. Usually not too far awayHo-
              • to permanently get rid of a ghost; You have to find out why it is lingering—confront it and take away its reason for being there. That only works with the ones who are intelligent, though. Convincing them that they really are dead is also supposed to be useful. Most ghosts usually fade away, given timeHo-

              • Sometimes ghosts only appear to one sense or another. Sometimes I can only hear them—sometimes I can smell themBC-
              • had never been hurt by a ghostBC-
              • Banishing ghosts was not something I’d ever tried, and everything I’d read about it over the years (not much) seemed to indicate that doing it wrong was worse than not doing it at allBC-
              • hated it when ghosts snuck up on meBC-
              • Blackwood used ghosts to watch Mercy and spy on herBC-
              • Magic; to make the ghost stop something; It wasn’t the magic the fae used, or the witches, but it was magic. I could smell itBC-
              • The ability to do just what I had been doing—controlling a ghostBC-
              • most of the ghosts I’ve seen have all been humanRM-
              • Faith; never dealt with a ghost quite this coherent before. Usually, they don’t even notice me. The few that do don’t really seem to be aware that they are deadRM-

              • If you can see ghosts in the daylight, you can find where vampires are sleeping no matter what magic they use to hide. I’d always attributed it to being a walker, but if the other walkers hadn’t seen it, maybe there was something to what Gordon Seeker had been implying so heavily.
                “Oh, that,” he said, as if I’d spoken aloud. “Just because you can see something doesn’t mean you have toRM-
              • A ghost, my dear sister, gains power when it is seen. When it is recognized by one of our kind, it gains a firmer hold on the world. There is a reason you shouldn’t speak the name of the deadHo-

              • vampire lairs tend to attract ghostsBC-
              • Ghosts don’t like vampires, and they won’t come out when there are vampires aroundBC-
              • Stefan;  I’ve never heard of a ghost with this much power. They tend to be pathetic things trying to pretend they are aliveBC-
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