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Fae | Underhill
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The Underhill and Power Anchors

The last gate to Underhill disappeared in the middle of the sixteenth century, cutting them off from a great deal of their power.IK-142; the gates to the Secret Place have been lost to the fae for centuriesSB-283

The fae didn't value their anchors in this world because their magic works so much better Underhill. They didn't defend their places until it was too late.IK-142

They've made new anchorsIK-142

  • Underhill writhes under their cold iron and colder prayers. In a few centuries, they will bind the magic in this land, and all the fae will be powerless before themSi-
  • Underhill was vast and had been robust, healing itself of spiritual wounds. But Underhill was losing its connection to the mundane world and becoming capriciousSi-
  • Underhill is no longer stable, and it is angry with us; Underhill is angry with the sidheSi

  • is the fairy realmIK-29
  • is fickle and lonelyIK-28
  • there are glamours that hide the entrancesIK-28
  • Underhill was wherever it chose to beSB-283
  • time passes differently in UnderhillSB-
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