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Mundane | ID Card of Clay Willis
« on: November 27, 2015, 10:41:16 am »
    Clay Willis

    Appearances and Mentions:

    Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken
    Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched



    Classification Description:
    Human with no supernatural power


    Significant Other:

    See Tri-Cities, Washington

    Investigator Kennewick PD

    City of Kennewick, Washington | Police Department

    [Beat cop] Name Unknown | Ate by the trollFT-


    Physical Description:
    • an angry man in a suitNB-

    Character Traits & Facts:

    Education, Experience & Languages:

    • knew the Flores' crime scene was otherworldly; If what you told me was right and this was something other than humanNB-
    • Clay’s the investigator in charge at the Flores' siteNB-
    • the horror of the scene was just making him tiredNB-
    • learned that witches were real; Witchcraft,” said Willis neutrallyNB-
    • felt any information from a witch wouldn't be admissableNB-
    • knew the killing wasn't done with a lot of emotion; noticed how the bodies were arranged in a pinwheel; The killer felt nothing for the dead—unless you’re right, and they were tortured before they died. But when he left this, he was in control. No strong emotions for your pack to smellNB-
    • We don’t get so many murders around here—especially where the victims are partially eatenNB-
    • learned that there were things out there other than fae and werewolvesNB-
    • wore a bluetooth earphone piece when workingFT-

    Spirituality & Personality:

    • willing to listen to other ideasNB-
    • didn't intentionally mean to offend with some of his commentsFT-

    Talents & Skills:

    • Then he shouted one of those words that don’t mean anything except “pay attention” and “come” and are designed to carry over battlefieldsNB-

    Health & Fitness:



        With Mercy:

        • didn’t know him, but he knew meNB-
        ]li] glanced at me, and flushed even hotter with the rage that covered . . . fear and horror; angry with Mercy being brought to the crime sceneNB-[/li]
        [li]questioned how Mercy could find the second siteNB-[/li]
        [li]You smell magic, and that means it wasn’t a werewolf?” asked Willis, sounding like he didn’t believe meNB-[/li]
        [li]Mercy wasn't going to make things up to make him feel betterNB-[/li]
        [li]We are taking her word that it isn’t a werewolf?” asked Willis, disbelief in his voice. “The wife of the Alpha?NB-[/li]
        [li]believes Mercy that it wasn't a werewolfNB-[/li]
        [li]wanted Mercy to tell them what was on the cable bridge and why they couldn't damage itFT-[/li]

        With Tony:

        • angry with Tony for bringing Mercy to the crime scene; What the hell are you thinking? Bringing her hereNB-
        • the two argued about Mercy's initial involvementNB-
        • we’ll let the scene experts have their way, but, like Willis, I’m reading the other bodies the same way. Arranged for maximum effectNB-

        With The Werewolves:

        • was very sure a werewolf did the Flores' killing; A werewolf did this,” said Willis with authorityNB-
        • I think it is the werewolves making trouble for themselvesNB-
        • I don’t think that would be a good idea,” said Willis before I could express an opinion. “If this isn’t a werewolf, then we don’t want to bring any in to confuse the issue. Having Ms. Hauptman here is pushing it as it isNB-
        • The brass is going to want this to be werewolvesNB-
        • was told not to shoot the werewolves or tibicenaFT-

        With The Fae:

        • needed the troll identified so they'd know what to do about itFT-
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