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Walker | ID Card of Gary Laughingdog
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Gary Laughingdog


Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Short Story: Hollow


Walker | Coyote
All walkers are descended from the archetypal being whose shape they takeNB-

[Anchor to Primal] See Coyote

Classification Description:
  • can see ghostsNB-
  • It made sense that Gary Laughingdog, who was a coyote walker like me, would be able to see them as wellNB-
  • foresight gift He left me with when I was about your ageNB-
  • can change his appearance; show up somewhere else as someone else. About time to do that anywayNB-
  • how to exorcise a ghost; You just tell them to move onHo-
  • Tell them,” he said with exaggerated patience, “the way your Alpha werewolf husband would tell one of his wolves when they get pushyHo-
  • has more experience with that kind of thing.” Like several hundred years more experienceHo-

a lot older than I look, older by a damn sight than you and your bodyguardNB-
older than 1917NB-
Mercy's very-much-older half brotherFT-



See Coyote


[Half-sister] See Mercy Thompson


Other Relatives:
[Relatives] Names unknown; One of his relatives called meNB-
[Distant Nephew] Name unknown; died in the Victorian AgeHo-

Significant Other:
[Interest] See Honey

horse ranch in MontanaHo-

[Former] volunteered for the army in 1917NB-
[Present] training horses; a job at a horse ranch in Montana where they raised quarter horses, a few Appaloosas, and cattleHo-


Physical Description:
  • covered ground with the casual saunter of someone who had walked a lot of miles and could walk a lot moreNB-
  • He was lean and not overly tallNB-
  • Gary looked full-blooded Native AmericanNB-
  • His skin was darker than mine, darker than Hank’s, tooNB-
  • He wore his thick, straight black hair shoulder length, just a few inches shorter than Mercy wore hersNB-
  • His rough-hewn features made him interesting rather than good-lookingNB-
  • I found the likeness in his eyes, which were the same shape and exact color as the ones that Mercy saw in the mirror every morning; dark brownNB-
  • His smile lit his face as his eyes, flat and unaffected by the cheer and bonhomie of the rest of his expressionNB-
  • looks like Coyote; therefore Joe Old CoyoteNB-
  • So I’ll leave. I’ll become someone else and maybe stop by in a few yearsNB-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • locked up at the Coyote Ridge facility in ConnellNB-
  • it landed him in prison for two years, of which he has served eight monthsNB-
  • escaped from jail after talking with MercyNB-
  • He’s not big-time, but breaking out might make him more important to the policeNB-
  • means bad people’s works are stronger than good people’sNB-
  • It doesn’t look good, but saying ‘it’s over’ before it actually is will make certain the outcomeNB-
  • Any fight you live through is a fight well foughtNB-
  • It isn’t the first time I’ve been on the run from the law; Though most of the time I’ve deserved it moreNB-
  • I can head over to one of the Montana reservations, and they’ll let me stay until the state of Washington decides it isn’t so concerned with some idiot held on a nonviolent crimeNB-
  • a little experience with odd happenings; mostly it means that matters are out of my controlNB-
  • I could tell you that I got drunk, stole a car—though I’m pretty sure that was Coyote, but I was drunk, so who knows. Then I stole four cases of two-hundred-dollar Scotch—I’m pretty sure that might have been Coyote, too, but all I remember is watching him opening one of the bottles. Finally, I parked the car in front of the police station and passed out in the backseat with all but one of the bottles of Scotch until the police found me the next morning. That I am sure was Coyote. If I told you all of that, it would be trueNB-
  • the real reason I went to prison was because a few months before I woke up in front of the police station, I slept with the wife of the man who was later my state-appointed lawyer. I didn’t know that he knew I slept with his wife until after I was serving my sentence, when another of his clients was happy to tell me.” Gary closed his eyes. “That the car we stole was a police car didn’t helpNB-
  • The funny part is that I had not had a drink of alcohol since I went on a five-day bender in 1917 and woke up to find I’d volunteered for the armyNB-
  • I’m training horses. Right now I’m on a two-year-old who objected to my cell phone’s ringingHo-
  • left the state of Washington with prejudiceHo-
  • This one will be three next week, but still young. Driven by the market, Mercy. There isn’t a lot of profit in breeding horses anymore, and the ranch has no choice but to listen to market forces if they want to survive. It’s not like we take them out for fifty-mile tripsHo-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • not a violent criminal; has little respect for the law or personal property, and that lands him in trouble from time to timeNB-
  • He likes women, has a reputation with themNB-
  • here in this bleak room, Laughingdog was in charge; The guards knew they weren’t fully in control. I could see their unease by the tension in their shoulders and their general air of wariness that was too much for escorting a man who didn’t even rate handcuffsNB-
  • Probably he’s just gone walkabout. Show up with another name in ten or twenty years. He does thatNB-
  • has a false-friendly smile that he uses a lotNB-
  • Maybe Gary Laughingdog had the same effect on people that Mercy occasionally didNB-
  • let Laughingdog keep talking without direction, someone was going to get hurtNB-
  • silence was punctuated with amusement that was very palpableNB-
  • I usually run when the bad things start happeningNB-
  • Gary kept his eyes down, careful not to make eye contact with me or Adam, and led the way back through the house. I wondered what I would have seen in his eyes if he’d let me look. Because he wouldn’t have hidden his eyes just to avoid offending someone; coyotes don’t run that wayNB-
  • used to going my own way. Don’t take offense, but trouble is looking for the pair of you, and I’d rather be a long ways awayNB-
  • You don’t want me here,” said Gary. “You’ve got trouble, and I’ll just bring you moreNB-
  • not a coward; just prudentNB-
  • has a conscienceNB-
  • sarcasticNB-
  • He didn’t trust in his safety, even when the danger couldn’t be heard or scented. I wondered if he wanted to be safe, or if he was more like CoyoteNB-
  • tricksyHo-
  • he wasn’t, strictly speaking, a bad guy. On the other hand, he wasn’t a poster child for the heavenly choir, eitherFT-

Talents & Skills:

  • It’s not that kind of foresight. I don’t get dates, just possibilitiesNB-
  • foresight; And much joy he’s ever gotten from it. Gets him into trouble and never out, he saysNB-
  • takes me time to come off a Seeing like the one I had when you came to visit me; Took me a little longer to decide I had an obligation to find you and give you a little clearer warningNB-
  • better at reading people than he liked to pretendNB-
  • You try changing when you’re wearing your clothes, and the next thing you know, you’re tangled up in your jeansNB-

Health & Fitness:

  • Stress made his voice sound thinnerNB-
  • body writhing for a moment, then every muscle in his body seized. His back arched off the floor, and his eyes rolled back in his head; When he lapsed into total unconsciousness, it was so sudden that it was more frightening than his sudden fitNB-
  • He has these fits, sometimes,” Luke told us. “The doctor thinks it’s the result of doing hallucinogenic drugs when he was youngNB-
  • had practice runningNB-
  • must have stayed in good shape while he was in prisonNB-
  • gets migraines after his seizuresNB-
  • has good earsHo-


  • can’t help but push them when they squirmNB-
  • has an opinion on the manners of primitive godsNB-
  • I hate it when the dog dies at the end; I tore up my copy of Old Yeller and threw it awayNB-
  • may or may not have a driver's licenseNB-
  • knows how to get a fake IDNB-
  • knows how to hot wire a car; but it bothers him to steal a carNB-
  • sends back steaks that are overdoneNB-
  • distracted by a pretty voiceHo-


With Mercy:

  • Gary Laughingdog was the very first coyote walker I’d ever met, and I looked for some resemblance to the face I saw every day in the mirror because we were relatedNB-
  • You say one thing that hurts her, and I will see to it that you never get out of here; I let him see just how serious I was. If he told Honey that her dead mate’s ghost was following her around, I’d make sure he regretted it for the rest of his lifeNB-
  • calls Mercy "child" and "little sister"NB-
  • Exactly half sister in truth, then.” He let out a huff of air and shrugged. “You are the only real sibling I’ve met—but those of us closer to the magic in our heritage tend to live longerNB-
  • Mercy was able to recognize him in coyote formNB-
  • called Mercy "almost-sister"NB-
  • told Mercy to put Bag Balm on that, it will feel better. Might even keep it from scarringNB-
  • Mercy called him her half brother; my brother; Gary kept reacting when I claimed him as a relative. I wasn’t sure whether he was happy, unhappy, or just surprised by itNB-
  • Mercy told him to cool his jets with HoneyNB-
  • Mercy told him to Accept some responsibility for your own lifeNB-
  • teaches Mercy about ghostsHo-
  • Call me if you get into trouble. Not that I can help you, but maybe I can learn something to pass on to the next walker who calls to ask me for helpHo-
  • teases MercyHo-

With Coyote:

  • word is that he has Coyote’s ear when he needs itNB-
  • Coyote gifted him with foresight; Said He’d come by and take it back, but He hasn’tNB-
  • Most of Coyote’s children don’t have to worry about a long life, anyway. A fool and his life are soon parted, you knowNB-
  • Spent all my life trying to make sure He didn’t visit me. Why would I want to know how to call Him? To say, ‘Hi, Father, could you f$*k up my life any more than I already have? Gee, thanks. I think that will work’?NB-
  • if Laughingdog didn’t know how to call Coyote, then no one didNB-
  • The last time—He stopped in long enough to make sure that I’d spend a few years here in prison instead of getting safely back to my apartment when I left the bar at closing time. I was walking down the sidewalk, and there He was. He said He was pleased I was about to become interesting again.” The expression on his face was suddenly horrified, and I felt a wave of the same magic that had sent me sneezing. “Don’t do that,” he told me as the pupils in his eyes widened until the brown was a narrow ring around itNB-
  • Coyote makes him bitterNB-
  • That one has been trying to avoid me for most of his lifeNB-
  • thinks Gary needs his life shaken upNB-
  • said he hates him; I wondered how much longer you’d stay locked up in the gray box. You didn’t used to let them hold you for so long; Knowing I was safe from you there,” Gary said, throwing the rock in his hand with barely controlled violence, “I planned on staying inside as long as I could. My conscience drove me out before thenNB-
  • the voice of experience. “If we don’t, something horrible will come out of the night and chase us. We’ll end up dead, or doing exactly what he wanted anyway. Cooperation saves all of us a lot of troubleNB-
  • He taught me a trick or two. He can teach you, too. Gary Laughingdog is no more. I’ll pick a different name and be someone elseNB-
  • Coyote to Gary; You should stay until the end of this story. Sometimes the end of the adventure is much better than the beginning. Besides, you might be more useful than you know if you stick aroundNB-
  • blames Coyote for his troubles; Stupid freaking Coyote. Always getting me in troubleNB-
  • derogatory to the idea that Coyote was trying to helpNB-
  • Gary was in jail because Coyote managed to facilitate his breaking the law, then left him to be picked up by the policeNB-
  • I can tell you that he won’t care if we die. Death doesn’t mean the same thing to him as it does to us. Possibly it’s a test of strength. Survival is one of those Catch-22s. If you live through one of Coyote’s games, it delights him because then he can push you into one that is more dangerousNB-
  • Gary has reason to, but he doesn’t think like you do. He thinks—Coyote hates me and has me thrown in jail.” He leaned into the swing and used his legs and back to build momentum. “You think—what good comes from Gary Laughingdog in jail with the gift of prophecy he hates so much? Could it be that perhaps, just perhaps, both of Coyote’s children have a chance of surviving if they are working together?” He gave me a sly look. “Not that it wasn’t funny to see his face when he realized we’d stolen a police car, and he was parked in front of the police stationNB-

With Honey:

  • Hey, little princess, what are you doing coming out to a place like this? Gotcha some kink for a man behind bars?NB-
  • She showed him her teeth in what someone else might have mistaken for a smile. “Ignorance is not unexpected.”
    Instead of being insulted, Gary looked delightedNB-
  • Won’t hurt you,” said Gary Laughingdog, his voice softer than it had been; his eyes, which hadn’t left mine, were unfocused and a little dreamy. Softer than I’d seen them up to this moment. “Not on purpose. But there’s a change coming for you. I got a feel for change, and you’ll have a big one somewhere near you soon.” He half closed his eyes, and I felt a surge of magic that left my nose tingling and my eyes watering—it didn’t feel like fae magic, or witch or anything else I’d sensed before. Gary’s voice lowered an octave. “Got some choices to make, sweet Honey. ChoicesNB-
  • no one mentioned to her that he broke out of jailNB-
  • Honey will wipe the floor with you.”
    His eyes went half-mast, and his voice dropped in evident pleasure. “I know.”NB-
  • Honey didn't think he was a coward; or stupidNB-
  • Eat. Sleep. Run. Works better in that order because you can run faster on a full stomach and a real night’s sleep; It had been Honey, I thought, who had made him decide to stay. She was too smart not to see it, but she chose to ignore himNB-
  • thinks Honey is hotNB-
  • smitten with Honey and had made no bones about itFT-

With The Werewolves and Kyle:

  • shook his head in apparent wonder; I thought there weren’t any female werewolvesNB-
  • went to Warren and Kyle's house; is at our house and would like to talk to Mercy on a matter of some urgencyNB-
  • If the wrong things happen, Kyle could lose his license to practice law for having him in the houseNB-
  • he was leaning toward Zack, using body language to put pressure on the wolf; do you swing the same way as your host, Zack? I usually go for women, but you’re cute enough I could do you if you wantNB-
  • Kyle told him to back off Kyle; temporary guest in my house, and I am done with youNB-
  • about Kyle; didn’t catch it. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up and not notice what my nose tells me. I know what ‘no’ means, kid. No always means noNB-
  • Not overreacting when you don’t know meNB-
  • intrigued by Kyle being human and his relationship with Warren; A gay werewolf. I never thought I’d see the day that a pack let a gay werewolf liveNB-
  • got nothing against werewolves, but when they are changingNB-
  • had a seizure when Warren and Kyle were taking him to the busNB-
  • I like Adam. He’s what an Alpha is supposed to be and so seldom is. I like WarrenNB-
  • will take the walker Gary Laughingdog, who brings a prophecy that he must comeNB-

With Other Walkers:

  • Usually my brother and sister walkers are con artists, thieves, and gamblersNB-
  • So don’t get overconfident. Knew a boy who was Raven’s child, and he died from measles when he was six years oldNB-
  • Hank Owen knew he had some kind of foresightNB-

With The Vampires:

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