Author Topic: An answer to which character disappointed Patty in IK.  (Read 6131 times)


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An answer to which character disappointed Patty in IK.
« on: January 21, 2008, 01:14:47 am »
I was just reminded of something you (Patty) said either in one of the chats or in a post or interview (I read it somewhere here anyway). It was about your creative process (v. interesting in itself btw) and how you got to know the characters better for each book. Maybe how they told you what the story was? Anyway, and you said that in "Iron Kissed" you got to like some of them better and some of them disapointed you. I think it was disapoint. Or that you liked them less. And now I just had to post the question; WHO???
And I understand if you're keeping it for later, :) but maybe you could just subtly hint as to weather the only two reasons (and people) I could come up with are totally wrong or maybe a little bit on the right track?

My first thought was Samuel. Because he didn't actually LOVE love Mercy, but didn't have the emotional insight to realize until after the much younger Mercy did.
Or maybe it's Zee, b/c he got so mad at her in jail? But then he got mad 'cause she endangered herself, so, no, that just didn't ring true to me. And to me it didn't sound as if Mercy thought it would have been so horrible to find out he had smited that christian missionary...

To my mind everyone else grew both as characters (which of course Sam and Zee did too) and in my esteem, so I'm a bit stumped...

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Re: Who disapointed you?
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2008, 09:47:02 pm »
No, it wasn't Samuel (I love Samuel).  There were some others -- but actually the one I was most unhappy with was Uncle Mike.  His willingness to let the Gray Lords decide that Zee was going down for a murder he knew Zee didn't commit really made me like him less.  Maybe he'll redeem himself in a later book <grin>  Or maybe he'll let me know a better reason for his action.
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