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Re: JR Ward
« Reply #240 on: July 04, 2010, 07:32:28 am »
I just finished -- well, "finished" Nifty-style -- LOVER MINE.  I liked it.  What I read of it, that is.  See, I'm not really into this series any more.  But I love JM and have since his first appearance in Lover Eternal.  And I like him and Xhex as a couple.  So I wanted to read his/their story.  (Of course, now that they've had their story, they'll disappear off the radar, right?  That's what Ward does with her couples.  Every once in a while we'll get some random mention about John, but I expect that we'll never see Xhex again.  She'll be off with Mary and Marissa somewhere...learning to knit or something.) 

So anyway, I read the first 50 pages, then skipped ahead to where he found her in her basement apartment after she'd escaped, and then I read all the scenes that were just the two of a few of the Blay/Quinn scenes.  I skipped all the Lash stuff, and the Payne stuff, all the italicized Darius stuff, and whatever was going on with those Gregg and Holly people, whoever they were.

Anyway, I liked the parts I read.  Except...jeez...I wish I had a dollar for everytime JRW started a section or a chapter with "Back at the Brotherhood mansion..." or "On the Far Side...."  Page 280, 395, 427...etc.  There were several more.  It was very "Meanwhile, back at the Batcave....  Pow! Boom! Bang!"

And okay, here's a question (spoiler):  So at the end, when John and Xhex are having their mating ceremony, John gets his back all carved up and then Tohr blots the blood with a piece of white linen and puts it in a box to give to John, who presents it to Xhex....  The text says, "Tradition said that if she accepted it, she accepted him."  Welllll, okaaay.  Isn't that a bit belated?  I mean, the dude just got your name permanently etched into his back.  If you're not going to accept him, shouldn't you have made the decision BEFORE you got all immortalized in his flesh?  Or is that a bitch move:  agree to mate the guy, go through the ceremony, let him get carved up in front of all your friends and family, and then at the last minute say, "Well, you know, gee...I think I've changed my mind!  Not gonna mate with you after all!  Ooops, my bad." I dunno.  That just seemed like one of those bits of Ward worldbuilding that was not very well thought out.
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Re: JR Ward
« Reply #241 on: July 05, 2010, 02:14:02 pm »
Your spoiler question made me laugh.  LOL That's a good point!
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Re: JR Ward
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love her black brotherhood books can't get into the new ones though


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Re: JR Ward
« Reply #243 on: March 29, 2012, 09:19:33 am »
I didn't read the last book, but the newest one is out - Lover Reborn. The Amazon review makes it sound kinda good - and I'd love an update on JM and Blay/Qhuinn. I'm considering reading it.
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