Author Topic: How nice and thoughtful is Patty?!  (Read 2882 times)


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How nice and thoughtful is Patty?!
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:30:51 pm »
I was the manager at Hastings Entertainment in 1998 when you were kind enough to do a book signing (either Kennewick, WA or Coeur d'Alene, ID).  Not only were you a wonderful author, but you were one of the most gracious and pleasant people and I had ever met.  We discussed our mutual appreciation for the work of Steven Brust and I told you about some story that I was trying to recall to read again that had something to do with spiders and magic. You thought that you remembered the book but we could not figure it out.  You signed my copy of When Demons Walk and I was happy to have met you.  Shortly thereafter, what magically appeared in the mail to me but a copy of Sorcerer's Son (Del Rey, 1979) by Phyllis Eisenstein, the very book that we could not figure out.  How incredible that you figured it out and then sent me the actual book from your very own library.  I still have both books to this day and I'm glad to get to thank you again here on your forum.  Congratulations on all of your success, it is more than deserved!


James Trogden