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Query: Iron Kissed...Use of Cell Phone...
« on: January 15, 2008, 12:03:33 pm »
My apologies for being so new and already asking crazy questions...However, I kinda wondered something with reading Iron Kissed...I'll give short details so not to spoil nothin for no one who hasn't read it.

Ben and Adam are having themselves a palaver.

Adam leaves the room to fetch Warren.

Ben calls Warren on cell phone and tells him to send Adam back.

If the Weres' hearing is as good as I believe it is...Wouldn't Ben have simply had to call Adam's name out loud to bring him back? Or, just say out loud "Warren, send the boss back up here will ya?" Basically, why use the cell phone? I was kinda under the belief that short of having their ears plugged, there was no where in the house that they'd be that they couldn't hear someone talking.

Now just so I don't present problems without solutions...Here's my theories:

1.  Warren wasn't in the house and by the time Ben made the call neither was Adam.

2.  Ben didn't think Adam would listen to him, but Warren might.

3.  Ben just got the new Iphone and wanted to test his reception in that area (C'mon it could happen, he's a geek after all) so he gave Warren a jingle because Warren also has the Iphone because he's recently become Kyle's kept man and it wouldn't count against their minutes.
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Re: Query: Iron Kissed...Use of Cell Phone...
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2008, 09:43:25 pm »
Good question.  Okay, here it is.  Yes, Ben could have yelled -- but the phone has many advantages. 
1.  He makes the call to Warren so he can be rude to Adam, knowing Adam will hear it -- but it gives Adam the choice of ignoring it.
2. He would not be giving his Alpha orders -- except by proxy.  And he knows that Adam won't take his anger out on Warren for it.
3. Yelling implies that he is losing control.  The act of calling on the phone puts him in a position of "Adult" dealing with Adam who "stormed" out of the conversation.  It's a subtle, but real postion of power.
4. When he hangs up the phone, the only way Adam can deal with him is by coming back upstairs (unless he wants to yell -- which would make him look stupid).

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