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Half-blood Fae | ID Card of Spice (X)
« on: May 07, 2013, 02:02:20 pm »

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned


Half-blood Fae

a couple of centuries oldFB-

Assassin for hireFB-


Physical Description:
  • a dark skinned womanFB-
  • white hair in a waist-length braidFB-
  • a young faceFB-
  • dark eyesFB-
  • went from stunning to ordinary after her glamour faded with deathFB-
  • a lot heavier than she lookedFB-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages:

  • usually hangs out with a renegade spriggand called Sliver; hires out as muscle or assassinsFB-
  • used Fairy's Queen Gift of Peace and Quiet cuffs to subdue marksFB-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • would have looked more at home in an anime conventionFB-
  • careless; didn't notice that there were two people in Mercy's carFB-

Talents & Skills:

  • a shooter; comfortable in a shooter's crouch and carrying/using a big gun made bigger by the silencer on the barrelFB-
  • skilled at hiding who and what she isFB-

Health & Fitness:

  • her death was self-defenseFB-
  • neck snapped by AsilFB-
  • turned to a zombieFB-
  • the sword Hunger at Mercy's hand turned to ashFB-


  • her gun has too much metal for a full-blooded fae to handle even with leather glovesFB-


With Mercy:

  • attacked Mercy outside Sylvia's apartment; tried to cuff her with a fae artifactFB-
  • didn't want to kill Mercy because dead doesn't pay as muchFB-
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