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    • pronounced "Beefa"IK-33
    • can do random searchesIK-33
    • require fae to register and tell them what kind of fae they are; so they choose something that appeals to them; for some it is an old title or name, for others...they make it up, just like the humans have made up names for them for centuriesBC-97
    • has a program that paid for the continuing education for the reservation guardsIK-180
    • the guards are considered enemies of the faeIK-215

    • it should be noted that BFA no longer exists; it morphed into and became Cantrip

    Combined Nonhuman and Transhuman Relations Provisors | CNTRP
    AKA: Cantrip | Trippers

    • an agency formed specifically to deal with the various preternaturalsFG-32
    • tended to have more chair sitters than the FBI didFG-52
    • Les Heuter was the poster child for CantripFG-57
    • people tended not to take Cantrip seriouslyFG-57
    • came into being when the werewolves outed themselvesFG-57
    • funded and authorized by the government, their role was "to collect and share information about nonhuman and altered-human groups and individuals", which left them a lot of leewayFG-57
    • they have two main offices, on on either coastFG-57
    • they travel around the country to concern themselves mostly in criminal cases that involved fae, werewolves, or anything else that looked odd to themFG-57
    • they have no authority to arrest or detain anyoneFG-57
    • one of the government agencies required to go armed at all times - and they carried guns with silver bulletsFG-57
    • not required to have the same weapons training as the FBIFG-145
    • they have a fae database that lists full and half-blood faeFG-147
    • Cantrip takes a lot of Quantico graduates who don't get on with the FBIFG-152
    • it's less time-consuming than the FBI or Homeland Security, and it pays better than most police departments; it's less dangerous because they don't actually do anything but collect informationFG-152
    • the new agency formed specifically to deal with the various preternaturals. They pronounced it “Cantrip.” Nick called them Trippers because whenever they involved themselves in an investigation he was in, he tripped all over themFG

    • attracted a number of anti-nonhuman zealotsFB-89
    • running around screaming that the fae and werewolves and all the rest are dangerous and need to be exterminated when their job was supposed to be learning about the supernatural world and acting as intermediaries between the preternatural world and the governmentFB-144
    • rhetoric they're spouting is that they want the power to go wolf hunting before some other agency gets it; tired of having to call the cavalry because they can't have their own armyFB-144
    • Cantrip has been a dumping ground for the screwups for yearsFB-144
    • Blackwood sells his stun gun to ... certain government agencies who want to question prisoners without showing any harm. It’s a lot hotter than anything Taser makes. Not legal for the civilian marketBC-
    • Cantrip was dangerous. There were people in Cantrip who would love to see supernaturnals just disappear, maybe into Guantanamo Bay—there were rumors, unsubstantiated, that a whole prison block was built to hold shapeshifters and fae.NB
    • Cantrip, as it was an even newer agency than Homeland Security, having come into being when the werewolves outed themselvesFG
    • Though funded and authorized by the government, their role was “to collect and share information about nonhuman and altered-human groups and individuals,” which left them a lot of leeway. FG
    • They had two main offices, one on either coast, and otherwise seemed to travel around the country to concern themselves mostly in criminal cases that involved fae, werewolves, or anything else that looked odd to them.FG
    • Under the Humanity Act that established CNTRP the discretionary detention provisions in the Patriot Act. They can detain any supernatural indefinitely as a possible terroristNB

    Associated Agents
    See Alexander Bennet(X) - Rogue
    See Les Heuter(X) - media face of Cantrip
    See Agent Lin Armstrong - Cantrip troubleshooterFB-147
    See Agent Patrick Morris
    See Agent Dan Orton
    See Agent Kent
    See Supervisory Agent Donald Kerrigan

    Government Supernatural Legislation

    Adam is supposed to be speaking to government officials about legislation dealing with werewolvesMC-
    Hauptman has been doing his level best to keep our relations with the werewolves from reaching the boiling pointNB-
    Senator Campbell Republican Minnesota: anti-werewolf voices in Congress. Ever since a few werewolves killed—and mostly ate—a man in Minnesota, he had been arguing for giving law enforcement the power to kill rogue werewolves or fae with only a judge’s warrantFB-
    Campbell died and was killed by a werewolf, it would destroy the détente between those who want to kill the wolves and those who want to see them as good people with a terrible diseaseFB-
    Looking for people in Cantrip who have problems with werewolves and the current legislation is like looking for cheese in Wisconsin.FB-

    Almost three decades ago,the year the fae came out, three of our wolves reported being contacted by unnamed government agencies who threatened exposureif they didn’t cooperate. One wolf was told that his family was at risk.“This year, forty-two of our wolves were contacted—by governmentHG-

    Endangered Species BillFG
    Senator Heuter: He’s one of the proponents of that bill to include us as an endangered species.FG

    And therefore not citizens,” Anna said. “I don’t suppose it would be of as much interest to you as it is to us werewolves. He also wants to RFID tag us as if we were pets who might go astray.” That one hasn’t made it into a bill yet,” Anna said. “But it’s been in a couple of his speeches.”FG[/list]
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