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Frost Burned Chat 2 | March 9, 2013 **Spoilers**
« on: March 09, 2013, 07:18:35 pm »
Has_mod cleared the room 12:06

suzi joined the chat 12:06

Has_mod: Hey Suzi!! 12:07

suzi: Hiya, the room seemed to want a password a few minutes ago 12:07

Has_mod: Sorry it was locked unintentionally 12:07

suzi: it let me in this time tho 12:07

Has_mod:  12:07

Valery joined the chat 12:08

proudfit joined the chat 12:08

CarolKat: My fault, sorry! 12:08

Valery: ok, working now! thx 12:08

CarolKat: Hi Val I see kindle let you in! 12:08

proudfit: is here for beer 12:08

DandelionWine joined the chat 12:08

CarolKat: No beer Gryphon! 12:08

suzi: well as long as you brought enough for everyone 12:08

Valery: we'll see how well I can type on this little keyboard I bought with it! 12:08

CarolKat: Hi DandelionWine! 12:08

Jax joined the chat 12:09

Jax:  Hello! 12:09

DandelionWine: heh, I prefer a nice glass of Cab thanks all the same. *waves to everyone* 12:09

Has_mod: Hey guys! Im sorry about the room being locked 12:09

CarolKat: Hi Jax! Long time no see! 12:09

Jax: I can't make it to the signing, for all that it's only an hour from me...but I can make it here! 12:09

proudfit: howdy everyone, hi jax long time no see 12:09

DandelionWine: no worries Has, just a moment or three of confusion. 12:10

Jax: I know! Been busy. Moved - twice, and looking for a new job. Will be working for 911 by the end of the year! 12:10

proudfit: cool 12:10

Jax: Yep.  12:10

CarolKat: Very Cool Jax 12:10

Jax: How's everyone else? 12:10

CarolKat: Good my son get's married next Sunday, so excited 12:11

proudfit: is dis free for all or just Frost burn 12:11

Valery: I'm coming to you today from the San Juan Islands. this is a new adventure, chating from the field so to speak  12:11

suzi: Hope you were less controlling about the wedding than Margi 12:11

Has_mod: Ok going to give it a few minutes before we will start but free for all for Frost Burned or whatever leads us to what topic 12:11

CarolKat: I had nothing to say about it, I am mother of the groom! LOL 12:12

DandelionWine:  12:12

Jax: Really? My sis's wedding is Sat! It's going to be a festive weekend! 12:12

Valery: Sounds like more fun that mother of the bride IMHO! all the fun none of the stress? 12:13

Jax: The Islands? What took you there? 12:13

Valery: visiting family, Jax. there's a new goat on the farm! 12:13

CarolKat: Exactly! Wish I was in the islands. 12:13

Mid_mod joined the chat 12:14

CarolKat: Hi Mid 12:14

Mid_mod: Hi everyone 12:14

proudfit: hey mid 12:14

Jax: Hi mid 12:14

Valery: hi, mid. 12:14

proudfit: goat gooding 12:14

Jax: Cool! How old is it? 12:14

proudfit: goat god eating 12:14

Has_mod: Hey hon! 12:15

Mid_mod: *waves* How did the chat go last night? 12:15

proudfit: it went well 12:16

CarolKat: Very good chat just like all the rest. 12:16

Valery: The goat's a few months old. not a baby, but new to my niece's little herd. 12:16

Mid_mod: awesome 12:16

Valery: I got to read yesterday's chat--looked like so much fun! 12:16

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Has_mod: It was!  K shall we start? 12:17

CarolKat: OK 12:17

Mid_mod: Sounds good 12:17

Valery: let's go! 12:17

Has_mod: its going to be a free for all so no questions and by the way I came across this tidbit from Patty who posted this on the amazon forums about the Honey situation 12:18

CarolKat: Well? 12:18

proudfit: if even though I am rereading Frost burned right, my ming is wandering towards NIght broken and the anthoology thats up coming 12:18

Has_mod: ack lost the link getting it now 12:18

CarolKat: I love that Jesse asked when they were going to have a baby, just before the crash 12:19

Has_mod 12:19

Hi You are right, they were starting to deal well with each other. However, in Silverborn, Mercy shakes up the standards of rank in the pack in order to allow Mary Jo to fight. If
the pack decides to hold to that ruling (and, off screen, they have mostly been trying to ignore the ramifications) that would put Honey way up the pack rankings. Honey was Very
unhappy about that and they have gone back to being not-friends again. My apologies for not making it clear in Frost Burned (and I agree that it is not) for the reasons for Honey's
renewed dislike of Mercy.
Best wishes,
Patty Briggs
Has_mod: 12:19

Mid_mod: Poor Honey . 12:19

Mid_mod: Thanks for that, Has. I had wondered why they weren't friendly again 12:20

Valery: shouldn't the pack be more worried about Honey (like put her on suicide watch or something)? 12:20

Valery: remembering Mercy's foster-father 12:20

DandelionWine: She did stay with Adam and Mercy for several days and Mary Jo is moving in with her 12:20

CarolKat: Who do you think is more dominant Honey or Mary Jo it appears they are going to be roommates 12:20

Has_mod: I think they would be keeping an eye on her and moving in with Mary Jo will help. But it does explain a lot 12:20

Jax: I thought she commented on that, Honey's desire to just be feminine. 12:21

DandelionWine: Other than that, she's a person with her own mind and can't be wrapped in bubble wrap to keep her safe 12:21

Mid_mod: I wonder if Honey is more dominant than Warren and Darryl 12:21

proudfit: i think Honey is confused about her place in the world, due to 1940's upbring. In where wives were suppose to be house bound. 12:22

DandelionWine: Adam said at one point that if it werent for her being a female, she'd be someone's second or third. 12:22

Has_mod: I think its the perspective of being a female as well and being a dominant. Its full on male posturing and women don't act that way even if they are dominant so
the dynamics are different 12:22

CarolKat: Adam did say that she had taken down Darryl in practice bouts 12:22

Jax: But does being more dominant mean she HAS to be higher rank in the pack? Can't she just hold back? Not fight for a spot at the top? 12:22

CarolKat: But we also know Warren is more dominant than Darryl 12:23

Has_mod: Also I bet Honey is from an age where women were regarded to be feminine and pretty like in the 50s? She wasn't impressed with Mercy because shes's a tomboy basically 12:23

DandelionWine: yep, but she doesn't really have the drive, Warren holds back no problem, so can she no doubt, but it might make things in teh pack antsy 12:23

Valery: just because you're more dominant, it doesn't mean you have to prove it? 12:23

DandelionWine: exactly Valery! 12:23

Valery: at least for the females. 12:23

Jax: Yes! 12:23

Mid_mod: With how the packs treat woman, I have a feeling if Honey ever wants to rise, it'll be a hard battle. 12:23

proudfit: We don't know enough about Honey's backstory. 12:23

DandelionWine: Well, the times they are a changing and all 12:23

Jax: I don't see her as wanting to rise, unless someone is hassling her. 12:24

CarolKat: True Valery, I don't think Honey wants to but MJ might 12:24

Valery: true, proudfit 12:24

Mid_mod: I can see Mercy and Honey being the woman who change the dominance of the pack structure 12:24

Mid_mod: women* 12:24

Mid_mod: it'll take time though 12:24

Jax: Mercy to be able to stay on top, and Honey to have the choice not to? 12:24

CarolKat: I think the key word here is choice 12:25

CarolKat: Women in the pack don't really have one now. 12:25

proudfit: Honey may not want to rise, cuase of her upbring. 12:25

Valery: Warren might be more dominant that Daryl, but chooses not to challenge 12:25

Mid_mod: It depends whether Honey wants to be part of the change for women to have equal pack rights when it comes to the structure. 12:26

CarolKat: Adam said the pack wouldn't accept Warren as his second and he is content where he is 12:26

Valery: it is sticky, tho, isn't it? unmated females' place in the pack? 12:27

CarolKat: Maybe that will be different now that he is mated to Kyle. He's not a "threat to their masculinity anymore 12:27

Has_mod: But do you get the sense the pack is becoming more open though with Warren? If other packs are startiing to accept gay wolves as wel 12:27

proudfit: that's because wolves really still don't except gays very well. being number two is different from number three 12:27

CarolKat: Asil didn't even blink about it. 12:27

suzi: yes and no, thought unmated females and submissive at bottom, so she won't officially move at moment? 12:28

CarolKat: the gay part I mean 12:28

proudfit: Asil is dancing between crazy and apathy. 12:28

Valery: it has to do with the wolves' resistance to change and when/how they were raised, yes? 12:29

Has_mod: Asil is old so he doesn't bat an eyelid about that I think 12:29

DandelionWine: Asil was born in a time when being gay, in many societies at least wasn't a big deal. 12:29

Valery: I don't know much about Asil's culture so don't know how homosexuals were regarded in that time and place 12:29

Has_mod: *Waves to newbies* welcome! If you'd like to take part in the chat click below join chat! 12:29

Gypsy joined the chat 12:30

CarolKat: True. I am glad he didn't find it necessary to go on a killing spree, and interesting that he knew Zee by his real name. No more guessing for Mercy, she knows for a fact! 12:30

Valery: but someone raised during Victorian era would sure have problems with gays, very likely 12:30

Gypsy: Enjoying the read. 12:30

Jax: I love that Asil showed up in this book. He's a fantastic character, and I liked seeing him through Mercy's eyes. 12:31

CarolKat: New folks, click on join chat at the bottom of the page to join in. 12:31

Valery: hi Gypsy 12:31

Gypsy: Howdie 12:32

CarolKat: Hi gypsy 12:32

Jax: He's less stable away from Bran's pack, but at the same time, you can see his leadership. 12:32

proudfit: Asil killed a half-bred fae, not human, and geneics may a differeance for him in pyschy 12:32

CarolKat: Even though 12:32

Valery: seeing Asil's iron control was revealing, and make it a little scarier to think what he'd be like if the lost it 12:32

CarolKat: Adam was tired they both managed to keep their cool 12:33

Has_mod: I think this has helped him though - he seemed to enjoy this mission and was amused by Mercy 12:33

Valery: how Asil kept that control, that is 12:33

suzi: I liked the fact Mercy lumped in Asil with the beast of gevaudin both not being real - obviously hasn't compared notes with Anna 12:33

Has_mod: And that's a good sign he managed to stay in control as well! 12:33

CarolKat: I think Anna is the only one who knows the whole truth there 12:34

proudfit: I think most older wolves are amussed by Mercy. 12:34

Jax: *grins* Who else could peanut butter the Marrock's seat? 12:34

Valery: it might help them, actually, to have Mercy be a little irreverant with them 12:34

CarolKat: LOL I love that and how Mercy got upset because it was years ago,, but they are still talking about it. 12:35

Valery: I WAS 12! LOL 12:35

proudfit: Coyote = Choas 12:36

Has_mod: That was so fun! I bet Bran will never think of peanut butter the same way as again 12:36

Has_mod: *Waves to newbies* welcome! If you'd like to take part in the chat click below join chat! Hey Karl and Iles! 12:36

Valery: Anyone else think it was really freaking, the way Mercy could draw the silver out of Adam? 12:37

karl joined the chat 12:37

CarolKat: I loved seeing Tad too. 12:37

Jax: I love that she finally realized that it wasn't because Bran's omnipotent, but just that NO ONE else would do that. 12:37

Valery: and in the "nevernever" so to speak, not even "really" touching him 12:37

Valery: Like she's a lot more powerful that most of the fae, vamps, and weres around her! 12:38

proudfit: who knows what she could do with coyote magic 12:38

karl: Hey all !! Was anyone else annoyed with Adams attitude there at the end ? Jeeze youknew who she was B4 umarried her....jerk. 12:38

Jax: Exactly, she's unpredictable. "Change the rules" 12:38

Has_mod: I think Mercy just has that affect with people 12:38

proudfit: well 1st generation walker, unlike the ones she met in river marked. 12:39

Has_mod: @Karl I can understand him feeling this way because she's so vulnerable and not as strong or has healing abilities like the weres have. After River Marked - it
probably hit close to him how frail she is and also she is human - its a huge fear for him to lose her 12:40

Jax: what does everyone think of her stance on being Coyote's daughter? 12:40

CarolKat: I wasn't he has a lot to get used to being her mate and how she keeps getting into this stuff 12:40

Has_mod: Also Mercy was miffed back at him when he said goodbye 12:40

DandelionWine: No, not annoyed at all by Adam's attitude. When you're around people sometimes stuff like that hits you 12:40

proudfit: mercy for all tensive purpose is a demi-god 12:40

Valery: she seems so fragile to them 12:40

CarolKat: But she doesn't have demi-god immortality, so Adam is right to be afraid. 12:41

Valery: he's trying, really hard, I love him for it (and more to the point, so does Mercy  12:41

Has_mod: I think her power is subtle and but not all powerful and even though she's descended from Coyote it doesn't mean she's a pure demigoddess. I think the pack/mate bond
offers more of a solution than being the not daughter of Coyote. She broke the rules so to speak with that 12:42

karl: Aint all that vulnerable..river monsters,Demon vamps ghosts,scarey freaky fae.. 12:42

Mid_mod: I think everyone will have different reactions to how characters react in books, so I think to some, Adam's attitude will be like really? and others will be, I understand him  12:42

Jax: She is fragile, but this book showed that the wolves are far from invulnerable. And after the way she lost her foster father, I can see Adam being willing
to just give up and die being a problem. 12:42

proudfit: We don't know that she is not immortal, because of coyote magic she can/will change the ruless. 12:42

Has_mod: But she's bashed up pretty badly - River Marked was the worse 12:42

karl: and if im not mistaken Adam has been kidnapped more ! 12:43

Has_mod: I think Night Broken book 8 is going to explore this. That title hints of something really bad 12:43

proudfit: bashed up dosn't equal dead, 12:43

Jax: Did she get that way because she herself believes herself to be that fragile? Or as she learns more about what she can do, will she be able to take on more damage? 12:43

Has_mod: LOL Adam is cursed - at least this time he escaped by himself but with a little help from Mercy 12:43

Valery: Night indicates vampires, don't you think? 12:44

Mid_mod: I think the longer Mercy becomes stuck in the middle of what's going on, Adam's going to get more scared. Mercy can be killed. She's not invincible 12:44

karl: food 4 thought Jax 12:44

Has_mod: @Jax I think its more like using her wits to get out of things 12:44

proudfit: about tried of the Vamps being the Bad guys 12:44

Jax: She always uses her wits. Now she's learning she has more resources than she thought. Let's her be wittier. 12:44

Jax: I haven't seen many hints at what Night Broken is about...any chance it might have a bit more Stephan? 12:45

Valery: @proutfit: I kind of agree 12:45

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Re: Frost Burned Chat 2 | March 9, 2013
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 07:28:07 pm »
Mid_mod: The title sounds as if it could be centered around the vamps 12:45

Valery: I'm not very fond of vampires personally. 12:45

Mid_mod: Or it could be something to do with what the Fae are up to 12:46

Valery: I find fae more interesting 12:46

proudfit: it been hinted at the B**** from Portland will show up. 12:46

karl: Shoot , she saved the whole pack sucking all that silver threw the bond 12:46

Mid_mod: I have a feeling it'll be on the fae 12:46

karl: what b***** / 12:46

CarolKat: Christy! 12:47

karl: aah 12:47

CarolKat: The ex wife 12:47

Has_mod: Master of Milan for me - he's the master of night 12:47

Jax: I could see him showing up, they talked about him a lot this book. 12:47

Valery: Marsilla just want to go home--I say let her  12:47

CarolKat: Good point Has, Him and Christy in the same book now I'm really scared 12:47

CarolKat: ! 12:47

Has_mod: I was going to post the link to an interview Patty did - says Christy will appear in Night Broken 12:47

proudfit: i think his title is Lord of the Night 12:47

karl: booo 12:47

CarolKat: I read it from facebook. 12:48

Mid_mod: As long as Marsilia doesn't take Stefan with her  12:48

Has_mod: 12:48

DandelionWine: @proudfit Vamps ARE the bad guys. One decent one with something of a concience doesn't mean they're not evil 12:48

Valery: ok, Stefan can stay  12:48

karl: they hint that Wolfe might b his sire. 12:48

DandelionWine: *Conscience 12:48

Has_mod: I posted it on Hurog as well and via @Mercys_garage - its an awesome one. Also says that Homecoming is going to be turned into a story as well Asil will have
 a short story in the anthology 12:48

Valery: good I'm not writing these books! LOL 12:49

proudfit: In Frost Burn, it was implied that The Lord of Night wasn't doing his job in ruling the vampires 12:50

Valery: Wulf scares me more than Marsillia does 12:50

karl: yep,he's nuts 12:51

karl: wolfe 12:51

proudfit: is Wulfe witch blood or fae half-bred? 12:51

Jax: Yes! and you have no idea who's side he's on. 12:51

Valery: that is the question, isn't it? 12:51

DandelionWine: got to run all, thanks for the chat! Thanks to those hosting. oooh, good question about wulf, I wish I didnthav' e to run 12:52

Has_mod: I think Wulfe is playing a long game but I have no idea what he wants though 12:52

Valery: tho, I think, if it came to Bran vs Wulf, that Bran would probably win. Thats comforting 12:52

Mid_mod: Wulfe is going to be a character like Leah. We don't know where his loyalties lie 12:52

karl: wolfe + yoyo girl 12:52

Has_mod: I think its hinted with the master is that he is willing to forgive Marsillia but he cant because he would break his own rules. Also I wonder if he has
ambitions to take over the US as a territory 12:52

Jax: Oh, now that's scary. Yo-yo girl was creepy 12:52

karl: little kid monsters FREAK me out. 12:53

Valery: Oh, now, I LIKE Edythe! something about scarey big power in little girl package I guess 12:53

karl: they r just wrong ! 12:54

Valery: so long, DW! 12:54

Has_mod: Yes! I love characters who look small and innocent but are truly scary 12:54

proudfit: yo-yo girl only appears to be kid, but she is a Gray Lord 12:54

karl: I liked Han,hope we see him again. 12:55

proudfit: I think Wulfe is just playing game because he can, plus he is bored. 12:55

karl: i agree 12:55

Has_mod: I hope so too! I think his story is going to appear in the anthology! 12:55

karl: kool 12:55

Valery: ooo, dangerous plus crazy plus bored equals disaster of major proportions! 12:56

proudfit: do you Thomas Hao, Master of San Francisco 12:56

Valery: yep, Wulfe and Asil may have more in common that I first thought 12:56

Jax: Which is why whenever Wulfe shows up, I expect everything to go sideways. 12:56

Valery: he appears to like Stefan, tho 12:57

Has_mod: I also think Wulfe is focused on Mercy for some reason 12:57

big city wolf joined the chat 12:58

karl: I have to say my favorite part about this book was the unlikely allies, Tad,Asil,Marsilla....gre​at. 12:58

big city wolf: I didn't realize that Thomas Hoa was the same vamp as in Fairy Gifts. 12:58

Valery: and Gabriel's mom, karl--that was an unexpected turnaround 12:59

Has_mod: Hey BCW! 12:59

karl: YES. 12:59

Has_mod: Yep- I wonder if he will show up again. I liked him 12:59

Valery: Anyone else really miss Samuel? 12:59

Valery: I so hoped we'd seehim with Ari. 13:00

Valery: guess you can't fit everything into one book, tho!  13:00

proudfit: Nah the Syliva change wasn't much of change, knew it was going to happen some time. 13:00

karl: I wish they were longer...i killed it in 7 hrs  13:00

Has_mod: *waves at newbies* Welcome to the chat - if you'd like to join in - click below on join chat! 13:01

proudfit: I think Sammuel will be the next A&O book, because of the Fae talks 13:02

Has_mod: I think we will see him in the next book! Also Patty is working on a prequel story about his first meeting with Ari 13:02

Jax: I miss Samuel, and I wasn't all that surprised that Sylvia came around. She loves her kids too much to never speak to them again. I hope good things happen between her and Tony. 13:02

Valery: @Has: yummy! 13:02

Has_mod: @Proudfit - the next book is Mercy - Night Broken I am not sure the fae summit will last that long 13:02

Has_mod: And Patty said she's not sure on who to focus on the next Mercyverse book - it could be Sam and ari! 13:03

big city wolf: @Mod. Hey. 13:03

karl: Fae/Human war 13:04

proudfit: when ever the next A&O book comes out. 13:04

big city wolf: I don't see how there could be a fae human war cause the humans have to be able to find the fae first. 13:05

big city wolf: I'd like to see some background on Samuel and Bran when Bran' 13:05

Valery: I love the character growth Anna has shown. she was kick-ass in her last appearance. 13:05

Has_mod: @BCW LOL it wont be a conventional one! remember the fleet of planes that went to bomb the reservations ended up in Australia 13:05

big city wolf: Bran's mother was still alive. 13:05

karl: Ramp up the supe tensions,out the Vamps...Anarchy 13:06

big city wolf: @Mod. That's what I was thinking. Which bush would they bomb. 13:06

karl: GW 13:06

proudfit: It also depends on how colaterial damage the Humans are willing to except if caomes to War. 13:07

Has_mod: Do you think Bran will side with the fae? After what happened in Frost Burned I would think this would add more pressure to ally themselves with the fae 13:08

Valery: The wolves are more visible than the fae. 13:08

Valery: to the humans, that is 13:08

Valery: so siding openly with the fae could be very dangerous 13:09

big city wolf: I think Bran will stay out of it. 13:09

big city wolf: But try to remain friendly with both sides. 13:09

karl: Side lines, the wolveswould b in more danger than the Fae 13:09

Has_mod: Like Switzerland?  13:09

big city wolf: Exactly. 13:10

karl: bingo 13:10

CarolKat: Yep Wolves = Switzerland! 13:10

karl: we'll fight 4 Zee though !! 13:10

proudfit: It depends if Humans think the Wolves wil side with Fae, and try to take the Wolves out First. 13:11

CarolKat: Can't get in the middle, but Zee is trying to talk sense to them 13:11

Has_mod: I think the fae are showing signs of fracture as well - the lesser fae aren't happy with the Grey Lords either 13:11

CarolKat: The fae are separated from their kids, and I don't see this lasting that much longer. These fae had lives before this. 13:12

Jax: The lesser fae got to finally live with humans. Many of them have lives and families outside the reservations. Just look at Tad. 13:12

proudfit: it was implied that Grey Lords are , at this time argueing with themselves on which course of action to take. 13:12

Valery: If the bloody vamps will just stay out of it! mxing things up like they did in FB would really mess up an already complicated mess. 13:12

karl: Poke 'emin the eye and blame the Vamps   13:12

Has_mod: I agree and those who are mixed heritage are def feeling the affects because they dont really belong to either side. 13:13

big city wolf: Vamps coming out would be interesting. 13:13

Has_mod: @Valery - I think its only a matter of time before the vamps are outed 13:13

proudfit: Are you impiling you want a fae/Vamp War with humans as pawns. 13:13

suzi: suspect from what Zee said, getting the fae to agree on anything is like herding cats - they'd be a heck of a lot more dangerous to humans if they could agree on a course of action 13:14

Valery: Wonder if the humans will just crawl away and hide once the vamps come out, too? 13:14

karl: OK works 4 me  13:14

Valery: It would be so overwhelming 13:14

Jax: I think some would, but others would start a freakin' crusade. 13:14

big city wolf: No vamp war, but the humans would be terribly upset. Especially since it's been said that there are other things out there that are just as bad or worse. 13:14

proudfit: What about the Witches? 13:15

karl: yeah,like Demon witch blood Vamps! 13:15

CarolKat: Humans would have to be really dumb not to think there are worse things out there... 13:15

Has_mod: Its the fear of the unknown - and vamps are very scary as well. And its not like anti-supernatural groups don't suspect that other supernaturals exist 13:15

CarolKat: but then again.. 13:15

big city wolf: Witches work with government people, but they aren't out to the public. 13:17

Valery: Wonder if it would inspire the Feds to get a better quality Cantrip? those guys appear pretty moronic and paranoid, bad combo 13:17

big city wolf: Cantrip would probably eventually get incorporated into Homeland Security/FBI. 13:19

Has_mod: A bit off topic -but I keep calling them Catnip  - But yes its not a good combo but I loved Patty balanced that out with the guy who wanted to clean up the mess from
the rogue agents 13:19

Has_mod: I'd also love to find out who was the secret person who gave the info about the wolves to the rogues - he def has an agenda 13:19

proudfit: Wonder how far the Goverments would go to wipe out the super natural threat, would Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical? 13:19

proudfit: plus the rogues Cantrip agent have a chemical weapon againist wolves already. 13:21

karl joined the chat 13:21

Has_mod: But weres have regenerative powers - its hard to battle magical users with weapons that could kill humans 13:21

Jax: I'd hope the government would have learned by now that all three would cause more problems than they solve...but it is the government. 13:21

Mid_mod: I doubt weapons of that magnitude will be brought into the series 13:22

karl:  Need Charles and Asil to head up a team to deal with these threats . 13:22

Valery: there are smart, calm people in the gov't but would they be the ones running things? 13:22

big city wolf: I think it was a vamp cause Gerry from Moon Called contacted several people. 13:23

Has_mod: They are like the Mulder and Scully (with resolved sexual tension) of the supernatural world 13:23

Valery: whoa, wouldn't Mulder love all this?  13:24

proudfit: Never under esimate the stupidity of scare mob 13:24

alicia joined the chat 13:25

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Valery: whoa, wouldn't Mulder love all this?  13:24

proudfit: Never under esimate the stupidity of scare mob 13:24

alicia joined the chat 13:25

Has_mod: Hey Alica! 13:25

alicia: hi 13:26

Has_mod: @Valery he would be in 7th heaven! 13:26

big city wolf: Mobs are dumb and scary. 13:26

Has_mod: So what do you think of the bond affects in the book? I thought it was interesting about Mercy and her glowing eyes 13:27

Valery: Yeah, what's up with the eyes? I know the wolves' change color, but didn't think they glowed. 13:28

karl: yeah,whats up w/that ? 13:28

big city wolf: Was that something she got from Adam? And pulling the silver through the bond. 13:29

big city wolf: That was pure Coyote. 13:29

Valery: oh, maybe it is an effect of the silver? 13:29

karl: I like to think Mercy is gaining power 13:29

proudfit: Also if a goverment lab dosen't have genetic material from the fae where could could cerate a Biological weapon to target the fae 13:29

big city wolf: I'm not sure what good that would do because there are many different types of fae. 13:30

bwlrgrl300 joined the chat 13:30

Has_mod: Its like they were sharing abilities - I think potentially this could be a way for her extend her lifespan/healing. Adam also had a faster change and was able to sense Peter 13:30

karl: hey bw. 13:30

bwlrgrl300: Hi! 13:30

proudfit: No pulling silver was a combanation of Coyote and Mating bond and Pack Bond magic 13:30

Valery: I noticed Adam's fast change, but nobody seemed to mention it 13:30

big city wolf: I noticed it too. 13:31

Valery: I thought it might be him picking up some of Mercy's abilities--a two-way bond, after all 13:31

big city wolf: But not sure why he was able to change faster. 13:31

big city wolf: Could be. 13:31

Jax: Hi bwlrgrl! 13:31

proudfit: I think Adam has always been a fast shifter 13:31

karl: He's just try'n to b like Charles...kool. 13:31

bwlrgrl300: Hi Jax! 13:32

Has_mod: Hey bwlrgrl!  13:32

bwlrgrl300: hi  13:32

Valery: Something else we haven't seen a resolution to--Mercy changing to coyote in front of people who had no idea she could do it 13:32

Valery: she outed herself as non-human 13:33

karl: IKR ? 13:33

Has_mod: I agree about the two way bond! It was established and then zonked out several times. Maybe its settling down now. 13:33

Has_mod: Also don't forget Mercy outed herself to that antifae lawyer in Iron Kissed she wasn't the client so she could potentially warn her group about her 13:34

proudfit: I think Campbell will keep it to him Self. Plus his only wild card at time in the book 13:34

bwlrgrl300: I wonder what Tony thought of that 13:34

Valery: who else was there? Tony and Sylvia? don't quite remember now 13:34

karl: Tony knew she was somthing,just not what 13:36

Has_mod: The Cantrip agent - I have a mindblank on his name 13:36

big city wolf: I thought it was Tony and CAmpbell. 13:36

Has_mod: Yep I think Tony suspects she's a supe! Cheers its Campbell 13:36

big city wolf: Tony has suspected for a long time. 13:37

Has_mod: Do you think Mercy will be outed publicly? 13:37

bwlrgrl300: true, but there's still a difference between suspecting and having your thoughts confirmed. 13:38

karl: Please not like Kitty Norville !!! 13:38

bwlrgrl300: i don't think mercy's world is in danger of a Kitty outting...the fae and wolves are already out. kitty was the first 13:39

Has_mod: I think its going to be hard because she outed or slipped in front of people who are suspicious of supernaturals although Tony is trustworthy 13:39

Has_mod: and yep people know about the supes 13:39

karl: Im just ultra worried because Patty introduced yet more Mercy controlling Fae stuff ! 13:41

Mid_mod: Must head off. Bye everyone 13:41

Jax: Bye! 13:41

karl: tata 13:41

proudfit: bye Mid 13:41

Has_mod: Cya mid! 13:41

bwlrgrl300: bye! 13:41

Valery: I need to go also--see you all at the next chat! 13:41

karl: Later 13:42

bwlrgrl300: Tad destroyed the cuffs 13:42

proudfit: adios Val 13:42

Has_mod: Thanks for joining Valery! 13:42

proudfit: not Campbell, Armstrong is correct name for the good cantrip Agent 13:44

Has_mod: Yep - In a lot of ways this book is a bit of a book end for the first 3 books. It tied up loose threads and created more threads as well delving deeper into issues
and events from the first 3 books 13:44

karl: Yeah,but there is that damned cup,and them coller thingys the queen used,and whatever else Patty comes up w/to torture us ! 13:44

bwlrgrl300: we still don't know who gave the rogue agents the complete list of the pack, nor who provided them with the drug that works on the wolves. that should have died with Gerry. 13:45

karl: Henry ? 13:45

CarolKat: By Val 13:46

big city wolf: I think Gerry shopped it around and some people still have it. 13:47

karl: who else would specify tri-cities pack ? 13:47

Has_mod: I have a theory about Henry - he's the were who challenged adam in Silver Borne 13:47

karl: tried 13:47

karl: Mercy shot him 13:48

proudfit: other than werewolves it was just Tony and Armstrong at the trunk of car? 13:48

bwlrgrl300: i forgot about him... 13:48

big city wolf: Didn't Bran take Henry back to Montana with him? 13:48

Has_mod: I think its someone who has an agenda for the weres - it looks like he's hitting back on powerful weres. Do you think they are trying to take over the weres by weakening
the stronger alphas? 13:48

proudfit: yes he did, for"quality one on one time" 13:48

CarolKat: Yep wonder what Bran has him doing or if he is just locked up 13:48

karl: yeah,but does that mean isolation ? 13:48

big city wolf: Gaunlet guy would specify tri cities because he needed to get rid of the wolves in order to take over the seethe. 13:49

karl: True dat 13:49

Has_mod: Yep! And he's a stock broker - and who is looking after pack finances? Leah.... 13:49

Has_mod: I think he's being babysat - not living in isolation 13:49

proudfit: yes that was clear state just before the fight 13:49

CarolKat: I don't think Leah will be doing that much longer, I think Charles is getting better with thnks now that he's letting Anna help more. 13:50

CarolKat: things 13:50

karl: Yaaa Charles  ​ 13:51

Has_mod: I am not too sure about that - Leah would be even more miffed if she was taken off that duty soon after. Also I think things will develop with Leah - she did flirt with Asil 13:51

proudfit: I think Charles has a company that does the finances for the pack, because needed to hide the fact he was aging 13:51

karl: Leah needs a good whoop'n ! 13:52

Has_mod: I think its going to be fun!  heh 13:53

proudfit: Leah needs something to do so won't be that much of *itch. Wonder if Leah was created to be hated by us? 13:53

karl: I volunteer. 13:53

Has_mod: And ohhh talking about characters we dislike what do you think of Christy appearing in Night Broken next year? 13:53

Jax: I want Jesse to kick her ass. 13:54

Jax: Just once. 13:54

karl: i dont think "pack b*" is a paying official title ... 13:54

karl: twice 13:55

Has_mod: I do hope Jesse gets her mother to face up to her issues and for ignoring her. Its def affecting her  13:55

proudfit: I am worry about what she may try to do, there are so many options for her take. 13:55

karl: jessenapped/court crap, unfit hairy father.. 13:56

Has_mod: LOL 13:57

bwlrgrl300: Oh Asil was fun in this book. I like him. 13:57

karl: Asil=kool 13:57

proudfit: Chirsty is a manliputive gossip, but she try and Jesse away from Adam again. Maybe will to Kyle kick Chirsties butt in court. 13:57

karl: Kyle would eat her like a barracuda !! 13:58

Has_mod: Guys I have to leave - but its been fun chatting - CarolKat will be helming the room! And we will post the times and dates for the next chats soon - and there will be
an author chat with Patty sometime next month! 13:58

proudfit: Wonder if Kyle would become Christy's Lawyer? 13:58

karl: sweet 13:58

karl: no-way.Kyle is pack 13:59

CarolKat: Night Has! 13:59

proudfit: Night Has sleep well 13:59

karl: G- NIGHT Has 13:59

CarolKat: Now that I would like to see, Christy up against Kyle! 13:59

bwlrgrl300: Bye Has! 14:00

bwlrgrl300: Christy wouldn't stand a chance against Kyle 14:00

karl: R.I.P. Christy... 14:00

karl: I still want a woman 4 Ben !! Dangit. 14:02

proudfit: christy and ben? 14:03

bwlrgrl300: i wouldn't wish christy on ben. poor ben! 14:03

karl: LOL, that would b ???? 14:03

karl: BEN AND MARSILLA? 14:04

karl: Has 2 b new charactor.No one existing now is good/tuff enough 14:05

karl: Honey ? 14:05

karl: AH-HA !!!! HONEY !!! 14:06

bwlrgrl300: honey just lost peter. i don't see her being with anyone soon 14:06

karl: The Wolf chooses !! 14:06

karl: hence Bran and b* Leah . 14:07

CarolKat: I could see Honey adnd Ben but I could also see Honey and Bran 14:07

CarolKat: Hi Dee! 14:08

karl: Hi Dee  14:09

Dee joined the chat 14:09

big city wolf joined the chat 14:09

proudfit: I think it Honey and Ale the first to have Tad pull the silver out of) 14:09

big city wolf: I accidently tossed myself out. 14:09

karl: Then she would leave the pack.Ben is btr choice 14:10

karl: stop that 14:11

karl: think theres a short about Zee hunting Asil/wolves ? 14:12

proudfit: Don't Ben will ever be stable enough for a mate, cause of the abuse he has endured. 14:12

proudfit: nope at least not fot the upcoming anthology 14:13

CarolKat: Maybe that will be the Asil tale in the anthology 14:13

karl: He's come a long ways since Book 1. Lookat how well he responds to a female/coyote leader. 14:14

Gypsy joined the chat 14:15

Gypsy: Gonna go. I've enjoyed this. Thank you all. 14:16

proudfit: I think his mate will have to come from the outside 14:16

proudfit: bye gypsy 14:16

Gypsy left the chat 14:16

karl: O.K. whats the topic of the next chat ? 14:24

CarolKat: Not sure, but we do have the author chat next month! 14:26

karl: Well im off,Take Care. 14:29

CarolKat: Night Karl 14:30

CarolKat: Ok if no one is chatting I am going to close the room. Keep an eye out for the next chat on facebook, twitter and 14:42

CarolKat: Thank you for a great another great chat! Night all! 14:42

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