Author Topic: I want Patty to come to my city. How can I make that happen?  (Read 8520 times)


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I want Patty to come to my city. How can I make that happen?
« on: February 14, 2013, 09:41:59 am »
With the new tour dates and appearances being finalized for 2014 a lot of readers are wishing that Patty was coming to their area. What can you do to make that happen for 2015?

From Mike Briggs:

"Hmmm.  Just a thought:  if you have any other "local" sf conventions you might suggest they invite Patty over as a writing guest.  Flying across the country for a one-hour signing doesn't make much sense, but coming over for a weekend-long convention works pretty well."

From Ann Peters (Patty's assistant):

She really does enjoy the small conventions, though, and she loves going to places she's never been to before...because you never know where Charles and Anna will be sent to next, right?

We try to book events about a year in advance, and we aren't scheduling more than one event in a given month

So if you have a convention in your area email them and see what the interest is on their part for Patty to be a writing guest. Patty and Mike can't say yes to every offer but they can only say yes to offers they receive so if this is something that you're serious about making happen then take the chance. You never know if you don't try.

For the 2015 signing tour Ann has also put out this offer:

For book signing requests, they are very welcome to e-mail me and tell me the city and state and I'll add it to my list that I send it to the publishers every year when they're getting ready to schedule the new tour. It's not the deciding factor in where they choose to send Patty on her book tours, but it is definitely a tool they take into consideration.

So if you'd like to see Patty at a book signing in your area for 2015 you can email Ann with your city/state at: Ann Peters <>

Ann's response to this question on Facebook: Who do we contact to get Patty to other places - I know a lot of people above are asking. I assume that this is just the first list and more will get added? I guess Australia is still too far and too expensive for the publishers and other powers that be to pay for the trip. And for the Aussies on the list - is there someone to contact here?

Ann Peters Hi, Janeen: If the Aussie publishers (I believe it's Orbit) want to bring Patty over, we'd be there in a heartbeat! Well, a 2015 heartbeat that is - we're not doing any more international trips this year other than what's on the list. Here's the link for Orbit: Also, if people contact me I can add them to the list I send to our US publishers every year - it's not a guarantee that they will send Patty to every place on my list (and there are a LOT), but they do use it as a tool when they decide where to send her each year!

Good luck everyone!

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Re: I want Patty to come to my city. How can I make that happen?
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2014, 07:11:53 am »
Hello Patty,
I have been a big fan of your work and story themes. I enjoy the Mercy series the most because of my liking of werewolves.  I have always been a follower of the changers. I live on the East Coast in NC. I know there are a few cons here that would cater to your type of audience.  I would recommend Charlotte.  It is a big city with massive potential. Thank you for listening and keep up the good work.