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When Demon's Walk - Politics and Magic
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:43:57 pm »
This was my second foray into Patty's works.  I've got to say I went back and reread it once or twice.  It was that good.

I liked the way the local nobility that'd been dying on the vine looked so desperately to her as the answer to their prayers.

Her magic was pretty nifty too.  I liked how she was mostly trained and then self taught with a mute instructor to help guide her all yoda like until she hit the level of mastery.

The scenes with her picking her aged local gowns were priceless.  As was the snit-fit (modified for language) she threw, along with a bunch of porcelan and crockery.  Something or other about how she shrieked like a fishmonger's wife or something like that.  To break the spell the Demoness had her lion under.

Then he's doing the whole, I can't figure out how Ii got into this mess, but I have to stand up for my bedmate/friend (who I don't know is a demoness) and she listens a bit then basically slams the door in his face.  If not literally then figuratively.  Its been a while since I reread it.  But as I recall it was basically, That was all business baby, I was keeping you safe, did you actually think I care about who you do and who you do it with?

I don't know if I will reread.  It just makes me too hungry for a direct sequel.

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