Author Topic: Did you notice there was a Mercy series reference in a Grimm episode?  (Read 17531 times)


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I don't know if it was accidental or intentional, but last Friday's Grimm had a Mercy reference.  Seems one of the writers is a fan.  :)

A blutbad (were analogue?) while being questioned by the police said "I was in New Orleans with Adam Hauptman."

So, was it just a happy coincidence, or did they let you know beforehand?
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Re: Mercy series reference in latest Grimm episode?
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A few people have noticed this amusing link; now the question has been put, it's locked for Patty to answer without more comments clogging the thread.  :)

If people want to talk about it, there's an open comment thread here:
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Re: Did you notice there was a Mercy series reference in a Grimm episode?
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 Patty and I hadn't heard anything until we got letters from a several readers about this possible "shout-out" to Patty.  I have no idea if it's really an accident or a tip-of-the-hat, but we're going with "tip-of-the-hat" because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy!   O)
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