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Walker | ID Card of Fred Owens
« on: October 28, 2011, 05:30:21 pm »
Fred Owens

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked


Walker | Red-tailed Hawk

[Nation] Yakama
[Anchor to Primal] See Hawk

Classification Description:
  • Walkers see ghosts, but those two taught themselves not to see the dead quite a while ago in a ‘galaxy far, far away.’ A man can’t fight a war if he can see the dead and still stay sane. So they made a choiceRM-193

thirties during the events of River MarkedRM-93

[Twin] Hank Owens

[Son] Name UnknownRM-186

Significant Other:
[Wife] See Molly Owens

Maryhill, Washington

[Present]RancherRM-167 | Trains cutting horsesRM-171
[Former]USMC retiredRM-167

Physical Description:
  • identical twins with Hank
  • Fred and Hank were hard to tell apart when they were human; as hawks I figured I might have a fifty-fifty chanceRM-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • they had some sort of emergency training by the efficiency of their movements and their focus as soon as they saw Benny JamisonRM-
  • the Owens brothers did their best to save BennyRM-
  • Julie, Benny's wife, she called Fred tonight when Benny didn’t answer his phone. We were docking, but the Jamisons are good folk. We put the boat back in the water and started lookingRM-
  • called 911 to have the ambulance meet them with BennyRM-
  • police officer knew him and from their body language, they all got along pretty wellRM-
  • has a friend in River Patrol; I can find out how many casualties there have been in the riverRM-185
  • Fred trains cuttin’ horses. He’s starting to make a name for himselfRM-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • found out through Mercy that vampires existRM-
  • not stupidRM-

Talents & Skills:

    Health & Fitness:

    • took turns carrying Benny to the ambulanceRM-
    • vulnerable to the river devil's markRM-


    • still wears his dog tagsRM-


    With Mercy and Adam:

    • Mercy could only tell them apart when they met becuase he wore a red flannel shirt and Hank wore a gray oneRM-
    • Fred Owens stepped up. His head was lowered, too, but he was looking up into Adam’s faceRM-
    • challenged Adam that he may have bitten off Benny's footRM-
    • Adam might have won over Fred with his military fellowshipRM-
    • Adam let them know that he'd been a werewolf since VietnamRM-
    • Crouched on a rocky promontory that overhung the lower part of the trail, a red-tailed hawk stared at usRM-
    • he is the hawk who followed Mercy and Adam to the petrogylphsRM-167
    • But there was something odd about its interest in usRM-
    • That hawk was no natural animalRM-
    • I owed Fred because I wouldn’t have been fast enough; to save Adam from Hank's gun shotRM-
    • helping them at the Stonehenge monumentRM-

    With Hank:

    • Hank Owens,” his brother said. “USMC retired. Rancher. Welder. Red-tailed hawk when it suits him.” He tilted his head at his brother. Evidently it was a family joke because his brother smiled a littleRM-
    • was shot by his brother Hank in Iraq - Desert Storm when he startled him on sentry-goRM-186
    • Fred grabbed the gun and jerked it down toward the ground, where Hank spent his third shot. “What are you doing? Hank? Stop it.RM-
    • He looked over to where Fred was exploring the back of Hank’s head; after Mercy hit him with the walking stickRM-
    • Fred had finished hog-tying his brotherRM-
    • sat in the truck bed with Hank; to steady him; as he was tied upRM-
    • Fred told the doctor Hank took a fall. The doctor seemed to think it might involve a pipe or tire iron, but Hank told him it was a fall, too. Fred is keeping an eye on himRM-

    With Jim:

    • told Jim that the otters they saw were odd; their heads were the wrong shapeRM-

    With Gordon Seeker and Coyote :

    • has never met Gordon Seeker before; thought he came with Mercy and Adam; But Calvin Seeker’s father’s father is dead. I know his mother’s father. How is it you are his grandfather?RM-185

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