Author Topic: How did Mercy break through the fae reservation glamour?  (Read 7707 times)


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How did Mercy break through the fae reservation glamour?
« on: December 26, 2007, 04:17:19 pm »
Did Mercy see what saw on res because she Native and sights weren't?
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Re: The sites Mercy saw *** Spoiler****
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Mercy broke through the illusions at the reservation because of her abilities as a Walker . . . and if she wasn't Indian, she couldn't be a walker.  So the answer is yes.  Sort of <grin>.   Magic hits and misses with Mercy.  She observes rather bitterly, the more likely it is to hurt her, the more likely it is to work -- which isn't quite right, it just seems like that to her.  Illusion, traditionally, breaks under disbelief.  Mercy is more inclined to believe what her nose tells her than what her eyes do -- because it's easier to fool the eyes than the nose.

Mercy is Indian mostly only by blood.  Her outlook on the world is not Indian.  Charles, who more Indian in his beliefs and understanding of the world, might have been able to break through the illusion, too.  And for him his Native outlook/magic would be the reason why.