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Mercy's Wedding Rings
« on: June 10, 2011, 04:49:43 pm »
In River Marked, Adam gives Mercy one of his dog tags on a heavy chain and tells her that she should keep her wedding rings on it
while she is working. Given this conversation, I am assuming he gave her a wedding ring and/or an engagement ring.
Since the actual giving took place off page (unless I missed it somewhere in the books) I got to wondering what the rings look like.

What kind of ring did Adam pick for Mercy? Or, did she pick her own?

Maybe her engagement ring might look like this:

Or, if she has a single band, maybe it looks like this:

Maybe she had a matching set like this:

I see Mercy as a square stone kind of person.

Perhaps, she doesn't have a diamond but a semi-precious stone -- my ring is an emerald and I designed it myself. I could see Mercy going that route too.

What do you think?