Author Topic: What's the history about Mercy's lamb pendant?  (Read 7404 times)


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What's the history about Mercy's lamb pendant?
« on: October 29, 2007, 01:38:40 am »
First of all, I am a total fan or your books, especially the Mercy Thompson series.  I have a question from an item brought up in that series:

I was wondering if Mercy's lamb pendant, as featured in Books 1 and 2 actually exists in real life?  I love the idea of a holy symbol that is not a literal symbol of death.  Do you know where I can purchase it?  I have scoured the web trying to find it, only to come up empty.  There are plenty of literal representations of lambs and sheep, but I guess I pictured something more stylized or abstract.  Can you help??

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Re: Mercy's Lamb Pendant
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GreyDrakken built a lovely pendant (the prize in the Pumpkin carving contest) -- and I think it came about because of all the people who noticed (as I have myself) that lamb pendants that aren't totally fugly are hard to come by.

Mercy's necklace is based on one either I or my sister had when I was about 12 or so.  It was quite nicely done, and stylized, just a few flat lines that made up a lamb.   After I wrote Moon Called, I actually went out looking for something similar and they are a little hard to find.  Must not be too many people who want to wear sheep <grin>