Author Topic: What kind of firearm does Mercy use in MC?  (Read 6170 times)


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What kind of firearm does Mercy use in MC?
« on: April 02, 2010, 07:32:58 pm »
Mercy uses a Sig-Sauer in Silver Borne.  I don't know that she's used a handgun previously in the series, and after the first read, i seem to recall that it wasn't hers for some reason.  I may be incorrect on that though.  What i was wondering, is now that her trailer is crispy charcoal, what happened to the .444 Marlin and any other firearms she had in the house, and does she have plans to reacquire any of them?  There wasn't mention of a firesafe, or any kind of storage location for the guns, and only the Marlin that i can recall even having been used.  Also, living in the country, whether it be Finley or out near the Juniper Dunes area of Pasco like i do, there's usually at least one firearm readily accessible.  I seem to recall a certain .444 Marlin making neat holes in Mercy's floor in BB and don't think it took her long to get to it.  It shouldn't be too hard for her to acquire any if that's what she plans to do, and would be prudent as she's just a wily coyote in a wolf's world, since she is now effectively living with a military security consultant :)
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Re: Firearms
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Yes :) Mercy used the SIG in Moon Called.  Mercy has a gun safe and uses it (it appears in Moon Called and Blood Bound).  However it was probably not sufficient to protect her other guns (440 Marlin rifle and the S&W).  The S&W can probably be salvaged (mostly case-hardened steel) but it is probably not reasonable to try to salvage the Marlin.

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