Author Topic: Why are the Mercy Thompson books written in 1st person? Why not 3rd?  (Read 6441 times)


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OK, I am a college student at a community College taking a creative writing course. In this course the instructor said to try not to write in the 1st person perspective and instead to write in the 3rd, "know all" perspective. Hearing him say this, made me think of Patty's books. WHY choose 1st person? wouldn't it have been easier to write in a different perspective? ( just wondering) -I personally like the 1st person approach. hahaha
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Re: Why write in 1st person? Why not 3rd?
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First person is more difficult to write in -- you only have the perspective of the main character for the rest of the book.  There are also people who do not like to read first person books so you are reducing your audience when you chose to write first person.

Urban fantasy has strong ties to noir fiction -- which is almost always told in first person.  Which is why the Mercy books are in first person.  My Hurog books (Dragon Bones, Dragon Blood) are also in first person -- because Ward's character demanded it.  He is very different on the inside from what people see on the outside.

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