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A question about writing.
« on: September 10, 2007, 06:47:48 pm »
First off, I LOVE every Briggs book I've read!  Thank you so much for bringing such music to the world of fantasy!

OK, this is kind of a random question.  I want to be writer and I've heard how hard it is to get published...and then I've heard about J.K. Rowling and Christopher Paolini with his million dollar success with Eragon (which I know is EXTREMELY rare!)  Anyway, I was wondering how hard it was for you to get published the first time?  Was Masques your first attempt?  Did you have to send out to a lot of publishers before you found the right one?   :)  I was just curious...

Thanks also for this forum!  I think it is a super great idea...(especially the part where we can actually talk to you!)   :o :)
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Patty Briggs

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Re: Writing question...
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2007, 09:13:39 pm »
     Thank you :)  I'm glad you've enjoyed the stories.
     I think what's hard is writing a decent book.  If you have a good story, especially if it is in a genre that is selling well, it is certainly possible for anyone to get published.  There is no "secret handshake", just hard work.  That doesn't mean you'll make millions . . . as Hank Cramer says about picking out music as a career,  "I decided to be a musician when someone told me you could make tens of dollars doing it."   There are a lot of terrific writers out there who are still making "tens of dollars".  You have to write a good story to be a Rowling -- but you also have to get a fair amount of luck, too.
     Most people write a number of books before they are published.  I lucked out and sold my first book.  Right book, right time, right editor.  There are dozens of books (I've read some of them) that are better written that don't fair as well.  So luck plays a major role in getting published as well as becoming a bestseller like Rowling or Paolini.
   I always recommend Orson Scott Card's book on writing science fiction and fantasy, titled, interestingly enough, How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy.  In addition to how to write, he talks about getting published.

Best of luck to you,
Patty Briggs