Author Topic: A question about character rights and movies.  (Read 4415 times)


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A question about character rights and movies.
« on: July 31, 2007, 07:28:50 pm »
As with all books we love there are always a possiblity of a movie or series and, well, I heard a possiblilty that there could be a series.  and although I would love to see Mercy and all as a series, it worries me that it won't live up to your writing, or that you'll have to sign over rights to the characters.  I know that JK Rowlings (Harry Potter) said that she would only agree to the movies if she kept rights to the characters and such.  is that a concern for you (if a series ever comes up)?   
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Re: Character Rights
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2007, 08:34:06 pm »
This is still very hypothetical.  There are no contracts yet, and even if the sheepskin were signed in blood, you could paper Hollywood with the options that were never used.  So.  Given this hypothetical situation, let me say that the people in charge have done some very good stuff -- and, unusually, want me to be involved.

That said, however, I am not J K Rowling.  They would have promised her Anything to get her to let them make those movies.  Most writers are not that lucky and we have to ask ourselves if it is more important to keep absolute control of our characters -- or see what someone could do with them on screen.  I find that I'm pretty interested in seeing what the stories would do as a film rather than a book.  I have to admit that surprises me, since I am such a control freak. 

It isn't the money that makes me consider it.  Oddly enough any amount that has more than four digits seems more like Monopoly money than the real stuff, especially when it is in contracts and the check won't get here for six months or more (if ever).  I think it is curiosity -- and probably vanity (which is not usually a sin I'm guilty of).  I'm really flattered that someone would like the books well enough to make actors play the characters.