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Moderator Introductions
« on: September 16, 2007, 08:31:13 pm »
A forum, so I'm told, is only as good as it's moderators.  Having no skills at using, let alone running a forum, I was in over my head from the beginning.  Fortunately, I was able to recruit help from some talented and dedicated individuals to make sure that things run smoothly.  

Cole, a pugnacious defender of the forum rules moderates several boards, including most of the "Patty Briggs" topics. My primary concern, when starting these forums, was that people would get as nasty as I've seen them become on other forums.  Cole is a staunch (if occasionally opinionated ;)) bastion of decency.  Folks are remarkably friendly around here -- thanks sheriff Cole!

Grey Drakkon is not only a gregarious and outgoing personality, she's a gifted artist.  She handles most of the "social" aspects of the forums in the member's area.  Want to play games, trade recipes or hear a joke?  Grey makes it all happen, and I'm delighted to have her assistance.  I have all the social skills of a refrigerator, so be grateful she's here to liven things up!  She also helps with the "Ask Patty" and "Ask Patty Discussion" topics, which are (alas) maintenance intensive.  

Elle is a wonderful moderator, and has several times notified me of "hot spots" that needed my attention before things got out of hand.  She only moderates a single topic, "Mercy's World".  However, this topic has become Patty's primary reference when writing, and is an amazingly valuable resource.  Patty has given up on her few pages of scribbles, and now when she wants to know where Warren lives, she doesn't have to dredge through the previously-published books, she just goes to the forum.  

Finally, Debbie the "Mominator" is a global moderator.  Debbie is an old family friend, and has about a thousand times more experience with forums than I do. She's my  "forum first aid kit".  If something really blows up, and the regular moderators can't fix it, she's there to save the day.  She may not post often, but she's there to bail me out if things get too goofed up.  

So, say thanks to all these good folks when you see them -- they make the forums a good place for all of us to visit.  

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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2010, 06:47:03 am »
As you can see from Mike's post the Moderator Introductions are a bit out of date. The Moderator List breaks down the areas that we all moderate in greater detail but we thought it'd be nice if the mods could come in and say hello.

I'm Elle.

Moon Called hooked me into Patty's books and I've been a member of the board since its creation in 2007. I hung around Hurog so much that Mike made me a moderator.
(Thanks, Mike!)  :) The World Building | Mercy's World board is where you'll find me playing in most days, updating the canon pages. You'll see me as a moderator in some of the other sections as well and I'm also, as one of the Administrators, able to jump into any of the forum boards to lend a hand so if there are questions or you have a problem don't hesitate to PM me.

For those of you that don't know Mercy's World is the canon catalogue for the Mercy Thompson/Alpha & Omega books. The worksheet area is for members to post facts from the books to help update the ID cards as well as the other canon threads. Everyone is welcome to help if they have interest.
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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2010, 10:08:23 am »
Hi I am Has and I joined Hurog when the forum was created in 2007 although I mainly lurked but due to the fantastic members here I soon emerged from my shy reclusive shell *glares at those who are staring at me in disbelief* and became a more active member and became a mod soon after.
I also soon developed a reputation of being a bookpusher - and I can be very dangerous to getting people hooked on books and authors. :D

I am one of the mods in charge of Patricia Briggs books, Other authors and general book chat and Music. I am also a global mod like ellyll so if you have any problems or questions please PM me and I will help you out.

-You aren't scary.  You are a good rabid fan-Courtesy of another rabid bookpusher called E something ;D

Patti L.

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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2010, 10:33:20 am »
I'm Patti L. I've been a moderator on the board here since I badgered Mr. Mike into letting us have a writing area in September 2007. I started reading Patty Briggs books with the publication of her first book, Masques and started looking for information about upcoming books by her as soon as I got an internet connection.

I moderate these sections of the board:  Writer's Block, Games and Trivia, Patti's Place, and Chat.  And, like pretty much all the moderators, I am in the Contests and giveaways section.

I'm also one of the board admin and able to pinch hit in any of the areas like the global moderators do, so if you see me online and have a question or a problem in any of the areas - mine or others, and no moderator for the section online - PM me.  Actually, I more or less live on Hurog, so I'm first line of defense.  Contact me first, then Elle, and Mr. Mike only as a last resort, please.  For Mod weapon I alternate between my sword and my claws.  And of course, the infamous wet noodle.   ;D
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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2010, 06:21:11 am »
Hello! :D

I'm Midangel, and I joined Hurog in January, 2008, after Charmed recommended the Mercy Thompson series to me. I was a lurker at first, then I found myself in the clutches of the evol bookpushers of the board. And slowly, but surely, they corrupted me into being the certified bookpusher I am today.  :-whistle  O)

I'm moderator of The Weres section of the board, which includes the discussion threads of the "Mercy Thompson" and the "Alpha and Omega" series. I'm also a global moderator which means I can gently poke my nose into all area's of the board. Feel free to PM me if you have any concerns or questions.


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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2010, 07:43:17 am »
Hello all,

I am ElefiNecol.  I began lurking on the board in 2007 and officially became a member in 2008.  I became hooked on Patty's books after I read Steal the Dragon and while I love Mercy and co. her traditional fantasy to this day remains my favorite.

I am a moderator in the Weres FAQ section which I highly encourage everyone to check out - if you can't find an answer let me know!  Also, you can find me working on the Hurog Worksheet area adding in various facts about the world of Hurog.

*Don't forget!  If you have new facts, errors, or new questions to be added to either the Hurog Canon or the FAQ area send me a PM or post within the threads.
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Re: Moderator Introductions
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2010, 09:14:40 pm »
Hia, I'm Zealith, or Z if you want. I probably spend way to0 much time here, even if I lurk more than post. I started reading Patty with Dragon Bones... and have been hooked more or less since. I read mostly speculative fiction.

I keep an eye on introduce yourself, chat and Patti's Place. And as this is disturbingly like public speaking, I'm going to go hide now. :)
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