Author Topic: adam vs. sam vs. stefan  (Read 72530 times)


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Re: adam vs. sam vs. stefan
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 :D Very concise.


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Re: adam vs. sam vs. stefan
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^__^ Janilee

it was lightly hinted that the menagerie have sexual relationships with their vampires, but nothing specific have come up till now

I can't really see Mercy willing to let her lover be with someone else...another reason why Stefan is not good for her

and she seems to not enjoy so much the blood her body reacts in a way that her mind can't stand...and she have let Stefan drink from her only because it was absolutely necessary, it's not something that I see her willing to do for fun

By the way someone can tell me if I am the only one that isn't sure about Stefan sexuality?

It would be a big help to see if it's only my mind that have saw this thing in that kind of light because I know that he is in love with Mercy (and I am not yet sure how his menagerie works) but after the vampire-demon book I have considered Stefan a probable bisexual...all the bad blood between him and Andre caused by his previous relationship with a male donor sounded a little suspect to me

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Re: adam vs. sam vs. stefan
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Most vampires, if the rush that Mercy got from drinking Stephan's blood is typical (and this is Mercy, so we can't count on that, can we?) and shared by the vampire - something else we can't take for granted - probably do behave as bisexuals, unless they choose their menageries only from the opposite sex.

I'm willing to cut Stephan a bit of a break for having been so tortured by Marsilia that he looked like a burnt mummy.  He - if he'd been human - would have looked (which he did, Mercy describes him exactly that way) and behaved like a starvation victim, and someone who is underfed makes bad choices.  Their chemical balances are all off, and they don't think clearly.  This is part of why the werewolves are always feeding each other/being fed.  You don't want a werewolf making bad choices due to being underfed.  There's a clear corollary here to vampires who don't feed properly.

I never particularly thought Stephan had any chance of Mercy taking him as lover, mate, husband, or vampire master.

They are currently stuck with a "Stephan goes, so does Mercy" bond, but I vaguely suspect that through one means or another, Mercy might get out of that if it came down to his complete destruction (you can't exactly say death, can you?)

With regard to Andre's menagerie, If Stephan had been thinking clearly he might have added them to his group, which would have both saved their lives (however temporarily) and given him a larger group of donors, so that he'd have been farther from starvation without having to go out & find more people later. 
Or, if I've got my timeline wrong - which I suspect I do this moment - it would have given Marsilia a larger pool to torture & sometimes kill in the next book, when she was cutting her ties to him for the vampire politics with Frost.
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Re: adam vs. sam vs. stefan
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I agree with what you are saying about Stefan, in his current relationships between Mercy, Marsillia etc. But I have to wonder if the situation he has been placed into dictates his actions to some degree.

What I mean is, Stefan is a very powerful man with a lot of influence in the vampire society. Vampires have a good deal of respect for him and they seem to listen to him. When you are a leader or in a position of power your choices and decisions (no matter how good your intentions are), will not always suit everyone and often people will take them out of context. You can't make everyone all happy at the exact same time because what suits one person, will not suit another.

So in terms of Stefan, he has a duty to protect his people, he is Mercy and Adam's friend and he lives in the same territory of a very powerful dominant woman who is the lord of the nights favourite. So to make this work, I can see him trying to find a balance.

I know what you are saying about how he treated his people after Marsillia tortured them, but speaking from experience when you lose someone you care about or have been truly hurt and betrayed by someone you considered family, part of the grieving process sometimes is to lash out, be angry and you feel like just giving up. Mercy did the right thing by giving him a boot up the butt because it's needed but it takes time.

Yes Stefan should have told her about the bond and she has a right to know but he doesn't like being a vampire. In his own words (in Blood Bound) he finds it shaming to be what he is, so I think part of it is his own shame and guilt. He values his friendship with her and is frightened of losing it.

All in all I think he's a man who has to balance and juggle a lot of responsibly and that means he can't always be there at a drop of a hat.
I like him but as you said he's not for Mercy. Friendship is a much better place for both of them.