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Character | Warren
« on: July 30, 2009, 09:26:07 am »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Warren

Species | Werewolves

ID Card


  • How did Warren and Kyle meet? Chat 2007-11-3
    • They were at a party held by a mutual friend (one of Kyle's old boyfriends). They knew each other for a while before they got together.
  • My understanding is that there is a deep bond between Kyle and Warren. Is Kyle aware that he is possibly bonded with Warren as a werewolf mate or does he just feel really connected with Warren? Chat 2008-10-11
    • Kyle and Warren are still working things out. Warren would like Kyle to be his mate, but Warren is much more . . . centered than Kyle is yet. Kyle has some real relationship issues.
    • So, no. They aren't mates yet. And there are some things that need to happen first.
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