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Articles of Magic | Magic Related
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MC - Moon Called
BB - Blood Bound
IK - Iron Kissed
BC - Bone Crossed
SB - Silver Borne
RM - River Marked
FB- Frost Burned
SF - Silence Fallen
NB - Night Broken
FT - Fire Touched
SF - Silence Fallen
SC - Storm Cursed
SmB - Smoke Bitten

AO - Alpha & Omega
CW - Cry Wolf
HG - Hunting Ground
FG- Fair Game
DH - Dead Heat
BuB - Burn Bright
WS - Wild Sign

Si - Silver
Gr - Gray
Fg - Fairy Gifts
Se - Seeing Eye
Sd - Star of David
Rw -Roses in Winter
Ip - In Red With Pearls
Ug - Underappreciated Gifts
Ml - Must Love Cats
Ad - Asil and the Not Date
Re - Redemption
Hj - Hopcross Jilly
Ho- Hollow

All characters in the Mercy's World/Alpha & Omega are listed no matter how brief their appearance.
Any with ID cards will be linked for fast access without having to search through the various threads for the links.

Alphabetized by first names as we don't know the last names of some of the characters as yet.


1. of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs
2. common; ordinary
3. of or pertaining to the world, universe, or earth. 

Mundane is used in the sense of an ordinary person without any type of supernatural gift
Mundane+ are those human characters with an additional power.


1. being first in time; original

Primal is used to indicate those archetypal warrior spirits that pattern the walkers.


(X) -- Characters that have died.
Main Characters and Major Recurring Characters are Bolded.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | MN | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


Carnwennen | Fae HG-274
AKA Little White Hilt
  • stinks of magic
  • King Arthur's dagger
  • was used to hunt the Very Black WitchHG-274
  • as long as Anna's forearm, almost enough to be a short sword instead of a daggerHG-274
  • Arthur supposedly cut the witch in half with it
  • Anna used it to kill the Gray Lord Dana Shea

Crossed Bones | Vampire BC-172
  • mark of a traitor
  • means that one of their own has betrayed them, and she and all that belong to her are fair marks
  • a declaration of war
  • it keeps you from painting over it for long
  • if it stays in place for long it'll start attracting nasties who have no affiliation to the vampire


Drachen|Dragon Medallion | Fae
  • flat disk of gold, on the front was a lizard, and on the back were marks of some sort that might have been letters; both the lizard and the lettering were batteredBB-184
  • rest the medallion on something and say either word and it burns whatever it's touching to ashesBB-184
  • it can only be invoked when it has been given the name of a user, no one else may invoke it, and even then it takes both word and desire; so you have to say it and mean itBB-185

Druid's Hide | Fae
  • Keeps your enemy from finding or harming youIK-230


Gauntlets | Vampire


Mac Owen Ring | FaeIK-248
  • it makes the tongue of the wearer sweeter than honeyIK-227
  • it's a politician's ring

Magic Made | Fae
  • on sale at the Uptown Mall bookseller for fourteen hundred dollarsIK-165
  • been on stock at the bookstore for five or six years
  • bound in pale leather and embossed in gold
  • the title is embossed on the front and spine
  • handwritten and tough to decipher; a book written by the fae about the faeSB-05
  • organized in regard to the variety of fae and the fae artifactsSB-135


Orfino's Bane | Fae
AKA Huon's Cup AKA Manannan's gift
  • a handmade pottery goblet; brown and aged-lookingIK-224
  • the goblet in the hands of a human thief, will allow him to enslave another
  • given as a gift it will heal as well
  • in the hands of the fae it will testify to truthIK-244
  • the goblet that the fairy used to rob Roland's knights of their ability to resist her willIK-226


Peace and Quiet | FaeFB-214
AKA Fairy Queen's Gift
  • was made as a gift for a fairy queen who collected the wrong fae's son into her courtFB-215
  • cuffs only work for a short period of time on the fae, though it can be more permanent on humansFB-215
  • the woman who gave the fairy queen the gift wanted her son backFB-215


Questioning Seat | VampireBB-72
AKA The Chair
  • one of the treasures of the seethe, vampire magic and old magic combinedBC-209
  • the chair is not vampiric magic, not entirelyBB-155
  • used to determine the truth of whatever poor being had the brass thorns stuck in its hands


Spellcatcher | Vampire
  • a stick that only a couple of vampires can make; they charge a lot for themHG-253
  • it can absorb up to four spells, and the person it's tuned to can use it to cast them, even if that person wouldn't normally be able to do magicHG-253
  • it was the size of a cane or a fighting stickHG-242
  • can only absorb spells given to it voluntarily by the spell caster; Means a wolf gave them the shadows spell and the Look-Not-At-Me

Silver Borne | Fae
  • built by Ariane Brewster for her fatherSB-278
  • it was her magic it was born in, it finds its way back to her eventuallySB-280
  • it consumes fae magic -- but mostly just the magic of the person who currently possesses itSB-279


Walking Stick1 | Fae
  • Would lead you home no matter where you roamedIK-213

Walking Stick2 | Fae
  • Allowed you to see people for what they wereIK-213

Walking Stick3 | Fae
  • its story is in Chapter Five of Magic MadeIK-165
  • came from Hendrick's houseIK-212
  • The Stick that multiplied the farmer's sheepIK-213
  • it's about four feet long, made of some sort of twisty wood with a gray finish; it's got a ring of silver on the bottom and a silver cap with Celtic designs on the topIK-159
  • it was graceful and slenderRM-176
  • was created to be of use to humans who help the faeIK-160
  • created by Lugh the ancient hero of the Tuatha de DanannRM-176
  • it predated Christ's birth and then some; it might even be older than BranRM-176
  • it didn't have feet and wasn't alive, it was old fairy magic and it trailed after Mercy like a faithful dogRM-176

“It knows how to hide itself better,” Coyote murmured, sounding like a proud parent.
It looked much as it had the last time I’d seen it: a four-foot-long oak staff made of twisty wood, with a gray finish and a ring of silver on the bottom. The silver cap that sometimes became a spearhead was covered with Celtic designs

“I taught it a few tricks and gave it an education. It helped me out of a few jams.”

“Lugh made three walking sticks. This one makes twin lambs. One of them helps you find your way home, and the third allows you to see people as they really are.”
“Hmm,” said Coyote. “Are you sure your source was reliable?”
“Yes,” I told him.
“I think,” said Coyote, “that you should recheck your source. Maybe there were three staves that all did the same thing, or maybe there was only ever one. Or maybe”—he gave me a sly look—“I was just able to teach it to ape its brethren.


Zee's Knife | Fae
AKA Zee's SwordIK-213
  • Once swung would cut through whatever was in its path -- including the person who was using itIK-95
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