Author Topic: Orders: How androgynous?  (Read 10019 times)


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Orders: How androgynous?
« on: July 29, 2009, 10:17:08 am »
Okay...Another two-part question on this one.

Raven's Strike makes it very clear that the Orders don't give a dang about any part of a person's identity, except for those which make them suitable for an Order in the first place. This is shown in the discovery that solsetni are just as capable of being born Ordered as well as the fact that nearly every Order has at least one character mentioned somewhere in one of the books of each gender that was born to that Order. (Weather Witch: Rinnie for female, and the leader of that Traveler clan Seraph and co meet in the first book for male. Mage: Seraph and Hennea for female, and that Raven lover of Hennea's that got taken by the Path for male. Bard and Healer are a little tougher...Tier, a male, was the only Bard they met and Brewwyd, a female, was the only Healer...but I could SWEAR I remember reading about a female Bard that appeared somewhere in Traveler history...) My question, then, is this...Could a female empath be born with an Eagle Order? If so, would her Guardian change to suit the host the way the rest of the Order does, so it's a feminine incarnation of the Guardian, or would the fact that the War God was male prevent that, making it so it'd be a male Guardian alongside a female human consciousness inside of a female body (which, by the way, could get humorously awkward in A LOT of situations XD)?

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Re: Orders: How androgynous?
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2009, 01:59:21 pm »
Cool :)

The Guardian Order is . . . different than the others. However the sex of the person who receives the Order doesn't change.  The problem for them is that their Order carries with it a more . . . self-aware power than the others -- and that power is . . . not quite sane.  Sort of like a multiple personality disorder.  And that second personality is definitely male.  But there is no Ranma 1/2 going on here.  When a female Eagle changes to a cat or whatever animal she chooses, that animal is still female.

Hope this helps.